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AGE: Unknown, presumed about 17-18 (As of Vol 2)

David literally appeared out of thin air. During what appeared to be a normal day in Vale, a meteor crashed into one of the lesser populated alleyways. The first person on the scene was Penny Polendina, who saw not a rock, but a teenage boy in his pajamas sitting in the smoking crater with no memory of anything about Remnant or anything beyond his name and basic knowledge to survive in society.

After being brought to Professor Ozpin by Glynda Goodwitch, David was accepted to participate in the entrance exam for Beacon Academy. Although Penny had been requested as well, Atlas' General Ironwood refused, believing it would cause too many problems. David was joined by Evelyn that night in their dorms, before eventually meeting Jack and Hathaway in the Emerald Forest for their entrance exam.


David only recently unlocked his Aura and has not yet found his Semblance.


Despite having no memory, he seemed to already have natural reflexes for combat, and even a style of weapon he preferred. Thanks to Penny, Ruby Rose, a Beacon Academy student, designed for him a pair of gauntlets with a whip attached to the right one. As per all of Ruby's weapon designs, Jani Clostros features a potent gun mode-two of them, in fact. The first is in the left hand. Should David crush any kind of Dust crystal in his palm, he can charge the gauntlet with that style of energy and fire machine gun-style bolts from his palm. If he does the same with the right palm, he can either charge the whip with the same energy, or release a far larger and more potent explosive round from his palm.

AGE: 18 (as of Vol 2)

A Vacuo native, Jack lost her family at an early age to Marcus Black, an assassin. Though the motives for the deaths were never truly found, a prevailing theory was that the Ivorys were killed due to them refusing to sell their family business-the largest Dust mining and processing business in Vacuo-to the Schnee Dust Corporation. Jack was found by Ozpin, who took her under his wing and trained her to hone her abilities and fighting style to combat threats great and small.

She is generally a good natured and kind soul, though many think she is a bit stern at first due to her sizing up whoever she meets. Despite this, she is generally friendly. She also is highly responsible. The pressure she puts on herself is immense, but her intelligence and strategic thinking often helps her coast through challenges easily. As leader of Team JHDE, she tends to take a laid back approach towards things out of combat, but is focused and no-nonsense when fighting. She does seem to be very temperamental around Evelyn, however; the two have history, and neither particularly cares for the other.


Jack's Semblance is one of the most dangerous, due to its wide spread ability to harm everything near her. She can absorb kinetic energy at the molecular level, essentially causing molecules to stop in their tracks in seconds. The longer and larger the field, the more energy she absorbs into her. When she chooses to unleash it, the force of the attacks she can launch can be nearly catastrophic.

Her Semblance has major drawbacks, however-she has difficulty controlling the field created, she cannot strictly designate an area (presently) to be affected, and the process of absorbing this energy at the molecular level also steals the heat from the surrounding air, which is why most people believe her powers are ice-based in nature. In truth, the ice that forms is a byproduct-stealing the kinetic energy from molecules creates a state close to the temperature known as Absolute Zero, which is lethal if it happens to a person within her field. Because of this, her Semblance is one of the few that can actually kill outright, even before she attacks.

There are other drawbacks, as well, namely she can only absorb so much energy before she must expend it or risk literally exploding. Once she releases her field, she also cannot create a new one until the energy stored is released. And because of the lethal potential of the field, she rarely uses it in an enclosed space, both because she cannot move during the absorption and because anything within close proximity to her risks dying before she launches herself.


Choosing to fight hand-to-hand, Jack is an expert in close-quarters fighting. She had several teachers for short intervals, including Glynda Goodwitch at Beacon Academy, though she was never a formal student. She is as comfortable punching as she is kicking, and is a skilled tactician in battle. For ranged combat, her gauntlets transform into SMG-like weapons that completely encompass her fists, starting at the metal plate on the back of her hand.

AGE: 17 (As of Vol 2)

A young rabbit Faunus with an intense attitude and unique fashion sense, Evelyn is another of Professor Ozpin's Orphans-agents that work for him in return for assistance with personal problems too large for them to handle. Quirky and eccentric to a fault, Evelyn often acts impulsively, jumping to the solution that is most likely to get a rise out of someone for her own amusement. She often comes off as standoffish, flirtatious, cute, and pushy all at the same time, which can send any conversation with her into a whirlwind that ends with her laughing historically at the victim's reactions. Despite this, she is not mean spirited, instead merely impish and mischievous. Overall, she is generally kind and good natured.

