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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
Full Birth Name: Kivar Moravus
Epiphet(Moniker): The Mischievous Dragon, Dragon Daddy, Trickster of the Skies
Nicknames: Kiki [Vale/Valechka Only], Strawberry [Chai/Evelyn Only]
Date Of Birth: October 13th
Appearance Age: In Older 20's
Actual Age: 1,525 years old
Birthplace: Nisheim (A city located in Miarune, upon the planet of Vespasian. Please do NOT take this information.)
Current Location: Wherever he feels like
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Hot Pink fading to Dark Violet Magenta with Black Undercut
Eye Color: Blue with Pink Ring Around Iris and Pink dot within Pupil, blacked out Scelera
Skin Color: Tannish
Tattoos/Markings: Various Black Markings
Blood Type: A-
Heritage: French/British
Species: Dragon God
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 190 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Personality: Sly, Charming, Smart, Sarcastic, Just a bit of a Womanizer, Greedy, Mischievous, Stubborn, Protective. Deep down he's also caring, loving, sometimes envious and a gentleman.
Likes: Kimchi, Whiskey, Nighttime, Men, Women, Sex, Pranks, Storms (Especially when he's the one creating said storms)
Dislikes: Drama, Grapefruits, Daytime, Being Rejected, Seeing people with things he wants, being pranked.
Powers:Lightning/Electricity, Wind/Air, The Ability to cause severe storms (ex. Tornadoes, Hurricanes), Super Strength, Super Speed.
Weaknesses: Vulnerable towards Earth and Ice.
Occupation: Trickster God//Owner of a Rave Strip Bar


1. No Drama; This is pretty much self-explanatory. For many years, I get accused of things that I never do, and it just becomes nothing but drama. All I can say about this is, if you truly hate me for whatever reason, then just block me. I’m normally a pretty chill person towards everyone, if they don’t try to target me with whatever they made up within their bored minds. More importantly, never drag me into drama when it has nothing to do with me. I won’t defend someone if they manage to find themselves in a pickle. Not my business, not my problem.

2. No Reporting; I have every right to be here just as much as the next person. So, reporting me out of envy will not look good in your book. If there was some sort of problem that we had in the past that you still have a grudge over, then let’s talk about it in messages, talk about it in a civil manner. There’s no reason for anyone to lose their accounts. Just saying.

3. No Stealing My Color Palettes, Information, Edits, Etc; Even though on certain sites it’s difficult to do such thing, I still don’t wish to see my stuff being taken or duplicated. I work so hard on my character that it would hurt to see anyone being the same thing. One or two colors are okay if that’s what you were looking for... but not the whole look. When it comes to information (ex. Backstory, Species etc.), if it’s duplicated without my permission, the accused will get a rather stern talk from me.

4. Please Have Patience; I tend to be busy from time to time so I would love it if everyone would be patient... whether if it’s replies or edits. I don’t wish to be spammed with messages just because I haven’t replied to it yet, you know?

5. Any Rude Actions, Spamming Or Drama Directed Towards Me Will Be Blocked Forever; I can’t deal with childish behavior. I’ve dealt with it for far too long and it’s best that I put my foot down. Each person only gets two chances, f*** up on both and you’ll be blocked.


1. I Can Somewhat Do Starters; Since it’s been awhile since I’ve roleplayed, making starters has been rather difficult for me to do. So, I rather have the person who managed to get my attention to do the starter. Plus, it doesn’t help to observe on how much a person can write.

2. Discussions Are Acceptable; I’ve noticed lately that people like to discuss a storyline and other key details before starting an actual roleplay. This is fine, it gives me a bit more of a boost on what to expect, on the length of the roleplay, the plot, etc. WARNING: If you’re not into doing roleplays in Multi-Paragraph- Novella, please state so beforehand; because I do go overboard in storytelling.

3. No Instant Hook Ups; I don’t wish for my character(s) to be immediately tied down on a relationship (unless discussed beforehand) or having immediate one-night stands. If this disappoints you, then I really don’t know what to tell you.

4. No Controlling My Character; Unless your character has some hypnosis ability and wanted to use it within the roleplay; you have no control what my character can/can’t do. My character is what I interpret them to be.

5. May Take Me Awhile To Reply; Depending on the length of each and every reply to roleplay(s), it will take me some time to write back. It’s not the fact that I’m bored, it’s more the fact that I want to show you all my effort in keeping things interesting.


