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Black Butler verse only. Don't know, don't add... Also, I do not read your mind and if I'll see Pokemon character or something, I won't assume that you know anything about my verse, so message me first.

26 years old
Earls Court, London
United Kingdom

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December 12 2019

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Human form, Demon form and contract sign.
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Verses: Black Butler, Kuroshitsuji
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Anime, Comedy, Manga, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural,
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May 15th 2019 16:20

You'll have to forgive me for the lack of...well anything right now. I'm currently at work and I just couldn't wait to get things started. A little too eager, I suppose. Ah well. In the meantime while I am gathering everything, edits, layout...fancy greetings...etcย 

I do hope you'll be interested in discussing a storyline. I may be a little slow moving at first, ah only because I haven't gotten everything together yet, but I assure you I am fully prepared to discuss and of course get started.ย 

Well I'm kind of rambling now, so I'll leave it at this. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks so much for adding me.ย 

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