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"You can train a dog with food, you can tempt a man with money, but there is NOTHING, that can tame the Wolves of Mibu!"

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Characters: Terumi Mibu
Verses: Hidan in Aria, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, Hidan no Aria AA, Getbackers, Assassination Classroom
Playbys: Rimuru Tempest
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Historical, Open, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
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   Epsilon-627: Terumi Mibu's Blurbs
About me:
Name: Terumi Mibu; Epsilon-627 {Model Number}

Nicknames: Dr. Jekyll; Bad Wolf; Dead End; The Root; Smiling Reaper

Gender: Male

Nationality: Half-Japanese/Half-British

Ancestor: Kyoshiro Mibu; Dr. Henry Jekyll

Age: 17

Hair Color: Light Blue {Almost Silver}

Eye Color: Golden; Crimson {Hyde Form}

Affiliations: Team Avilion; IU{Double Agent}; Student at East Ikebukuro High {Cover}

Department: Morder/Lezzard; Ambulace {Cover}

Status: Active

History: Terumi is reportedly apart of the Mibu clan. In truth, Terumi is actually a clone developed by the Mibu clan and the Jekyll Family to make the perfect super soldier. To strengthen the clan, they used Dr. Jekyll's research, to mass produce 20,000 clones made from the DNA of Kyoshiro Mibu and Dr. Jekyll. Terumi was the 627th clone of the Epsilon batch, thus his designation was Epsilon-627. All the clones had been preprogrammed to show loyalty to the Mibu, however the ones dubbed Defectors didn't accept these programs. The Defectors attempted to run away, with only 17 escaping. They tried to blend in with numerous communities being lead by Nee-sama or Epsilon-008 {Later, Terumi named her Shinra Mibu to honor her}. However, it wasn't long before, they were discovered by the Mibu. Sending all the remaining clones after the escapees, the 17 were almost massacred. It was when Shinra's life end, Terumi went into Jekyll Form. Not only the clones but the entire Mibu clan ended that day. He wiped them out. Terumi was swiftly caught by Butei of {Due to not putting up a fight} and charged with more than 19,000 counts of murder. He was given hundreds of life sentences. Terumi felt oddly at peace, content with rotting away in a cell. He was then approached by Umeko Tsuzuri under orders from Akatsuki Foundation. They offered a plea deal. In exchange for doing wetwork for the agency, he'd be pardoned and those who survived the massacre would be care for. He naturally accepted the terms. He then recruited members and formed Team Avilion under the name Terumi Mibu.

Appearance: Terumi possesses light blue hair, almost silver. He also has golden eyes which flash red whenever he goes into his Killer mode. Terumi can usually be seen wearing his trademark blue fur coat and white fur scarf along with black pants and blue fur boots. He also rarely seen without his nodachi, The Tenrô. There is also the mask of Akatsuki that all the Avilion members don.

Personality: Terumi is a calm, collected, and overall friendly individual who can be exceptionally observant and circumspect of his surroundings and the situations that develop around him. He is not easily fazed by things that would unnerve the average person. Despite his calm and empathetic demeanor, Terumi harbors a deep bloodlust inside. His suppression is so accurate, that many believe him be weak and pathetic. However, Terumi has no qualms about killing as he assassinated many targets without hesitation. Umeko Tsuzuri claims that Terumi is a prodigy in the art of murder, as he can kill a room fill of people while they're still conversing with each other. Despite his killer impulse, Terumi isn't depraved. He cares for his teammates as well as the children who survived the Mibu massacre and will go above and beyond to protect them.

Attributes and Skills:

Assassination: Terumi's physical abilities are mediocre, and it is worthy to note that he is one of the weakest amongst his teammates. However, Terumi has an extraordinary amount of natural talent as an assassin due to his impressive observant nature, his remarkable stealthy movements, along with frightening lightspeed and his immense bloodlust.

Shukuchi (Reduced Earth) : Inherited by his Mibu blood, Terumi can move at beyond god-like speed, only showing his footsteps crashing into the floor. This allows moving across dozens of kilometers instead of meters within an instant.

Nukiashi (Trackless Step) : An ancient movement technique which the user combines both their breath control and footwork in order to split into their opponent's unconsciousness due to the brain being unable to process all of the little details that a person sees or hear without overworking itself and/or burning out. As such, the Trackless Step doesn't accelerate a person's movements, but it instead makes their movements difficult to perceive even though they're able to see them, their brain doesn't recognize it as relevant information and it appears as if they had just zoned out for a moment.

