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Resistencia, Chaco

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January 20 2019

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Characters: "Old Man" Raven/Cap. Shwan
Verses: TALES
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Comedy, Crossover, Historical, Slice of Life, Video Game,
Member Since:December 11, 2018

"I wanna bring smiles to everyone's faces... that's what a Shepherd does, and it's what I'll do too!" -Sorey, Tales of Zestiria

Hey hey, share a guy around, would ya?!

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Dragon Rider Judith~Taken by Velvet

Fon Master - Ion

Velvet Crowe ~Taken by Judith

Sir Vega

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Jan 15th 2019 16:42

Ehh.... just saying there's more than one occurance of continuity in the franchise.

Jan 14th 2019 04:23

Symphonia is a prequel to Phantasia as well.

Jan 14th 2019 01:01

// So Vesperia, while I'm absorbed in it, makes me wonder how it weighs storywise to Symphonia, Zestiria, and Berseria. I gave into temptation to read the plot on wikipedia and now I see why this is hailed as the best Tales to date. Yeah, I spoiled it for myself, but story spoilers tend to make me look forward to what's ahead. I honestly believe Vesperia needs a prequel. Maybe it has one, but I wouldn't know. The ancient past civilizations are good groundwork for such a sequel.
Dragon Rider Judith~Taken by Velvet

Jan 12th 2019 13:42

"Doing just fine and how about you, "Old Man" " She teased.
Dragon Rider Judith~Taken by Velvet

Jan 12th 2019 01:17

Well hello there, Raven~
Fon Master - Ion

Jan 10th 2019 21:25

"Mm? No, I guess not! I just think you have a mature aura about you is all."
Fon Master - Ion

Jan 10th 2019 19:13

Thanks for droppin' by, Gramps!
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