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if you are kind enough to add me, could you be the one to speak first, i would really appreciate it

19 years old
Quincy, Illinois
United States

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January 18 2019

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GeneralVideo Games, Anime, Fantasy Swords and Katanas, Internet
MusicVocaloid Songs, Nightcore, Japanese songs, like ones from anime intros and outros

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Characters: Shujino Hirosaka
Verses: Anime
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Slice of Life,
Member Since:November 30, 2018

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About me:
hello, nice to meet you, im just your normal video game and anime loving guy who enjoys to Role play, Role play has always been a nice little thing to keep my mind off of daily life and such, and its just really fun to me. To escape into your own world of imagination with a fellow role-player, even though you just met them, and you become good friends because you both are having fun, its amazing what could happen, and its my reason to continue role playing, so if you ever want add me and i accept it, i thank you ahead of time, then we could come up with a role play. My favorite type, is your classic High school/Slice of Life Romance, But i,m okay with many different things Too, lets figure something out (oh, i also have discord if you prefer to rp on that just ask! :) )
Who I'd like to meet:
i would like to meet many people, so these are my preferences: Females (im gonna be honest, they are just more fun to RP and get along with in general) :Fellow Introverts, they get along well :and last but not least, anyone who shares my Hobbies

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