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16 years old
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September 17 2019

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Orientation: Gay
Body type:Athletic
Education:No Answer
Characters: Dollmaker (Vine), might do OC if willing
Verses: Creepypasta, Horror, Yaoi, Open
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Horror, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 12, 2018

Serious Writers only
No Erotic
Writing for ten years
Comic or Video Games
Leave the drama upon hitting friend request.
Discord upon request

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About me:
Vine used to be a bright, happy boy. He lived with his father, who made dolls. One day his father got a very rich customer. He requested a doll, but his father refused to make it after the customer said he would use it for sexual purposes. Enraged, the man sent some men to burn down the house and kill the father, unaware of little Vine. Vine managed to escape thanks to his father, but his father did not survive. Vine was forced to watch everything he knew burn to the ground. The only thing that remained was a little glass eye made for a doll. Vine took it before the men returned to make sure his father was dead. Unsure of what to do with the nine year old, they took him back to there boss, who decided to use the boy in place of the doll. Vine was the man's toy for four years before he finally snapped, killing the man, stealing some money, and running. He lived on the streets for a while, using the money he stole to make dolls like his father. He would sell them for quite a bit. As he got older, he changed. He became colder, snappier, and what had happened to him was finally beginning to affect his mental state. He started turning people into dolls, stitching their mouths into smiles, giving them doll eyes, pulling their hair out and sewing in new hair, and popping their joints out to move them to his will. He would always leave his 'dolls' in public places, and the media named him the Dollmaker, which made Vine very happy. One day, to try and turn himself into a doll, he stitched half of his mouth into a smile, only stopping because of the pain. He then took his entire right eye out and in place put in the glass eye he found in the remains of the house. His current whearabouts are unknown.
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Ryuko (packing extra)

Jul 16th 2019 20:54

Not trying to be mean but I thought we were gonna rp
Endless time

Dec 21st 2018 10:57

// Hello and thank you for accepting my add.
The name is Joel Cote!
Don't be shy on giving me nicknames.
Anyway I was wondering if you wanted to start a rp?
We can either discuss or wing something.
If you're to busy I don't mind chatting will do for now.
If you prefer messages I don't mind discussing there either.
Hope to hear from ya.//

Dec 18th 2018 08:59

Thanks for the add!!
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