Bloodlust: Terumi possesses a massive amount of hidden bloodlust despite his initial character, impression and can project this bloodlust to such an extent, that it transforms into a "shroud of darkness". This latter trait blocks visual perception of his body with the only perceivable form being that of an approaching shadow, which affect his opponents in varying ways; the most significant, powerful reaction can involve immobilization and an inability to counterattack or to fight back, and this type of reaction can affect multiple opponents at once.

Complete Body Property Control: Taken from the research of Dr. Henry Jekyll, the Mibu implanted methods of controlling the very properties of a person into the 20 thousand clones. Terumi has fully mastered these methods, thus he has complete control over the properties of his body. This is mainly done with the liquids in his body, mainly with his blood but also with his body mass. For example, by decreasing his mass to its absolute limit, Terumi can reduce himself to a mere liquid 'slime' state. This can assist him in getting into small spaces (i.e cracks or corners). He can also increase his mass, thus increasing the overall strength behind an attack.

Blood Manipulation: Because Terumi can control the liquids in his body, he is able to change the properties of his blood and solidify it, thus using his very blood as a weapon. He can also syphon his blood back into his body.

Scarlet Eyes of Death: Also known as Shinigami Eyes, they are the signature eyes of the Mibu clan. The Bloody Eyes of Death enables its user to see another person's body with extreme detail, such as breathing, muscle movements or muscle contractions, body tension, rhythm, sweat, etc. allowing the user to "perceive death," or the conceptual "Weakest points of an Existence." These vulnerability points are mainly in the form of Lines of Death and Points of Death.


Tenrô: A Nodachi whoms name translates to "Heavenly Wolf." It was named Tenro because its brightness is just like the real lupus constellation in the sky. Tenro is made of the unique metal, Adamanirokane (Adamantite Black Colored Metal)that the swordsmith Muramasa forged. Its curves and cuts are said to be things of beauty. It is a black blade of approximately five shaku (equivalent to five feet) long and it cannot be broken, cracked, bent, or dulled. It has no problem cutting through steel weapons or solid iron. Many warriors have strived to obtain the sword, but have failed because of its killer nature. The sword appears to be alive and appears to crave large amounts of blood, equal to as many as a hundred thousand people. It was said the only reason Terumi can wield Tenro is because the sword submitted to Terumi's killing aura.

1080 Surgical Scalpels: Terumi has 1080 scalpels that are hidden within his body and they are made of his own blood, but they are also infused with Reverse Irokane. His scalpels can easily break through large pillars, diamond, large hills, and various targets instantly. His scalpels also have the ability to place people within suspended animation.

Bloody Sword: This is Terumi's favorite technique which creates a diamond-like scarlet sword from his blood. Terumi loves dual-wielding it with his Tenro.

Bloody Lance: A diamond crafted lance meant for one shot kills.

Bloody Rain: A technique which Terumi will launch numerous scalpels into the air and direct them to rain down on a target.

Bloody Cross: By laying his palm outwards which has a cross scar, a cross-like pattern will appear, and cause his opponent to be cleaved into 4 quarters as though they were sliced by a cross-shaped knife.This is his instant death move. It completely rids the body of all his opponents blood vessels while ripping them apart.

Bloody Sagittarius: By laying his palm outwards which has a cross scar, a massively larger cross-like pattern will appear, and cause his opponent to be cleaved into 4 quarters as though they were sliced by a large cross-shaped knife.This move is his instant death move. A more powerful version of the Cross.

Bloody Hurricane: He can hurl his scalpels to form a hurricane around his victim leaving no chance of escape before impaling them into the victim's body.

Bloody Shield: A shield consisting of sixteen of his scalpels seemingly held in place by a psychic barrier.They can block light and react fast enough to counter light. This shield can also block light from an omnidirectional point.

Crimson Army: Terumi creates a lot of clones of himself, that are just as powerful as the original.

Bloody Armor: Terumi can cover his body with hardened blood to fortify his body and intensify his strength.

Cage of Fangs - Terumi can fires off his bloodlust, which form a rough grid around his enemy and cuts off all routes of escape. He can close this grid to injure or kill someone.


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