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basic information

Full Name: Mathias Cronqvist (Formerly)

Meaning: Mathias: hebrew "Gift of God" | VLAD: slavic, the element vladeti, "rule". | Ţepeş: "Impaler", pronounced Tehp-esh.

Title: The Dark Lord, King of the Night, Master (among colleagues and fanatics).

Nicknames: Vlad the Impaler (formerly)

Age: Immortal.

Age Appearance: Mid 30s, early 40s.

Birth date: March 16th, 1062 A.D.

Death date: August 11th, 1999

Species: Vampire.

Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous.

Hometown: Transylvania, Romania

Abilities: Power of Dominance, Dark Arts, Hellfire, Dark Inferno, Demonic Megiddo, Soul Steal, and Teleportation.

Partnerships: Death (servant), Shaft (servant)

Family: Elisabetha Cronqvist (First Wife), Lisa Ţepeş (Second Wife), Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş - Alucard (Son), Elizabeth Bartley (Niece).

Those held oh so dear



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And so - it begins,


The year was 1093; Mathias Cronqvist, a military strategist with a gifted family history in alchemy - unbeknown to his company - served alongside Baron Leon Belmont under the command of the Church. Together, he and Leon's cortège proved infallible, and were highly regarded both by kinsman and commanding officers alike. They were doing God's work, loyally serving the Church by any means necessary, to strike down the heathens that vexed their country. However, upon his return from a campaign, he learned that his wife, Elisabetha, had perished from illness. This realization put Mathias on a dark path, one that damns the existence of God. For what God takes the only precious life in a man's heart after doing his bidding? Had he been there, she might have lived - or he could have at least followed her.

Mathias began searching for methods to defy God, as revenge for the loss of his beloved. Through unknown means, he came into possession of the Crimson Stone - a treasure among the Children of the Night that grants its master the service of Death itself, and the ability to consume the souls of Vampires. He planned to use the stone to gain immortality, and sought out the powerful soul of Walter Bernhard, a vampire in possession of the Ebony stone, which granted him the power of eternal night that draped his castle. Walter, bored in his immortality, liked to play games against brave knights for very high stakes. Knowing this, Mathias was able to convince him to abduct a young woman, Sara Trantoul, who was Leon Belmont's betrothed, the most skilled swordsman Mathias had ever known.

The baited hook was taken almost instantly, and with the help of Rinaldo, Leon came into possession of a whip infused with alchemy. This gave him the power he needed to play Walter's game, and eventually come face to face with the Lord of the castle himself - but the whip was ineffective against him. As a gift for making it so far, Walter gifted Sara to Leon, but when Leon attempted to remove her from the barrier surrounding the castle, it revealed her to be a victim. Walter had turned her in a vampire, and her change was slowly overcoming her. Rinaldo informed Leon that if he wanted to gain the power he needed to defeat Walter, he must kill Sara with the whip. Leon was disheveled, but Sara, in her last moments of humanity, begged Leon to use her sacrifice, so that no one else may suffer her fate.

Burdened by grief, Leon returned to the castle one final time, succeeding in defeating Walter and keeping his promise to Sara. Though Walter assured Leon he would be back some day, for a mere human was incapable of ending his life. This was proven nonsense once Death appeared, betraying Walter and taking his soul to gift to Mathias, who then appeared before Leon with gratitude. He admitted that he used Leon, and Walter, and Sara, towards his ultimate goal, then invited Leon to come with him, join him on his crusade against God, but Leon refused, calling him foolish. Mathias then dismissed Leon to the hands of Death, allowing his ward to tie up loose ends.

As time carries on;


Come the 1400s; The Vampire now known as Dracula had built his castle in the province of Wallachia, its walls brimming with copious lots of knowledge, science, and instruments whose existence would otherwise be lost, dedicating his years to building the kind of collection scholars couldn't even comprehend. He allowed humans and creatures who had turned their back on God or had been shunned by the light into his home, and granted some the ancient knowledge of Devil Forgery, allowing them to practice their talents within the castle walls.

One day, a woman named Lisa entered his home in search of the knowledge and tools necessary to help people. She claimed to be a doctor, and that the rumors of a dark and foreboding castle standing tall within a desolate plot of land was where she could find it. Dracula found no reason to distrust her, for many like her had come for knowledge's sake before, but he always turned them away. However, there was something about her, something that deeply reminded him of Elisabetha, and he could not find it in his heart to watch her leave.

Now married, and having conceived a child, Dracula bent to Lisa's whim to travel the world, to learn from it, as a man. Though during his absence, the extent of Lisa's medical talents had reached the ears of the Church, and she was arrested and sentenced as a witch, crucified before their son's eyes amidst the hours of twilight. Adrian was unable to intervene, as the sun had yet to sink beneath the horizon. It wasn't until some hours later that Dracula even became aware of the fate his wife had suffered, unleashing a disdain that burned deep within the dark Lord, showing him that humans deserved not an ounce of mercy. He heard her, in the back of his mind. She pleaded that he not hurt them, for they know not what they do, but his grief was much louder than her final testament, as he watched her bones crumble into the towering flames of her execution, and it was released upon the world by the hoards that consumed everything in their wake. He would bring them a war they had never seen, one wrought from hell itself, and he would watch them all perish, until there was nothing left.

