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My name is Topaz Lowley. Only those close to me, may call me Terra. Redemption is a long and harsh road.

31 years old
Davis, West Virginia
United States

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Characters: Terra Markov, Topaz Lowley
Verses: Teen Titans, Multiverse, Blackrose Chronicles
Playbys: Blackrose Writer
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Video Game,
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And back. Went out of town for a few days to relax. But, am here now.

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About me:
Tara Markov also known as Terra was the princess of Markovia. Till, she was experimented on and ran away due to not being able to control her powers of geokinetics. Changing her name and roaming around, she was alone in the world. Her powers being unstable, caused many problems when she traveled and tried to help people.

In her travels, she ended up in Jump City due to being chased by a giant scorpion. Coming across the Teen Titans during it and showing her powers to stop the scorpion. This lead to them asking her to join them and Beast Boy becoming interested in her romantic wise due to the interactions between them. But, it wouldn't last long due to Terra's insecurities. She believes Slade in his willingness to help her control her powers and ends up betraying the Titans due to Slade manipulations of her, even though all they wanted to do was truly help her.

Soon enough, a battle between Terra and Slade against the Titans erupted in Jump City. It became so fierce that in the end, it was believed that Terra had actually destroyed them. Thus, the city was taken over by Slade. The Titans though, were not defeated and came back stronger than ever. Beast Boy in the end convinces Terra that it's not too late to change and sacrificed herself to save the city, becoming a stone statue in the process. The Tians ended up putting a plaque there that read "Terra. A Teen Titan. A True Friend".

Time passed, years came and went and the Titans were grown up. A man though came across Terra's statue self and with ease broke her free. She was alive again, but again all alone. The Titans were no more, at least the ones that she knew. They had moved on with life to become heroes in their own way. But, the man that saved her, spread his wings out and offered her a home.

At first, Terra was untrusting of the man, but seeing the wings for a long moment caused her to change her mind. She felt warmth from the wings and accepted the offer. Soon enough, she had a new life and home. Even more so, a father that actually acted like a father, consider he had kids of his own. Even a daughter, so he knew how to take care of a teen. That made Terra truly happy for the first time since everything.
Who I'd like to meet:

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( your savior )

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แด…ษชแด€แดแดษดแด… แด„ส€แด‡แด แด€ssแด‡






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Boy Wonder

May 17th 2019 23:01

We haven't really heard on his whereabouts in a long time, Terra..ย 
Beast Boy

May 15th 2019 21:12

With a little shrug, Beast Boy reached for the back of his neck and scratched sheepishly. "Heh. You know, the same stuff as usual. Bein' cool, fightin' bad guys. They even made a cartoon about us now! Only it's... not very good. But, hey, it's something, right?"
Beast Boy

May 15th 2019 16:52

"Hey, don't sweat it. Most of us Titans don't have parents... or we don't have a great relationship with the ones we do have. I'm just happy for you. And he's half angel, too? That's just awesome!"
Beast Boy

May 15th 2019 16:46

"Oh, man! You got adopted?" Tears filled his eyes while a broad, quivering smile stretched out across his face. "That... is so... great! I'm so happy for you! I hope you have the best dad ever!"
Beast Boy

May 15th 2019 16:33

You thought I was serious with Raven? Pffft. Please. She thinks I'm a freak. I just think it's funny getting a reaction out of her. *grins weakly, not willing to admit that a funny reaction is pretty much all he ever expects from anyone* But sure. You got it. I like the name, too. Topaz. It's pretty.
Beast Boy

May 15th 2019 14:36

Wow. Hey, Terra. Never, uh... Never thought we'd meet each other again. I don't suppose we could start all over and maybe not end up... well, you know how things ended last time.
Boy Wonder

May 15th 2019 14:15

Hey Terra. I guess we talk, yeah. What's it about?ย 
Genesis LOVELESS &โ™ฅ;

May 8th 2019 13:39

My name is Genesis.
*slightly bows*
I hope we can become good friends. :)))

Commander Shepard

Mar 26th 2019 13:25

Haha if youโ€™d like I can make some things happen xD
Commander Shepard

Mar 23rd 2019 03:04

Hello and thank you for accepting my friend request!

I appreciate you taking the time to also read this comment, if you even are lol.

I am the writer behind everyone's favorite Reaper killer Commander Shepard.

I just want you to know that even if you do not want to write a story with me, be it you are too busy in real life or have met your maximum quota for storylines at one time; I am happy to simply chat OOC and get to know the writer behind the character.

I hope you are having a good day and staying warm from this cold! โ™ฅ

I shall leave this here just as a little laugh, enjoy!

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