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Characters: The Raven's Sword, Caedus Ren
Verses: Dragon Ball Super - (Original Character)
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Mystery, Slice of Life, Spar/Fighting,
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Caedus is regarded as a rather tall and muscular humanoid with fairly tan skin, black hair and ocean blue eyes. He's dressed in a black, turtleneck trench coat with a grey undershirt along with a pair of elbow pads and wrist guards. Caedus wears a pair of finger-les gloves, around his waist is a brown belt with gray pants and black boots with white soles spanned across from toe to heel.


Mysterious by nature as the last vestige of a fallen race, Caedus is masked with an alluring charm and calmed demeanor under any circumstance. He's an expert in his field as a thief, cunning and silent while carrying out his assignments in a solitary manner. He's resistant to bribery when undercover and cannot be convinced of turning away from the task at hand, whether he's retrieving a certain item as a thief or engaging someone as a mercenary.

When in the heat of battle, Caedus refuses to back down from any opposing challenge and retains his cool even when at a disadvantage. Although his profession would likely infer to give him a rather conniving persona, Caedus holds the capacity for selflessness, especially when it came to those he regarded as family throughout his life and those he'd think of as friends in his later years.

Although he works as a mercenary, one can even say that Caedus is a warrior at heart with a competitive nature during confrontations. He enjoys a thrilling battle, even passing along his calmed composure for a somewhat eager nature. He's confident in his abilities, yet doesn't seek to underestimate his opponents as he knows that doing so often leads to trouble. He hopes that a fateful day will come when he can finally achieve the means of controlling his techniques without need for restraint.


Far among the vastness of Universe 8, the rather isolated planet known as Telon IV was once home to an innate species of humanoid beings known as the Siluran. They were naturally adept in the peculiar ability of Ki Acceleration; the power to manipulate or infuse the potential ki within a chosen target through physical contact and "charge" its power with explosive results. Though other races across the universe believed this power to be dangerous, the Siluran race were a fairly secluded people who preferred solitude. Yet it was this choice of life that would lead to their decreasing numbers by means of countless exterminations, to the point of classification as an endangered race within their universe.

Enter the birth of Caedus Ren, who was the last born among his diminishing people. Similarly among his kind, Caedus also possessed a natural ability for Ki Acceleration. Though as most of his race were taught to harness their natural abilities by others of their kind, Caedus would be unable to receive this tutelage as the moment in time came when the rest of his people were effectively purged during a vicious raid over his homeworld by a warrior's syndicate known as the Theta Pulse. He was carefully hidden away from the ongoing violence, and heard nothing of his family ever since that fateful moment in his life.

With his home village seemingly eradicated and his entire species cleansed from existence, Caedus was the sole survivor and left orphaned as a baby until he was found and taken in by a travelling band of thieves known as Raven's Dawn who adopted the infant Caedus and taught him the combative arts and ways of thievery. Among his newfound family, he would become one of the best thieves in the guild until the discovery of his Siluran abilities which made him fearful of the hazardous potential he harbored. Despite this however, his family would aid in the better understanding of his technique and thus devise a solution to his problem and soon make his natural ability an incredible gift. Thus he was gifted a pair of specialized, finger-less gloves by his family which were designed to inhibit and better focus his abilities.

Caedus proved instrumental throughout many adventures within the thieves guild, notorious under his new code-name as the Raven's Sword where he gained prominence throughout the travelling of his home universe. However, the collective influence of his many raids brought about the attention of his universe's galactic patrol who were also involved in confrontations under many circumstances. At some later point in his life, Caedus and his band were involved in a paid operation to ransack the collective money of a corrupt senator and end his life in the process. While executing his mission, Caedus happened upon the very syndicate responsible for the annihilation of his race. Under investigation, it was discovered that they were hired for the sole purpose of securing and guarding the select target. Thus when Caedus and his guild were discovered, conflict inevitably ensued between the two clans and Caedus was forced to engage the battle with all means of escape proving futile.

Everyone around him was falling, and he couldn't afford to allow the losses of two families to suffer in vain. Using only his martial skills, he single-handedly ended the lives of countless in the syndicate but was forced to make his escape when the galactic patrol of his universe had been called to pursue. Although he just barely survived, Caedus knew the rest of his rivaling faction were still out in the universe and persisted in locating their operating headquarters whilst evading enforcement at every turn. Eventually after collecting information, a location was deduced and extensive training readied the avenging thief for the very moment when he stormed the locale and ruthlessly made ways through countless warriors before coming across the leading force. After an excruciating battle, Caedus was seemingly doomed for an agonizing end when the pained thoughts of his path leading up to the very moment would awaken a higher ascension of power within him. Now enduring to the very end and even prevailing, the former thief now turned to the life of a solitary mercenary with ambitious plans of travelling throughout Universe 8, and maybe even the other neighboring universes.


Caedus is regarded as an adaptive fighter, and proves to be a cunning warrior even when the numerical odds are stacked against his favor. His extensive training under the thieve's guild has gifted Caedus with extraordinary hand-to-hand fighting skills; he focuses on close range and balances his superhuman capabilities and acrobatics with a mixture of martial arts and underworld brawling. After harnessing his ki throughout the years, Caedus has since been capable of concealing his presence even among greater beings for stealth based purposes and evading disturbances. Whenever he does use ki-based techniques, he often utilizes an array of techniques which range from a multitude of projectiles to the conjuring of weapons such as blades and bo staffs.

However his most unique attribute, is the natural ability well attuned specifically to his race. Through physical contact, has the power to take or embed ki within an object and charge its energy to an overwhelming degree with often explosive results. He's capable of ki-charging living beings or inanimate objects by amplifying their ki or incorporating his own within an instantaneous process. Although unlike the rest of his species who've learned how to control this ability, Caedus was unable to gain the information on doing so. Thus he was incapable of properly harnessing his powers, and couldn't touch an object without it combusting. To solve this issue, his adoptive family bestowed the young thief with a specialized pair of finger-less gloves designed to contain and exercise his abilities. With his specialized talents now properly harbored, Caedus can further adjust his native properties. He can amplify the destructive degree of his techniques to detonate city-level structures or even allow for a physical target to harmlessly melt down to nothing at lower levels of power.


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