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~ Before Anyone Else ♥

Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
Taken: No
Engaged: No
Married: No

Comments: I put Toga here because she is cute.



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Characters: Topha
Verses: Dragonball, BNHA, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, Original
Length: Multi Para, Para
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About me:

Character Information

Nekojins will eat you.

Alias: Topha Okiwa
Nicknames: Tofu, Killer Tofu
Race: Neko-jin
Planet: Yoplait
Sex: Female
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Age: 300 +
Occupation: Space Pirate
Comrades: Pea
Special Skills: Elemental Control, Shape Shifting
Regular Skills: Wacomma (alien sword combat), Aikido (based on using opponent's physical strength against them.)

Rankings -

Strength 3
Intelligence 5
Skill 5
Cooperation 2
Speed: 4

Likes: Reading, stealing new skills and items, alcohol, challenges, puzzles, fish, meat, eating people at times, sleeping
Dislikes: Loud people, canines, closed minds, being forced to do things, people always wanting to pet her, but she deals with it

The planet Yoplait is a planet with four moons. It is always night there. The residents have what earthlings would consider 'cat-like' traits. Very few plants are able to grow because of the lack of sun light and the temperature is cold. Special pine needle trees give the planet its oxygen source. A large amount of the planet is covered in ocean. Neko-jins eat fish as their primary food source, though they can eat other meats as well.

Nekojins were a species of carnivorous, cat-like hybrids who had special abilities in controlling the elements. One day a battle between two beings destroyed the sun on their planet. When this happened, the planet did not thrive through all of the elements any longer and the Nekojin lost their power. Most were content to keep to themselves on their planet, being stubborn to leave. Because of this, their way of life changed. They became more sentient beings like humans. The fish market trade became their main source of income. Still a secret power was hidden beneath them.

Topha was born to a poorly family's litter. She was the only one among them to not simply go into their trade. She felt a desire for something more and because of that she began to invent things. She also began to tap into the main element of the cold planet, water. She developed multiple skills with water but kept it to herself knowing the others would fear her.

As time passed, a man came to visit their planet. His name was Soujiro Okiwa. He had learned of the ancient nekojin and wanted to see their power first hand. Honestly he wanted to steal it if possible. Having arrived he was disappointed to see the current state of their race. Not wanting to waste his time he decided to leave. Topha became a stowaway on his ship. This was how her real journey began.


*Aoi Kaje Rein Blue fire rain attack. She is able to control multiple hot balls of water like puppets on strings.

*Riptide Razor A sideways disc of water that uses speed and the normal properties of water to deflect attacks.

*Bubble formation Ability to create normal bubbles which she can use for various things.


Those I may not eat.

Who I'd like to meet:

    More Roleplayers


ᴮˡᵃⁱʳ ᴴʸᵈᵉ

ғɪʀᴇ & ғᴜʀʏ

Broken Robot

// Rowe

Little Lamb



Duckman: Private Dick / Family Man



. . .of the【Sharingan】


The Damsel



Bigby Wolf




Sʜᴏᴛɢᴜɴ Aɴɢᴇʟ

Moriko ❀Elemental Fox❀





The Rogue™

~Raven & Ray Toxic~

Director Zim


gяιмα¢ιηg ηαтυяє

꧁Pilum Murialis꧂

The Mighty Stranger™



ℂ𝕒𝕟'𝕥 𝕋𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕄𝕖



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( 𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆 ),♔

Sep 8th 2019 05:24

❝ Like the sun ; he will burn ( to black ) .❞

    While it is a pleasure to meet you. I'd like to take this time to apologize for the extreme delay in my response, rather than to just approve your comment and make you feel unwanted. I am sending this out to everyone who had waited for almost a year, so I'm sorry if you don't appreciate pre-writings and hope it doesn't take away your faith on me. I am a decent writer and would still like to plot a storyline with you or perhaps have an in character banter, I don't mind any of the two choices. I also have Discord, if it's easier to communicate and wouldn't mind some out of character chatters. Hopefully this time around it's different and we can actually form some type of bond together, if not ? That's fine but still, I am sorry for getting back to you this late and hopefully this will be the last time I ever send an apology letter over. Here is my discord, by the way. 𝐊 𝐈 𝐍 𝐆 ♔#1836 I do look forward to hearing you once again.

▓ 𝐒𝐀𝐋 - 𝑻

May 2nd 2019 23:17

It's quite fine.  I know how busy things get.  I think to some, they are in the middle of taking finals.  I wouldn't want to obscure their studies on my part.  If you happen to be taking any, I wish you the best.

I'm up for discussion whenever you see fit.  Although I do portray the character Mighty, I also play Bomber Zero as well, if you are interested in that role instead of this one.  All my information is finally up, so it shouldn't be too hard to find x.x.

Lady Sasami [M&M]

Apr 28th 2019 22:12

yay x//3 what makes me mad is people spam range attacks with her o3o -tackle huggies tofu smiling happily-
Lady Sasami [M&M]

Apr 28th 2019 22:03

x//3 omg yes lol does that mean you get to donate blood to me 8D (one of scarlets sayings)
Lady Sasami [M&M]

Apr 28th 2019 21:45

okay I know im going to sound odd but out of all the females in mortal kombat 11 between kitana scarlet frost or jade who screams me best
Lady Sasami [M&M]

Apr 28th 2019 21:24

tofu are you online x//3 I have questions
Lady Sasami [M&M]

Apr 26th 2019 00:06

-tackle huggies tofu smiling happily- I missed you tofu and thank you I will make you all proud ♥ will kitana share some of her blood
Lady Sasami [M&M]

Apr 24th 2019 02:02

I been trying to pick a main for mortal kombat 11 that screams me and I cant decide between scarlet jade kitana or frost o3o
Lady Sasami [M&M]

Apr 24th 2019 00:45

tofu x//3 are you home I got a question about picking a main for mortal kombat 11 x//3

Apr 22nd 2019 03:38

Hey Kitty~ ♥
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