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" I am a Lamb, who lost her wolf."

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The Lamb's Voice.

Here are the rules to my stories.

1.) We are here to have fun, so let us begin without drama or hate.

2.) No Smut.. My charachter is a hard work in progress. She isn't a notch on a bed post. If that is your goal be gone.

3.) I am a multiple paragraph roleplayer. I can do Novella but it takes effort that at times I dont have. If you are simply one liners please don't waste my time with stories.

4.) I am quiet busy in real so it maybe a few days between replies. Unless I have a chance to reply. If you are busy send me a message and I'll do the same. If you don't like the roleplay, then delete me or discuss another.

5.) Eros is the Lamb of Life, she is looking for her Wolf of death. She knows who she is looking for. So please don't push her into anything.

6.) I am a sweet person til you annoy me, so lets all try and get along shall we ?

Thank you and have a great day ! ❤

Elune,Goddess of the Lamb.

Elune is the goddess of the moon, she also is the woman Eros turns to. She also is the one who tied the Lamb and Wolf together in the stories. Elune can be a pest she is also a None player person. She may pop up but not normally.

The Wolf The Lamb's other half,Death Himself.

The wolf is the creature all fear, death himself he is the other balance to the lamp. she is of life and he the death, together they are ying and yang. Currently he is missing and the lamb is on the track trying to find him. To no avail she seems to be running into problems trying to find her other half.


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Characters: Eros ΩEternal GoddessΩ ¤Little Lamb.¤
Verses: Anime. Manga.
Playbys: W.o.w , L.o.L
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Romance,
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About me:
.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
Who I'd like to meet:

NAME: Eros O'Luain
NICKNAMES: Lammie,Little Lamb
ALIASES: Lamb of Life
DATE OF BIRTH: March 17,Unknown year
PLACE OF BIRTH: Tundra Mountains

BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: A small dragon birthmark over her heart, light white lines covering her bodies.

Traits: Sweet, kind, Can be a bit shy.
Disorders: She is often confused.
Addictions: A few.
Likes: People, nature and food.
Dislikes: Evil and rude people. Being around sick people.
Quirks: A little full of herself sometimes.

MOTHER: Deceased.
FATHER: Deceased.
SISTER(S): None.
Other Family: Unknown.

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): Death himself.

Eros O'Luain


[The Sweet Spring.]

The beginning of a small world, that would someday become a large bright star in a shimmering pond.A nice spring day, just as the last snow had melted and the spring was giving life of green lush forest of the Tundra Mountains. Eros was born a normal dark elf , healthy and strong willed even for a small infant. She had bright blue eyes that had a glow of curiosity. Her skin a soft pale purple and her hair ever changing with her moods. Eros often was a quiet baby, the only time she made a sound was when another life joined the world. She also weeped when a life was taken, this worrying her parents they sent out to the temple Elune. Hoping the goddess could explain the gift bestowed on her. Elune seeing the child, placing her hands on her a soft voice came from deep within. :" The child is the lamb of life, she will be what nurtures life. And one day she will seek out death to complete the scale.": Finding what the goddess said to be eerie, her parents soon moved away from society. Keeping their daughter and her gifts a secret, with this the universe was not happy causing famine, war, and many deaths. After a few years of this Eros became restless trying to help in any way she could. She felt the light fade through her, bringing life to the workd she watched crumbling. Her own parents weak and dying she stepped out of their hut, the sun beaming on her as the clouds parted. As she took a few steps life sprung from her feet. The sun shinning brightly and a wave of calm began to creep across the lands. As the world started to heal so did her parents.

[The Lamb Awakens]

The destruction was balanced over the next few years, this power and energy expelled from her body aged her to maturity and then stopped. She was only 5 and looked 18. Soon leaving home to figure out her own gifts she returned to the goddess Elune. When she returned the goddess wouldn't speak to her. For she herself was working on the development of the balance of life and death. But she did help release her full potential, then as she trained Eros how to control it. Taking a few months of no words but energy and light to explain what she was to do. With the visions of her life and seeing her abilities and consequences of being locked away she realized she was life itself. As she got this and training she controlled the feeling to help everyone and everything. She learned from Elune she had to choose to balance out life and death. And soon she would meet the Wolf of death. Scared and unsure she packed her things and began to head on her way.

[The Wolf Of Death.]

The only dark creature to slink about in the world undetected or unknown. He was the one cursed and blamed for everything wrong. His mother dying in childbirth and his father of a broken heart, this man had always had a bad life. Nothing good came from his life and the darkness started to take over more, as the death seemed to throb within his heart the more death appeared before him. Knowing he was the cause the villagers locked him away in a cave in the dark depths of the Tundra mountain. Here he suffered the cold and unimaginable hungry to repent for the suffering and hate he caused.This man was alone and deep within the dark knowing no light.

