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"Who do I need to kill to get a decent cup of coffee around here?"

29 years old
The Apocalypse, The Future
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People love my sassy ass, so I'll repay their kindness by posting their gifts.
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Characters: Five, Number Five, No. 5, The Boy
Verses: The Umbrella Academy, Superheroes, Crossovers, AU
Playbys: Five, Aidan Gallagher
Genre: Action, Comic, Historical, Supernatural,
Member Since:March 13, 2019

Replies and such soon. I'll actually have time to be alive this weekend

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About me:

Name: Number Five Hargreeves

Age: 58 in a 13 year-old body (born October 1st, 1989)

Sex: Male

Occupation: Formerly an assassin for the Temps Commission, currently designated apocalypse preventer.

Height: Short?

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Brown

Appearance: Five looks much younger than he is, appearing about thirteen, though he's experienced roughly fifty-eight years of life... in an alternate timeline, that is. Brown hair and blue eyes decorating a typically snarky expression. The boy's tendency to act superior to the people around him generally manifests in a slack posture, adding a laughable air of maturity. He's usually seen wearing the Umbrella Academy uniform - shorts, knee-high socks, dress shoes, dress jacket and an argyle sweatervest.

Sexuality: don't even ask.


- Dolores: Half of a mannequin found in a department store post-apocalypse. Five spent a few decades in her company, seeming to grow quite a bit of affection for her. He holds entire conversations with her, seeming oblivious (or apathetic) to the fact that she's not actually sentient.

- Luther Hargreeves: (coming soon)

- Diego Hargreeves: (coming soon) >> ₂. Tʜᴇ Kʀᴀᴋᴇɴ

- Allison Hargreeves: (coming soon)

- Klaus Hargreeves: In light of his return, Five finds himself perhaps relating a little better to his emotionally numb brother. To some extent, the both of them have found something to drown out their rough childhood and the results of their abilities. Even Five is thrown off guard by how protective he can be sometimes. >> sᴜᴘᴇʀʰᶤᶤᶤᵍʰ

Five 2.0: Female version of Five himself from an alternate timeline. She's just as mischievous, the two sometimes proving to be too much even for each other. He holds her in a skeptical light, though he can't exactly distrust her. She's also him after all. >> ᴮᴬᶜᴷ ᴵᴺ ᵀᴵᴹᴱ

Ben Hargreeves: Deceased. The only snippets of interactions Five experiences with Ben are through Klaus. He still harbors regret for not being there to prevent Ben's apparently gruesome death. >> #00.06 🦑

- Vanya Hargreeves: (coming soon) >>

- Daniella Hargreeves: (coming soon) >> SʜᴇDᴇᴠɪʟ

- Sir Reginald Hargreeves: The Hargreeves kids' adoptive father. Everyone seemed to have had a rather strenuous relationship with the man, but Five finds a bit of an interest in him. How did he know the apocalypse was coming without the ability to travel through time?

- Pogo: Sir Reginald's righthand and apparent lab assistant. He cares greatly for the Hargreeves kids and they for him, but he holds a lot of secrets.

- Grace: The Hargreeves kids' mother figure. She's a machine made to nanny the children without the fear of serious injury or death. She is "killed" once and soon brought back.

- Yunon Simizu: She's strange and otherworldly, and yet, Five feels more of a connection with her than he has with any other living being. With her arrival, the need to clam up and cling to his silent half-of-a-friend grows less powerful. He really can't understand it because Yunon is maybe the most annoying person he knows, but he can't make her leave. The world might just collapse in her absence. >> 物の哀れ

- Jovial De Leon: "Annoying as sh*t." >> x

- Adrien James Hallsteinn: (coming soon)

- Elara Nova: (coming soon) >> 𝒹𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓂𝓎𝑔𝒶𝓁

"You know what sucks? I'm going through puberty.... Twice."
Who I'd like to meet:

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𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐬.

Apr 14th 2019 22:19

Little boy, where are your parents? You know it's not good to roam around forests alone. But... How about we make a little wager?

I'll leave you alone if you give up your soul.


I have you on my claus account
the lil
ginger kid
but i'm relly shy;;;;

still though -- I hella LOVEDDDD Umbrella Academy TO DEATHHH. And, I wanted to interact with Five one way or another. ;_;

anyway, i'm not gonna be annoyin' with those copy/paste comments, or ramble on about rules or this and that -- Just lemme know if you wanna write, okay? FIVE IS A PRECIOUS BOY WHO I WOULD PROTECT WITH MY LIFEEEEE;;;
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✘ανєиgιиg αиgєℓ

Mar 13th 2019 16:11

Allow me to firstly  say thank you for accepting me
I am a rather bog fan of the Umbrella Academy.
So Having a five accept me is a blessing I assure

My Muse is Avillio Bruno real name
Angelo Lagusa, just a sad little baby
trying to get revenge for his families 

He can be a bit of an ass at times
but he does care for a few.           

Anyways enough with my bland intro
I hope we can get along and start 
some sort of story-line soon

I am already thinking of so many possible ideas
That is if your interested.
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