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"I'm not supposed to say this, but my dad's actually a professional sports player. Pretty cool, right?"

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Characters: Rei-Rin, ReiRin
Verses: Dragon Ball Verse
Playbys: Plenty~
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:
Rei-Rin (ReiRin)

Gender: Female

Birth Year: 767

Species: Human

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Height: 4'0

Weight: 55lbs

Reirin is a young martial artist whose main goal is to someday beat Vegeta or one of his kids in a fight to "redeem her father's honor". Though very little is currently known about her and she prefers to keep it that way she tends to brag about her father who plays some sport professionally. She has obvious ill feelings towards Bulma though she manages to still remain respectful to the older woman whenever in her presence. Although she challenges Vegeta to a fight she has shown signs of being afraid of men though comically mentions she dreams of marrying a strong martial artist someday. Despite her age she has managed to gain an amazing network of information and has managed to collect information on many of the Z fighters as well as other famous fighters (including Hercule much to her dismay). Rei Rin has taught herself how to fly and has left home many times to take part in personal training despite her mother hiring her a martial arts teacher. She has stated she made a promise with her mother to never seek out her father and meet him. Although she typically always looks cute and innocent she has a rather nasty temper and can get violent real easy often times resulting in vulgar behavior, ex: giving a kid in class the finger for mocking her absent father and beating up and flashing another for mentioning her mom who “just can’t keep a father around for her”. Due to her father’s status as a sports player she often attends sports games, most notably baseball, and has become known as a rather impressive fangirl of Yamcha once waiting in the cold weather for his autograph and allowing a ball hit by him to hit her in the face just so she could keep it.

Who I'd like to meet:

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𝑺𝒂𝒊𝒚𝒂𝒏 𝑾𝒂𝒓𝒓𝒊𝒐r

Feb 11th 2020 01:59

It's super wonderful to meet you!
I'm Videl.
Thank you for the friend request and the greeting.
I also looked over your page and love the information that you have posted.
I am always open discussions and chit chatting.
So just reach out to me again when you're ready to and we can get things going.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to what the future holds. ^_^
𝐊 𝐈 𝐍 𝐆 ♔

Sep 8th 2019 05:10

❝ Like the sun ; he will burn ( to black ) .❞

    While it is a pleasure to meet you, I'd like to take this time to apologize for the extreme delay in my response. I am sending this out to everyone who had waited for almost a year, so I'm sorry if you don't appreciate pre-writings and hope it doesn't take away your faith on me. I am a decent writer and would still like to plot a storyline with you or perhaps have an in character banter, I don't mind any of the two choices. I also have Discord, if it's easier to communicate and wouldn't mind some out of character chatters. Hopefully this time around it's different and we can actually form some type of bond together, if not ? That's fine but still, I am sorry for getting back to you this late and hopefully this will be the last time I ever send an apology letter over. Here is my discord, by the way. 𝐊 𝐈 𝐍 𝐆 ♔#1836 I do look forward to hearing you once again.


Feb 3rd 2019 21:11

Either works for me.

Jan 21st 2019 03:07

He he he ;p

I primarily play Mirai Trunks. But I'm more than willing to play whichever version best meshes with the current setting of the storyline.

Jan 19th 2019 01:39

I can understand not being all that social. Not exactly a social butterfly myself.
I would love to discuss something. ^^

Jan 16th 2019 01:21

Oh, man!
I just realized I never got back to you! 
I'm sorry about that 

You've got a really cool character concept, and I'd love to write with you.
Whenever you'd like to discuss a sl, I'm down for it.
Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Ṡäïÿäṅ Ṡöüḷ

Jan 15th 2019 13:08

Raditz stared at the child and thought about it. His daughter was capable of training on her own now and had been for some time, he would have the time, that's for sure. But the question would be, could this child handle it? His kids could as well as his brothers because they had Saiyan blood in their veins, but this one was pure Human. He would need to check her drive for it despite her father being somewhat capable on his own. "Sure. Why not? Let's see if you'll be able to handle it." He said with a smirk.

Jan 15th 2019 01:07

~*Saiyan Butterfly*~

Thank you so much for the add/request!!

Please bear with me as my layout is under construction!

For now, you can find my character information here:

With that, let’s get something going!

~*Selentis Moon*~

Ṡäïÿäṅ Ṡöüḷ

Jan 14th 2019 07:58

"Depends on the person." He said as he tried to recall if the old man had said something of the sort before he was taught anything, unfortunately, he could not remember. "I've heard that the Old timer who raised Kakarot when he was a kid wasn't too bad, heard he too also trained under the Turtle Hermit."
Fᴏx's Sɪɴ

Jan 13th 2019 00:41

-pets- Well you can be my little successor. How about that?
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