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𝕺𝖓𝖊 𝖔𝖋 𝖀𝖘

Jun 5th 2019 17:39

Exaverus Kane

Thank you so much for accepting the add!

I am more accustomed to fantasy themed genres that have a high magic setting, considering my character is from the Pathfinder setting, but I can still fit into just about anything, if that is too difficult!

I would absolutely love to discuss a storyline or connection with you, so please don't be afraid to message or comment me! Lets go on an adventure!


Mar 9th 2019 15:05

I sense theres something in the wind,
that feels like tragedy is at hand.. 
I am just a forgotten memory.. 
A small fleck of dust in your eye.. ~
Yet I cannot shake this feeling that I have.. 

And yet, he does not see..
How much..
He means to me.. 
Ƭαíntєd Ƭhєrαpíst;

Mar 9th 2019 11:54

Behind Doctor Leech; 
Thank you very much for adding me.
My name is Serana
It's a pleasure to meet you!
Hope to get a storyline going!
Sorry for the boring generic greeting..
I'm a bit rusty and just returned from a long Hiatus.
It's a pleasure to meet a fellow vampire.
However you find our characters differ.

Dec 16th 2018 15:27

Oblivious – the incognizant of such an environment, the rain heavy soaking her clothing allowing the coldness to hit her skin beneath causing the chill to violently shake her entire body as she continued the path to the front of the doors of this bleak castle type structure almost eerie as she stepped closer to the entrance.  Fear was never an emotion she’d experienced or even enter her mind perhaps labeling such a reaction she was undergoing at the moment would be due to the lack of knowledge since she has never been outside the Capital.

K  N  O  C  K.  K  N  O  C  K.  K  N  O  C  K.

Impatience – not wanting to be rude and intrude it is as if someone was behind the door allowing her passage inside as the door creaked open slightly.  Placing both hands against the barrier pushing it open further to place herself within shutting the door behind her, she turned to expect the owner of the residence to be standing there. Desolate. Odd. Dripping leaving a puddle where she stands, wondering should she permit herself shelter without permission? The rumbling noise of thunder was a convincing enough knowing she had no other options since her boat was likely submerged under water by now.

“Hello?” It was worth a shot, perhaps whoever lives here was in deep slumber. She was no thief, an assassin…former, but not one to take belongings that didn’t belong to her.  Such an empty feeling in a large place unlike Night Raid’s hideout. Bloody hell. There she goes reminiscing on the past, thoughts that she wished to leave behind in the Capital.  Without realizing, her feet decided to move as she was immersed in her own mind wandering about in the darkness, leaving a trail of dripping water as she descended the hallway.

Unawareness – walking past a figure she didn’t know was there, taking her hood off her head she wouldn’t go far investigating instead she would just find a place to sleep and take her leave in the morning. The place looked empty not a soul within.  It was rather relieving to her not having to plead whether or not she would be granted shelter, it would be as if she was never there. A peculiar place nonetheless however there would be no complaint from her as she was becoming dried even in a drafty old place. There was that faint thought believing she had seen a dim light when she first glanced upon the place likely a figment of her imagination or the moonlight illuminating the room looking as if a light had been on.

Findings – coming into a room, a bedroom with a massive bed neatly made. Her cloak slightly damped she pulls it closer to her form lying herself down on the bed on top of the comforter shifting her body into a fetal position to keep warmth.  Just a nap is all she needed before she could come up with any solutions to her current situation as her eyes became heavy and suddenly went deep into slumber.

|| I do appreciate your patience. I'm relieved to know you adored my beginning, I hope I can keep your interest.  Ah, my apologies about this time of year being difficult, I wish only for the best for you. I am fairing very well, a tad bit of a busy schedule but nothing I cannot handle. Aw, that is nice to know I have been missed and I am very grateful for you!

Dec 14th 2018 16:38

what do you have to change inside to survive?
coяяuρтεd soul
who do you have to b e c o m e?

    With an aura of reservation and unapproachability, Anastasia seems to be exactly the type of girl that would fit perfectly within the caste of the elite; untouchable by those deemed 'normal'. Of course — those are merely just stated observations in regards to how Fable is judged by others — and those opinions are polar opposites to her true inner thoughts.

    She's a stoic force to be reckon with. Secrets flood this girl's very being, swarming inside her brain as she watches and observes. While people don't see her often as something that could be a problem, she's quite the opposite. She's a being capable of anger, of hate, of pure and undying murderous intent. Untold dark secrets hid behind that innocent forced — smile that graces her rose tinted lips.

   The words that left the males lips sounded rather harsh; cold. Hearing them made her feel as if she where intruding ⁽ which she clearly was ⁾ but, she listened to him speak, hanging onto his every word. Her crystal blue orbs followed his every little movement, as if she where entranced. She takes a moment to appreciate the sight before her, to commit it to memory, as trivial as it might seem. So much wonder, so much knowledge, untold mysterious, where displayed before her, it left one speechless. It painted a very clear picture as to why some wished to harm him while, others wished to take advantage of what he possessed. It was no wonder why he showed such discontent towards those who dared to enter.

