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June 26 2019

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Orientation: Lesbian
Body type:Athletic
Education:No Answer
Characters: female Jeff the Killer,
Verses: Creepypasta
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Horror, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 12, 2018

So, I just threw up a bit ago...

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About me:
Jessica has seen quite a bit. After moving to a new house, she adjusted to her life with her older brother Louis, though everyone called him Liu. She had a young neighbor, and the two soon became friends. Liu and Jess were bullied one day at their bus stop, and naturally, they fought back. Jess grabbed one of the bullies pocket knives and stabbed him before he attacked her brother. When the police came, the bullies, who had a clean record, claimed that they attacked them out of nowhere. When the police came to their house, Liu took the blame for his sister and was sent to an insane asylum, where he would stay at for a bit. This drove Jessica a little crazy, as she felt it was her fault that Liu was in the asylum. One day, Jess was forced to go to a birthday party happening on the block. Not being social, she stayed with her kid neighbor. The bullies showed up again, even angrier. They soon started a fight with Jess. Not wanting the kid to be hurt, she managed to get them inside. They cornered her in the bathroom, where a bottle of bleach fell on her. She put up quite a fight, but one of the group pulled out there lighter and set her ablaze. She survived, but the fire had left its mark. Her skin had turned ash white, her eyes and hair turned black. When she finally woke up and was allowed to leave the hospital, she was delighted to see Liu, but it was already too late to save her mental state. In a fit of hysteria, she deemed her new appearance beautiful and burnt her eyelids off so she would never have to blink and not see her beautiful face again. She was also tired of being sad and putting up a fake smile and carved a smile into her own face. She went to show her mother, who was repulsed. Upset, she murdered her mother right there. She then murdered her father in his sleep. She then went after her brother, who fought back. She managed to carve her smile into his face and she believed she had killed him, though he actually lived and his wounds were stitched together, a permanent reminder of his sister. Jessica then ran, going all over and murdering random people the same way she did to Liu, though they actually died. Somewhere along the way she ran into Slenderman and went to live with him in the Slender Mansion. It was there that she was reunited with her brother, though her brother had gone crazy himself, and now had another personality, who Liu referred to as Sully. As a young teen, Jessica was often described as sweet, and very righteous. After the incident, her personality changed drastically. She became psychotic and sadistic, caring little for others. Though she can occasionally be sweet, it very rare that she is sweet. She isn't a follower of rules and often does whatever she wants. She avoids Jane and Nina like the plague, Jane hating her as well and Nina was like a miniature fangirl.
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Genesis [Hiatus] &♥;

May 8th 2019 15:34

OOC: This is going to cliche and generic intro (Sorry!!) Hello my name is Dee. My RP character is Genesis which has been one of my original characters for a long time now. I decide to get back into the RP world make friends, practice editing and role-play from time-to-time. Hope to hear back from you! :))

Mar 13th 2019 04:00

“Greetings! Welcome to death’s door!”
“I am Arawn, here to claim your soul!”
“You will have a cho—“
The dullahan paused for a moment and looked over his list.
“Wait a moment…you aren’t set to die today…”
“Oh, I must be here to greet you then, my bad!”
“Well, it’s nice to meet you regardless.”
“I would love to discuss some kind or story or chat with you in the future.”
“Keep in mind my form can appear as male or female at any given time.”
“Try not to let that bother you. We are both adults after all.”
“Anyways, if you have any questions or concerns, call my name and I will be there.”
“Safe travels!”


||Behind the Dullahan||
Time to break the ice!
Greetings, this is the writer behind Arawn.
I look forward towards chatting or rp’ing when you are free.
I don’t mind winging a rp or discussing as well.
All rps will be in messages though for memory sake.
I hope that is alright with you.
I am pretty open, regarding to Genre’s.
I won’t rush on replies because I understand rl is a thing.
I look forward to us becoming good friends in the near future.
Until we speak, I hope you have good fortune.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Didn't know if you prefer in character or ooc greeting so I sent both.
Feel free to reply to either one.
Endless time

Dec 21st 2018 10:57

// Hello and thank you for accepting my add.
The name is Joel Cote!
Don't be shy on giving me nicknames.
Anyway I was wondering if you wanted to start a rp?
We can either discuss or wing something.
If you're to busy I don't mind chatting will do for now.
If you prefer messages I don't mind discussing there either.
Hope to hear from ya.//

Dec 18th 2018 08:59

Thanks for the add!!
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