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"Not here for Ero."

28 years old
Miami, Florida
United States

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May 12 2020

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Aug 1st 2019 22:55

Hey there, how’s it going? I’m Bliss!~  ooc:// I apologize for the late greeting or reply (esp if it’s been years since we added each other).  I’ve been busy super busy with moving around and focusing on my grandmother's health. But I am finally back, baby!~  I have had this character since the dawn of Ani so maybe 6 years now?  Anywho, if we ever crossed paths before let me know. I have sh*t memory and a lot of y’all tend to remake all the damn time!  Also for the first time in 4 years, I have opened up my role-plays! Please feel free to look around on my page as I have updated a lot of Bliss’ story. Reply back if you want to start an RP or discuss a storyline.  I love making friends. So if you wanna get to know me a bit more I suggest adding me on discord!~  𝓕𝓸𝓬𝓾𝓼𝔅𝔩𝔦𝔰𝔰🔮#2954 I hope we can get to know each other soon and maybe have some edits together or make some wonderful stories.   Have a great rest of your day~  (please ignore this message if we are already talking, thanks again.)  
Lady Sasami [M&M]

Jul 16th 2019 17:05

QuQ ryoma when you see this can you add my new discord I don't know what happened to my old one but yeah QuQ add it when you can
Sasami S. #5044

Jun 24th 2019 21:26

Thanks for the add hope to talk or roleplay sometime
Wιɾҽԃ Oυƚ

Jun 19th 2019 01:13

"Eeh..Crap, there's still more?!"

"Ugh,what the hell, let's hurry along and make this quick and get this over with.
 I'm not really looking much for long conversation..So listen up cause only gonna go over this once. Whoever you think you are,suppose i should thank you for creeping up on me like some random total moron, however just don't get in my way like you did,got me? I'm a pretty busy person."
'Crazy as it already is,i'm relieved i'm not the only miserable spare for some dumb a** bastards,hahaha!-'

"..Whateves- quite it with the staring now would you, do you need something or not?
'Cuz hell, I can do pretty much f*cken anything I want!'
..If not then I've got more important business for myself to attend to than just screwing around, so don't go wasting my  time,d*amnit!"

Thanks for accepting or stopping by.
wish to discuss,interact or just chat is fine with me,not too picky.
 Whichever flows more smoothly for you if things can be whipped up,feel free to be a guest,,catch ya on the flip side!
Can catch me elsewhere >DISCORD< : Yip yip!#1826
ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ ᴛᴏꜰᴜ

Feb 21st 2019 23:24

Sounds good friend.  Then I will talk to you ooc here.  I do have a discord.  I'm not great at it though but.. it is 

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