[The Lamb and The Wolf]

Feeling the stir of her adventure, Eros is brought back home to the Tundra mountains. It had been 50 years since she had found herself home, her parents gone and she still hadn't aged. Visiting her parents grave she felt a pull to the mountains themselves. Walking up to the mountains to a large opening she walked in. Feeling the warmth of the inside along with the dark aura she drew closer, nothing bothered her anymore. As she sighed lightly to relax herself she looked up at a creature chained to the wall. He was technically living but everything around him was dead. Breaking the chains around him, she softly laid him out and smiled at him. Worried for him as she was all creatures she carefully made a cart to carry him in. Reaching her old home, she bathed and fed him as well as tended to his wounds. Taking a few days of speaking and healing him she found an unnatural attraction and caring for him. Soon they became close friends and worked hard to repair the uneven balance of life and death. With the world in rights they grew to know each other more and more. As time passes they became inseparable and could feel each other when apart. The Lamb and The Wolf became ying and yang as light and dark and life and death. After a few decades they became tired and the work was perfectly balanced, Eros became more tired and weaker physically. With the great responsibility came the toll on the bodies. As they slowed down and the energy placed in the earth , the two found found the goddess Elune as she explained to them that they needed to rest. This rest would only last until the balance again was disturbed. Moving into the mountains, so as time aged they would not be disturbed, getting into a confronting position the two fell into their sleep. The two locked together in embrace.

[ The Awakening.]

Started awake with a large jolting shake Eros jumped up, looking around dazed and confused she was panicked. Running out of the cave she saw large machines tearing her cave apart. Looking around she hadn't felt or seen her Wolf. Death was missing from Life side, moving away from the cave before being spotted she found herself a spell to blend in with the current times. Wondering and traveling to look for her wolf. Wondering what or where he had gone off too. Not able to find the goddess Elune she was truly on her own and felt more empty then she had before. So she began the journey not looking back, hoping soon to find her other half.

Present Day

Eros is currently on her journey to find the balance she needs in order to survive the unyeilding world,She needs to find the dark for her light as well as the friends and family she needs to grow as a being of light and life. She is the Lamb of Life and with that comes the ability to create and give life, she cannot kill or see death before her. She will grow as her story unfolds.

Life's Light

Life's light is the power and life foirce deep within Eros. This is the ability to allow her to bring life to anything as well as save, or contain life for anything or anyone.

Pearl Metal

The metal she wears is to help protect her fragile form, it also keeps her from being killed so easily. One of the abilities it has is to also enhance her healing abilities as well as her ability to create life. The true issue is during a fullmoon it can overcome her and become a mind of its own.

Life's Sorrow

After waking up to find herself alone, it caused her heart to break. Eros has hardly been apart from the Death she so loved, now she is searching and alone. Trying to find the feeling of balance and calm energy.

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⸸Chrollo Lucilfer⸸

Little Lamb's Friends Comments
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Mar 13th 2020 04:02

Its the pinkest, badest fairy boy around. 
Don't like the attitude, we can totally fight about it. 

Not the best at greetings but something is better than nothing. 
All his info is up on my profile, if you have any questions let me know.
Have a discord, hit me up 
Open to all types of roleplays, so don't be scared
I also have a few additional characters in my blog due to getting a creative streak.
They are partially complete but if you want to rp with them then let me know
► ғᴀʙʟᴇs.

May 2nd 2019 14:03

ooc; --

Yeah, it'll be fun! And yes of course as I typically hold the adder to be responsible for the starter. I'll get it to you soon!  
► ғᴀʙʟᴇs.

May 2nd 2019 10:29

ooc; --

 Sure thing! Although... I don't Neferirkare will be a good influence upon Eros. He represents the death she doesn't seem to want to be involved in which, while it will ultimately make for an interesting dynamic, will probably be full of drama~! Neferirkare also can appear in any of the time-lines I have listed on his profile to be either the ambitious, nefarious usurper of the underworld or dispassionate, defeated guardian of a rotten old tomb. I feel both would contribute to something interesting with Eros. Regardless, he'd find her interesting as her abilities link to life. 

We can introduce them in several ways but the immediate idea involves someone pleading with Eros to save another in Neferirkare's reign. A wife or child or whatever, something to arouse her lamb of life ideology to pursue him.     
► ғᴀʙʟᴇs.

May 2nd 2019 10:01


Thanks for accepting my request! And thanks! If you didn't notice, I am a multi with those little windows being links to further information on the character they are representing so if you could decide which may pique your interest before we discuss plot, I'd be really grateful! But if you have an issue with this, I'll do it myself.

Hope we can start rummaging through a story soon!   

Dec 4th 2018 00:27

OCC: Thank you for the request, I hope we can become good friends and Write Awesome Stories that to lead to even better plots. You are welcome to drop by my status at any moment, Just no Drama thank you. So I hope we can keep in communication my New Friend. Enjoy your Rps. Please Read my rules and sign them. If you have any Questions please let me know. Until Further notice Take good care my friend.
Ilvaria Kin-Slayer

Nov 25th 2018 19:48

well, im not going anywhere if you arent ♥ so we have plenty of time.
Ilvaria Kin-Slayer

Nov 25th 2018 19:42

//Ive been trying to figure out where we could take a story. Being a woman of life, and Ilvaria more of a....violent brute. I'm not quite sure where we'd merge.
But, I am thinking it over/./
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