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Rank: N/A

Power: Exoskeleton Armor when berserk and increased natural strength when Human.


Abilities: Album when transforming into his berserk form will sprout thin bone limbs from each segment of his spine. The limbs look like a many jointed insect appendage. These limbs are incredibly strong and fast. Strong enough to cut reinforced cement wall clean through. They are a first defense to keep his attackers at bay. They will usually kill any living thing with in reach instantly. These quickly will grow to thick hard bone plates trailing all the way down his spine.

The next part of his transformation is more gruesome. The same bone like spines will start to puncture though his skin along every bone. Then his body will start to grow what looks like bone white hair. The next part of the transformation is when they grow thicker larger and form together with the spines to form into his exoskeleton armor. Once the armor has form it takes a minute to harden to its shell state. It’s not called exo-skeleton for nothing. There is muscle at every flexible point in his armor. This muscle is extremely powerful, doubling Albums already inhuman strength, giving him the ability to move at sub sonic speed and jump 55 meters with ease.

The one noticeable feature besides the rest of his form is the ‘helmet’ that forms. It lacks any hole were sensory organs would be, creating an effective bone plate to protect the head. The mouth is the only orifice on his body while berserk. The berserk form will use its mouth to breathe and eat. For reasons unknown the Berserk for will only eat the 6th or 7th vertebrae of the spine. Just like some insects eat the neck just behind the head of prey. His exoskeleton armor is sharp and has many jagged edges. So grappling him will be hard for one to accomplish without getting hurt. This berserk form will never look exactly the same twice.


(alt) Berserk: While Album is in his survival berserk mode there is only one thing on mind. Kill all threats. This one thought has a lot of grey area. He will attack anything that proves to be any significant threat. A bystander that just happened to be carrying a weapon will die if he spots them. While in a berserk state Album does think and is able to respond to a change in a situation. However that thought proses only goes that far. He does not plan a battle but just goes. He acts very much like an animal and will nip out, but he moves like an insect. His movements are erratic and have no logic, though he has been known to get in a lucky position.
Likes: work and being precise, Hot food, big guns and things that go boom, his area orderly, keeping fit, spending money, old things, listening to story’s, boots, long pants and long sleeved shirts, tinkering, reading fantasy books, day dreaming, Sleep, adventuring, (and more that I forget)
Dislikes: Stupid people, annoying kids, people touching his things, insults, name calling, making no progress on a project, bad food, when plans don’t go right, bugs, seeing a medical doctor, annoying sounds, (and more I forget)
Faction: Traveling citizen. He occasionally will venture out and visit other capitals to go get things he needs or to go collect old things.


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Characters: Angelus Album
Verses: Custom, Video Games, Manga
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Psychological, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:

Well I needed a picture of Album in a human form, when he is not in Berserk. He is suppose to be a very handsome young man...I made him look young but scruffy and odd. OH well.

Title: Angelus Album
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 1In
Weight: 190 -200 pounds
Race: Human
Capital: Neo Freed
Description: Album is a very fit young man. He has close to no fat with well-toned muscle. He is not bulky at all, but rather thin looking for his age and height. Despite his young looking body his face shows heavy wear and age. This often makes him look much older than he really is. Album has a noble angular face with short thick stubble on his chin and jawline. His hair is closely shaved only leaving rough stubble. His eyes seem deep with strong brows. The eyes themselves are a dusty brown in color. His face seems to have a nice color, but the rest of his body is actually very pale. His clothing is meant to be very durable and not fashionable. Album always wears a long sleeved shirt and jeans or other long work pants. He also wears a very rugged pair of calf high black boots. He seldom will ever wear anything else on his feet and would rather go bare foot.
History: (Includes events from birth, childhood, teenagehood, and adulthood. A good three or four paragraphs is great, but don't let that limit you!! Let us know where you character was during the war of season one even if this character wasn't made then!!)
Who I'd like to meet:

Strengths: (List things the character excels at including why they excel at it if it can be explained.)

Weaknesses: (List things the character lacks ability in, has an aversion to, or a fear of.)

Weapon: (heavily inspired by Hellboys Samaritan) Little Miss. A large 22mm break away revolver (the bore is roughly the diameter of a quarter). It is a smooth bore weapon made to shoot many different types of ammunition through it. Every round is propelled by a massive 600 grain weight. As one can imagine this weapon is huge. Meant only for close range and can only fire four rounds at a time. It weighs about 20 pounds. Little Miss has the firepower that rivals some anti-tank weapons. Little Miss was made with a view port on top over the cylinder. This is so Album knows want kind of round he is about to fire. Album has made many different types of ammunition for Little Miss. Each one has a special purpose. Album has at least one of each 8 different rounds on his person at all times. He keeps them stored in a pouch that is made to organize the rounds the way he sees fit. ( (image belongs to its original owner)
Ammunition: There are eight kinds of rounds Album likes to use.
-Heavy: A massive 600 gain lead bullet, massive stopping power.
-Release: A ceramic round that is filled with a deadly poison powder. When inhaled has the chance to kill the target not resistant to poison.
-Grenade: A timed explosive round made with very unstable explosive powder and shrapnel.
-Firefly: A ceramic incendiary round filled with napalm. Upon contact lights up and burns target.
-Charge: Uses a form of some rare power source. This round sends out a high power short range EMP before blowing up.
-Spread Shot: A shotgun round filled with bits of metal shrapnel.
-Salt: Like the Spread Shot only made with pure Rock salt. Meant for demons (if they exist)
-Flame Shot: Technically not a round at all, shoots out a highly flammable powder at high velocity that is ignited by the muzzle flash.
-Crystal: Made with any type of crystal or diamond. The Crystal or diamond is made into the tip of the lead round they are meant to be armor piercing rounds.

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