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"Failure is the mother of success. The consequences of not relying on me and instead thinking for yourself, even if they should end up being failure, should not be feared, but embraced. This is because they are the failures necessary for success."

29 years old
Ishikari, Hokkaido

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June 14 2019

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Characters: IIama del norte
Verses: Overlord
Playbys: Seraphimon, Dulio Gesualdo
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Open, Supernatural, Video Game,
Member Since:January 11, 2019

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About me:

Name: Resetoras

Nicknames: IIama del Norte, Reset, Supreme One, The Calvary, Wild Card of Nazarick

Gender: Male

Race: Heteomorpic Being, Angel; Seraph Empyrean

Residence: Arcadia, the Flying City [Currently], The Great Tomb of Nazarick [Pre-Transfer]

Karma: Positive 500 - Extremely Good

Age: ??

Hair Color: ??

Eye Color: ??

Affiliations: Ainz Ooal Gown

Level: 100

Status: Alive

Racial Classes: Angel [15]; Archangel [10]; Seraph Empyrean [5]; Etc[30]

Job Classes: World Guardian [?]; Saint [5]; Holy Banisher [5]; Evil Slayer [5]; Etc [?]; Azure Mage [15]

History: IIama is a guild member of Ainz Ooal Gown and regarded as one of the Forty-One Supreme Beings by the NPCs of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. On the final day of YGGDRASIL, IIama intended to log in to say a final farewell. However, after getting off late from work, he was only able to log on with three minutes to spare. As soon as he was about to enter Nazarick, the shutdown occurred. Like Momonga, he found himself still in his avatar, a Heteomorpic angel. Since he wasn't able to reach Nazarick, IIama was transferred in the New World and away from Nazarick. He awoke in Great Forest of Evasha, a forest located near the elven Kingdom. He currently travels around as a merchant named Resetoras.

Appearance: Being a Heteromorphic Angel, Resetoras is usually seen dressed in holy armor that shines azure, and possesses twelve golden wings. When not donned in armor, Resetoras is a young man with lime green hair, green eyes, and dressed in vestments. His 12 gold wings are still present.

Personality: Resetoras has a naturally upbeat and jovial personality, and often acts as the comic relief among his guildmates. He enjoys telling jokes and teasing others, but has a good heart and is nearly always optimistic. However, although he is very loyal at best, he can be rather odd at times, and even quite scheming. He will sometimes use others to get what he wants, and seems to like keeping secrets from them. He also claims to know everything about everyone, as he proves to know of Ulbert's fear that he will never be able to interact with people, but encourages him to do so. Despite coming off as somewhat shady, though, he is not afraid of using the information that he knows about people to get them to do some things that he wants. However, he remains well-intentioned and cares for his close friends. Resetoras is a pragmatic combatant, believing that using any means necessary in a life-and-death battle is essential in victory and survival.

Resetoras suffers from wanderlust and often disappears for weeks on end, returning tired and dirty from his adventures. This is even reflected in Yggdrasil as he tends to roam around to scout the Nine realms.

Resetoras also was often teased by his guildmates when he uncharacteristically 'flipped out', giving him the nickname Yama whenever he did.

Abilities and Powers: Offensively, Resetoras is amongst the weakest in Ainz Ooal Gown. However, where he lacks in offensive capabilities he makes up for in support. Resetoras is an Azure Mage, an unpopular class in YGGDRASIL. Lacking the firepower most would associate with a caster class, the Azure Mage is a pure-support class that shines only when supporting the party with its buffs, de-buffs and binds. As a result, he loves this class for its potential, its complexity, and because the idea of "a class that can't do anything on its own" offered an experience totally opposite from his tendency toward independence and self-reliance. It also helps that Resetoras excels in this class as he is able to time buffs and de-buffs to mere 2 percent margin of error earning him the nickname [Caerus]. Though his class and abilities are not suitable for PvP, Ainz Ooal Gown was a PvP/PKER guild in YGGDRASIL, proving he was well versed in fights and ambushes which has allowed him to score a win from players optimized in PvP many times.

Due to spending most of his time exploring the various realms, Resetoras is a veteran gamer with a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the YGGDRASIL dungeons and events, which is known for its depth and complexity. Furthermore, Resetoras belongs in the category of "Others." To the guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, "Others" were players with challenging classes who could adapt to many different circumstances.