Evelyn has a troubled past, which has influenced a wide number of things in her life. She tends to keep company only with those she deems interesting, and, while often still friendly, can be distant with others she doesn't wish to associate with. Getting on her bad side comes with a heavy price, as she holds grudges-like the one she has with Jack, the team leader, who (according to her) "gave her food poisoning with her cooking" while they were on a mission together. This has led to a long-standing rivalry that essentially can act as a powder keg for volatile situations. Generally, however, she tends to be sweet and endearing to most who meet her.


Evelyn sports unique double irises in her eyes. This is the result of the traumatic event that happened when she was very young, something she never openly discusses and keeps it buried. The event awoke her Semblance, which allows her to see the past of anything she looks at with it, and the near future, up to several minutes ahead. Jack has referred to this ability as "the perfect survival tool in combat," allowing her to literally see the next move the opponent will make and counter it before it's even made. The downside of this Semblance, however, is the loss of her ability to see colors, rendering all she sees in different shades of gray. This explains why her home-made fuchsia suit and top hat sports green and red patches on it, as to her, they are all the same color.


Evelyn sports a pair of bladed tonfas that she keeps hidden under her jacket, attached to the back of her belt. Containing a semi-automatic pistol-like weapon in each, they are exceptionally ideal for dealing with close range foes, especially with Evelyn's Semblance, small size, and superior agility. They can also connect at the back end and then pull out a telescoping rod between them to form a double-bladed staff for a varying attack style.

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About me:

AGE: 17 (as of Volume 2)

Born in Vacuo, Hathaway is a quiet, tactical individual with a calm attitude and quick thinking mind. Usually not a man of many words, he tends to observe, speaking only when needed or when responding to someone, though he always has something to say. Self assured and confident, he keeps his cool under pressure and avoids needless bloodshed if possible.

Adopted at a young age by a renowned Huntsman and Faunus, Arland Howe, Hathaway trained hard to become the successor of his house, until the night that Howe was murdered by a pair of mysterious strangers, one of which kicked him to death. He trained hard and quickly mastered three different fighting styles, before setting off on his own to head for Vale in search of his father's killer. During his journey, he met a young woman named Jacquiline B. Ivory, who he quickly became friends with. Though she was reserved about her childhood at first, he soon learned the same assassin-a man named Marcus Black, who had killed Jack's family, who were a small rival to the Schnee Dust Company. Jack traveled with Hathaway as they moved around Vale. Jack informed Hathaway of Beacon Academy, and the fact she worked for Ozpin, the headmaster there, as one of his Orphans-children with powerful Semblances who he used as agents. Intrigued, Hathaway chose to head for Vale City to visit Beacon, in hopes that he could continue his training, or at the very least, meet with Ozpin to discuss matters which he had discovered in the library of the Howe Residence while he grew up. Things that, according to Jack, only Ozpin would know the answer to.

Since that time, he's been placed on a team with Jack and two other promising students-David di Kabegis and Evelyn Damerot-and together, they form Team JHDE.
Who I'd like to meet:

Hathaway commands a low-grade form of telekinesis. Though he is relatively incapable of doing things like lifting heavy objects, he has chosen to refine his fighting style in order to take advantage of his powers. Using them offensively, Hathaway can send shockwaves through the air with his mind alone, so even a missed slash might still hit targets at range. He also uses his powers defensively, blocking incoming attacks. He's trained to be able to launch himself even higher than normal with jumps and to slow his descent down if falling to avoid hurting himself.


Opting primarily to use only one weapon at a time, Hathaway typically uses Black Thorn as his main sword. A black-colored blade with a silver edge, Black Thorn has been his trusted companion for as long as he's been training, and features a secondary form where the blade splits open at the hilt and the two pieces slide away from each other. In this form, it can catch other weapon between the forked blades, but it's primary use is to fire a long-range rail gun from between the blades. His secondary weapon, Soul's Oath, is a powerful artifact he was given by the swordsman who trained him, Arland Howe, that can channel Dust or elemental attacks from enemies into its blade and then launch them at will. It's most powerful property, however, is to channel Hathaway's Aura into the blade, allowing it to cut into things that a normal sword would find difficult or impossible to cut, though doing so saps his Aura, so he uses this sword infrequently. To round off these two weapons, Hathaway also has a prosthetic hand he bought in Atlas, replacing his right hand, that was amputated. He keeps his right hand gloved at all times, but the prosthetic allows him to channel Dust attacks or block incoming weapons with little difficulty.

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