1. I Freely Give Originals; Whatever originals that I use in my edits, I freely give out; no questions asked. I don’t own them, therefore I can’t be stingy with them.

2. Co-Edits; I don’t mind doing co-edits with others. I highly recommend that I would start it off first so that way my side is done and out of the way. Also, I recommend that you choose the original because I want the person whom I’m having this co-edit with is happy with the choice before anything else. This rule also follows for group edits.

3. Edit Requests; I do take edit requests; however, I kindly ask for patience saying as I do have other things that acquire my attention. All I ask is that you have your color information in a color palette form. Not the fact that I use SAI; in which I don’t, I just find it easier to select the color rather than typing in by code. If I have any complications, I’ll be sure to inform you.


1. Do NOT Take What’s Been Commissioned; I know that we are in a community who takes an artist’s work and edit over them to represent as our characters. But if I ever post an artwork that I paid for and I see someone take it, I will report to the artist and get their statement and then I’ll message the thief to take them down. I’ve already done this once before for a friend of mine, so I’m not afraid to take those measures. So please, don’t take what I paid for if it ever comes that time.

2. Will Only Have Commissioned Art With Close Friends; I’m not like most people I’ve seen where they’ll have commissioned art practically with everyone who’s breathing and stating that they’re friends. I rather keep it with close friends because I know that they’ll cherish the artwork just as much as I would. Not here to hurt people’s feelings in this concept, it’s just my decision and my decision alone.

3. Will Direct You To Artist; If you love the artist’s work on how they presented my character, I will more than welcome to link you to their place of work >i>(ex. DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). I’m pretty sure that over half of the artist’s don’t mind having more fans and/or customers.

Discord: DragonDaddy#5378
LINE: r.valor
FFXIV: Not Available... maybe in the near future.

Other Accounts

(This is just a short summary until I figure out what more I can add. Please forgive for the lack of information. I am rusty, I've been gone from roleplay in general for a long time.)

Being the middle child of the family, Kivar always try his best to get people's attention; mostly his parents. With his older brother being the most successful and his younger sister being the only female in the family, he was left in the shadows to figure out how to stand out. He tried to do good to all people, both for the gods and for the mortals, but within every attempt, he was always the doormat that everyone walks over. Eventually, he snapped and began to cause a severe storm in which enraged the gods, including his parents and they all decided to send him down to the mortal lands to learn his lesson. The only lesson he learned, however, was the lesson of freedom.

For several years, all he did was cause chaos and mischief for the civilians of Nisheim, creating severe storms that would destroy their homes and companies; just to watch them rebuild it all and destroy them again. Within the process of creating destruction, he would also steal valuables and riches and keep them to himself. But like most actions, he grew tired of being destructive and figured to do something that was around the middle of good and bad. In his mind and with pure ambition, he decided to open up a rave strip bar for all to join. Due to his idea, he managed to have others become sinful and mischievous while he gained profit. Although the gods don't approve of his actions, they allowed him to continue with his business, with an exception that he can travel to different universes; to explore other worlds and learn their way of life. What they don't realize is that they gave him a tool to where he can possibly destroy all mankind.

Family By Blood

Biological Father: Cuvion; Stormcaller Of Repetitive Strikes (God of Nisheim; please do NOT take this information.)
Biological Mother: Omry; Champion Of The Skies (Goddess of Omilon; please do NOT take this information.)
Biological Brother: Eran; Protector of the Eternal Breeze (Please do NOT take this information.)
Biological Sister: Siraphe; Giver Of Rain (Please do NOT take this information.)
Children: --

Family By Bond

Adopted Siblings: Rien/Rias
Adopted Cousin(s): Kalcifer

Other Connections

Little Uke Demon: Ciel Dantalion
Waffle Buddy: Akahoshi Saiko
Orientation: Demi-Sapiosexual
Marital Status: In A Relationship
By Whom: Ciel Dantalion
Asked Out: November 19, 2017
First Kiss: January 1, 2018
First 'I Love You': February 14, 2018
Engaged: ---
Wedded: ---
Children with them: ---
Song Dedication: ---
Special Note To Them: ---
Special Note From Them: ---


-Co-Edit with Calatrix (Currently Waiting)
-Co-Edit with Vale (Currently Waiting)

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