Because the standards and leveling of the New World is so low, Resetoras' typical weak class is something a bit overpowered as he was able to match the "strongest" of the Elven champions but did not have to rely on his "cheats," the [World Guardian] or [Holy Banisher] class and killed them with ease. From his support class and [World Guardian], Resetoras has also unlocked an Extra Skill [Thy Name is...] which granted double experience for those he named. He discovered this upon giving names to slaves he discovered in the [Trials of the Greed Kings] who started in levels of single digits and jump to mid 30's and 40's after completing the trial.

New World Skills -

[Thy Name is...]: A skill Resetoras unlocked in the New World which granted additional experience point to individual Resetoras named. He first acquired it upon giving names to three Demi-humans he found in a dungeon. The ability does not seem to cease at a certain level or at death as seen when revival magic was used and level penalties were incurred but with a few days that level was obtained again.

[Jack of All Trades]: A skill that granted Resetoras access to basic level spells and martial arts of the different class. Resetoras unlocked this ability upon teaching the three Demi-humans how to fight in their personalized class.

World Guardian Skill -

[Star of Fate]: In YGGDRASIL, this skill increases Luck drastically. Thus, increasing critical hits rate, block and dodging chances while decreasing these attributes for the opponent. It was considered by many players as a cheat skill. In the New World, it also seems to draw in strong individuals.

Holy Banisher Skill -

[World of Disaster]: An attack that Holy Banisher specializes in. Its capabilities have yet to be disclosed but it seems to be most affected against the undead.

Angel Skills -

[Fly]: A skill that gives the caster the ability to fly.

[Mass Flight]: A skill that gives the caster and the group around them the ability to fly.

[Anti-Evil Protection]: A skill used to defend against attacks from evil beings.

[Cure]: A skill that grants basic healing.

[Heal]: A skill that could restore a great deal of health in addition to healing various diseases and other abnormal status conditions.

[Holy Ray]: A skill that can create a ray of light used to pierce the intended target.

[Lesser Dexterity]: A skill that raises the target's dexterity.

[Lesser Mind Protection]: A skill that raises the target defense against mental attacks and damage.

[Lesser Strength]: A skill that raises raises the target's strength.

[Silence]: A skill that allows the caster to eliminate sounds in an area.

[Lion's Heart]: A skill that provides a single target with complete resistance to fear.

[Protection Energy - Fire]: A skill that provides limited protection from fire attacks.(7)

[Summon Angel 2nd Tier]: A skill that summons a Angel Guardian.

[Summon Angel 3rd Tier]: A skill that summons an Archangel Flame.

[Summon Angel 4th Tier]: A skill that summons either a Principality of Observation or Principality of Peace.

[Summon Angel 7th Tier]: A skill that summons a Dominion Authority or other Dominion rank angels.

[Turn Undead]: A skill that repels or exorcises undead targets depending on the difference of strength between the caster and the targets.

[Raise Dead]: A skill which revives the dead person back to life with some loss of vitality and five levels in return. Moreover, this skill will have a hard time working without a corpse, or if it's badly-damaged.

[Resurrection] : An advance version of [Raise Dead].

[True Resurrection]: A Mastered version of [Resurrection]. It could resurrect low-leveled beings without turning them into ashes during the process, but they will still lose some levels along the way.

Archangel Skills -

[Instant Life Enhancement]: A high level skill that enhanced healing and resurrection.

[Ceremony of Virtue]: IIama stated that he could enhance his angelic creation skills through the use of a ceremonial performance.

[Sacred Aura]

[Sacred Creation]

[Sacred Control]

[Sacred Strengthening]

Angelic Traits -

[Biological Penalties' Resistance]

[Critical Hit Immunity]

[Night Vision]

[Disease Immunity]

[Eating, Drinking, Sleeping and Breathing are Unnecessary]

[Energy Drain Resistance]

[Evil, Dark and Corrupt Vulnerability II]

[Evil and Corrupted Consecrated Areas' Vulnerability II]

[Mind-affecting Resistance]

[Paralysis Immunity]

[Physical Penalty Resistance]

[Poisoning Immunity]

[Recover by Positive Energy]

[Sleep Immunity]

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