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18 years old
Athens, Ohio
United States

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May 23 2019

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Orientation: Bi
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Characters: Elijah Hanning
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Length: Multi Para, Semi
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance,
Status:In a relationship
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Anyone in need of an escort. Beware it may be quite pricey...it may even cost you your own life.
*cough* Give us a share.

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𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖊𝖗𝖙 𝕱𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖗

Apr 23rd 2019 19:07

1.I will not commit Lin to any role player characters whose handler cannot produce a solid paragraph or more per post. 

2.I will not invest my character to a single Character if that person will not commit their character back. 

3.I will not Advertise the relation ship in Lin’s display name, I will simply change it upon their profile information. If you have no place to so that you are commit, create one or if you want to put it in your own display name if you find it easier.

4.I will not end my current role plays and only role play with chosen partner. I want them to do the same, keep your stories going. We are here to have fun. However, Erotica will be cut from the story lines of others who is not part of the relationship.

5.I will not commit Lin to any role players character’s who can’t keep a solid storyline and the role plays mainly consist of smut.

6.Just because Lin is in a relationship with said character, A story line must continue to play out. We will not turn it into a sexual role play and keep it there. Keep the story alive and strong.

7.I will not commit Lin to a role player character if the Role player is not creative or interesting to me enough. *I’m sorry…*

8.If you disappear with out a word for a week, then the relationship will end, and Lin will be available again.

9.Note that I work almost every day and super early on top of that. Don’t expect me to be up super late at night and during the day I may end up falling a sleep so replies may vary, but I will make the relationship role play a priority.

10.DO NOT cause drama. Lin will have friends. I would hope yours will too. 

11.If you wanted a relationship with Lin and was not chosen, do not be a big baby. Continue to role play you never know if the relationship would last or not. It all is depending on the role player and how things are swaying.

12.Lin goes both ways. He will date a girl or a guy.

13.For family building—Adoption is an option if Lin ends up with a male partner. As strange as it is, I’ve have had role plays in the past the did Male pregnancy …if that’s what your into just come up with A VERY GOOD reason why Lin is going through this change…. As for the Ladies the same applies they don’t have to have blood born children they could adopt but if said character is pregnant expect to be well taken care of even if the relationship is over. I know most don’t even keep the offspring as a factor once the role play relationship ends but I would. It just means my character has depth and has grown.

Mar 30th 2019 21:16

I would like to really thank you for accepting the friend request.  It is very nice to meet you.  I roleplay as Eric or as One.  I hope we can be good friends.  I also hope we can discuss a story line for a roleplay anytime soon. Until then have a wonderful evening.

Mar 23rd 2019 07:25

If you do not like the starter, send me one of yours?

Feb 16th 2019 13:27

“ I’m also important in the past and present. I don’t want to forget either memory.”

My name is Banri Tada. It’s a pleasure, to meet you. -Bows head.-
As you see, it’s hard for me to know what my past is like, after loosing my memories.
But, I hope, I won’t forget our friendship if we ever start one!
what do you say? Would you like to start some kind of bond and story with me?
I promise to keep you entertained.
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