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Characters: (Various Subjects of different origin)
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Will finish up the rest tomorrow. If any be so kind, give this account a share out. Open to anyone who wants a long term story.

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About me:
Hello! I know what you may be thinking when you see this. What an odd profile! Oh another mcrp perhaps too lazy to choose a character themselves so I'll have to choose to get anything started in a selection of like 30 characters, 10 of which likely the same. No layout or fancy edit? Before you put these factors in and decide to pass please give this a read first.

I do have a few characters, but I do not work in that way. Each character I produce will have a different background and different motives, each are made for battle rps to allow each of you who enjoy a good fight to test your characters. Keep in mind it will not be a rp of just meeting and fighting. The fighting of said character (In the case subject) will happen at the end if you go that route. All have a different location which will take place.

I do chat and as for rping, do not worry. I will produce a starter for each character and all you will need to do once you are ready is to rp, just copy and paste it with your reply and we go from there. So no need to ask.

Should you be lost on who to choose, I will choose my own based on your character abilities. It's set up so they can work in the max amount of verses so anyone can get in on the action. The end purpose is to allow you to win, not to make you feel better. But none of my characters are designed for beating anyone at any point. They can if your character screws things up, but not likely so don't worry of autohits and god modding or instant death moves.

So give me and my subjects a chance and let's enjoy a nice long story together.
Who I'd like to meet:
Anyone interested in what I provide here. Various characters with plots and a lengthy story to discover will be made available. Starts which contains to them will be in blogs. Of course only friends will be able to view them so the blogs themselves don't get filled with my posts.

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