❝ ... ❞ My sincerely apologies. Where the words she wished to speak — to voice out yet, found herself unable to do so. She could apologize, for her actions, until she was blue in the face, but — what would be the point? She felt regret, she felt horrible; guilty. Apologizing, at this point, just seemed pointless; futile. The damage was done. Yet, even though he had every right to be angry, to be upset with her, he was complimenting her for her ⁽ foolish ⁾ bravery. The praise brought a smile to her face and made her feel embarrassed. This was made obvious by the slight tint of flush blossoming upon her visage. She scoffed at the notion and sensation tingling upon her features, turning to avoid eye contact. ❝ My a-actions, though where f-foolish, where not aimed to u-upset you and I thank you for your t-time. ❞ Her voice cracked, hands lifting to press against her reddening cheeks. Anastasia couldn’t wrap her head around the sincere kindness in his words. There were so many things that she couldn’t stand about herself, was it truly possible for someone to look past — no; for someone to love even those things about her?

Dec 12th 2018 11:00

Wanted Dead or Alive: Akame - even with the new ruling of the Capital, one assassin would be running and hiding still considered a criminal.  She allowed Boss to blame all assassinations along with the activities on her so that peace could be given between the Capital and the Rebellion, they could for the first time in history work with one another to maintain the peace they all fought for.  Night Raid would be a myth that commoners will tell for generations to come.  Her legacy will not die and although she will be banned from the Capital, her stories will remain and be forever remembered.

Solitude – it had become her.   Sailing the ocean leaving behind the world she was born into, a world she only knew.  Insecure about the outside she will vast in, with one thought in mind, she would not allow herself the pleasure of being bonded to those that may become…important. Ones that were close to her heart had perished, agonizing memory to stain her mind as long as she survived.  It will be her reminder as to why she must continue to move forward to exist in this cruel world, a reminder of everything they had battled for and the loss that was endured. The sting of a sudden sensational feeling from the corner of her eye trailing down to her chin, a wet substance formed as she took the back of her palm wiping it away aggressively.

Murasamue – her curse.  Markings that covered her entire body with the constant antagonizing pain in which she suffered from her last battle with General Esdeath, minimizing the discomfort allowing herself to get ‘used’ to it, the infamous teigu of the one slice – you’re dead motto was no longer hers to wield.  Obtaining her previous blade as choice of weapon, she was on a personal mission to find a cure, if one was to be found.  With no known destination, an unknown time life expectancy, searching would keep this once assassin occupied and out of sight with Capital Officials.  For now, that will be her purpose to fulfill and perhaps one day, she will be able to return…home. Or else find such a place. 

A cold cloudy night – a storm was probable and why not? It was the added atmosphere that fit perfectly to her current situation and mood.  Placing the hood of her brown cloak over her head, with her crimson hues tilting her head back she looked up at starless sky only to gaze upon a misty fog that was consuming her surroundings giving her no visibility. Bolts of lightning flashed illuminating brightness for a split second into the darkness. It seems as if the clouds in the sky decided to pay Earth a visit as the fog thickened even further, extending her arm out, even her hand was not visible in such close range.

C   R   A   S   H.

Land – should have been anticipated. A break in the heavy fog, the clearing opening as she walked to the front of her sail noticing the rocks that punctured her boat allowing water to fill within.  Soon, a wet drop hit the top of her hood followed by a sequence then downright pouring rain. PERFECT. Releasing a sigh, gripping the hilt of her sword, she jumped off the boat to a nearby rock keeping balance then skipping from one to another until both feet stood on solid ground.  More of the fog cleared away and in close distance there was a structure that looked almost castle like with only a room dimly lit. No other options, running towards it, she would beg for shelter for the night. 

|| My most sincere apologies on sending this starter so late.  I hope it is to your liking and workable. If you prefer to write in messages, you can send your reply there. I am really ecstatic to be writing with you and look forward to the interactions the two will have. I, also, hope you've been well.

Dec 1st 2018 11:30

Please, don't ever apologize for a late reply. I completely understand the calls of real life, trust me. Especially around the Holiday season. It can be demanding at times and take us away from the hobbies we wish to escape to. I also saw on a status of yours that some of your muses have disappeared, another feeling I, unfortunately, understand as well. So again, no need to apologize. 

I think Dracula in the modern day would be a fascinating thing to witness. I did read your story just before we last communicated, the twist and betrayal had me at the tips of my toes. As time went by though I tried to read it again and for some reason, I can't get the boxes to scroll down (I think it's my computer, I may have to try on my phone later). 

Nevertheless, when times are not so hard I would love to get something started. Victoria is more of a simple gal' that stumbled into this world of Supernatural beings. Though most won't let her in and push her away because she is a 'simple' human but it only makes her try harder but in the meantime, she is a mechanic and just travels with not much to her name. 
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