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"Fight to live. Tsk, I live to fight."

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Here for:Friends,
Body type:Body builder
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Radicho
Verses: Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, & Xenoverse
Playbys: Original Character
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Open, Slice of Life, Spar/Fighting,
Status: Single
Member Since:January 15, 2019

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About me:
The Mighty Warrior
Like all saiyans in the seventh universe, Radicho is a natural born fighter, demonstrating great aggression and willingness to fight. Being ruthless and skillful fighter, having a high degree of camaraderie and a sense of honor, disliking narcissist people to where he might end them to make a point or to show them they aren't all that. With a tough and cold demeanor, he does have a light-hearted side to him, displaying some form of kindness and willingness to help others once he gets to know them.

Radicho was born in the year 731 from two unknown saiyan warriors on the Planet Vegeta. He doesn't know anything about his parents, except they were powerful warriors. Just like them, he has great overwhelming power and fighting skills, becoming one of the elite soldiers at an early age.

Sometime during Frieza's ruling, he grew up knowing of two things. Fight for Frieza and take orders from Frieza but he always felt something was wrong with this. Until finally the day that came true when he saw his ruthless King, King Vegeta grovels before the tyrant. This enraged him so much to the point that he thought up a way to leave the Frieza force. His opportunity came to when on one of his missions, he never went back to his home planet leaving everything behind never seeing what had happened to Planet Vegeta until many years later.

During his travels, he went to many places, lived on many planets searching for a quick lunch, or the next fight. Along the way, he met amazing people, fought powerful foes, and simply lived his Saiyan life. People started to call him a lone wolf or a lone monkey because he always works alone. Then he ended up landing on a planet called Earth.
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