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June 23 2019

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Body type:Athletic
Occupation:Fight Coordinator;
Characters: Shorty [OC];
Verses: [OC], All-Verse.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural, Video Game,
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" Baby, you gone turn in to a demon ~
Fire-breathing, I done seen it. "

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About me:
[ Under serious co. ]

Who I'd like to meet:
Alias: Shorty / Shortstuff.

Full Name: Shh, It's a secret ~

D.O.B. June 10th

Age: 22.

Species: Human.

Eye Color: Red // 'Fiery' when ignited.

Profession: Gym Coordinator, Vigilante, Soul/Bound.

Hair Color: Orange w/ Red Bangs.

Powers: Fire-att. mastery, Smoke-asp. mastery.

Status: Alive.

Origin: Soon to come.

I guess this is the part where I tell you about me, huh?
Alright, well. Sigh.
How does one go about this… hmm…
. . .

I’ve lived a rough life, but who hasn’t? And like many others, it didn’t start out that way…
Childhood was simply, New York daughter living in the suburbs, at least for a while.
Parents died when I was 9, car crash – that kinda f***ed me up.

Mom was a scientist, specializing in how fire affected most anything. A real wild child, if you ask me, she said if it wasn’t illegal – she would love to start a forest fire, for science of course. I get my fiery persona and hair-color from her, wouldn’t trade either for the world.
Pops was a world-class boxer, recently retired as he had reached the peak of his career, well – that’s what he claimed for the press. Mom had convinced the ‘old’ man that he had other priorities to tend to, meaning my older brother and I, and our futures… He didn’t go down without a fight, at least – until he broke his hand in a fight – colliding fists, both hands broke on impact. The match ended in a draw – but damn did Mom have a fit.
My older brother, Theo, was a real upstanding guy… He took care of me after the accident, and yet, I couldn’t help but get into all sorts of trouble.. heh… it’s sad to think about, because well he…- Tch. Nevermind, let’s move on.

I’ve been running these streets (NY) for a while, well – at least not officially, I’m a more ‘street’-vigilante type deal. I see trouble, I don’t run – that’s not what my father taught me, he taught me how to fight – so I’ve been training. Used to head a gang, the Blazin’ Knucks, but that was a while ago and that life – heh, I pray I never have to return to it, not for my sake – but for those cheap knockoffs they call ‘gangsters’. No class, no strength – just boys and their toys – would be fun, but not worth the effort to drive my fist into their faces. When I hit 16, I began to work at a gym; ‘The Run-Down’ was its old title, a real sad sack of sh*t, if you ask me. Outdated equipment, lazy trainers, and terrible attitudes all around – I saw second-rate thugs with more professionalism!
Needless to say, the two years it took me to fix that place up were hell, especially when you’re a 5’4 white girl with a head of fiery locks.
Was passed the ownership title a while back, renamed it, ‘MuscleBurn F.C’ – though we tend to keep the F.C to ourselves, seeing as it stands for ‘Fight Club’. I got a few favors amongst the NY City Council, so they overlook it, so long as I keep it humane – which I do, for the most part.

If you ever wanna come to my city, have an adventure or a fight – ring me up. Always down for a challenge.

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The 𝔘𝔫𝔲𝔰𝔲𝔞𝔩 Saiyan

Jun 22nd 2019 23:37

If I call you Shorty, wouldn't I be lying? I'm only 5'3"! Never the less, I shall call you such. Name's Siberia. Don't have a last name really. Never needed one. Haha. I don't fight, but, doesn't mean I wouldn't try if it came down to it but I am pretty friendly so I doubt it will. 
ßιαdε ⊕ƒ šαςrεd ιïgh†

Jun 7th 2019 22:23

// You're more than welcome for the add and thanks for requesting me!
Shorty is it? Eh, well you may call me either Saber or Arturia. Either or of those two names would work for me.
I'm very excited to get something along a possible story going between the two of us as well, my friend. 
Just let me know when you're free to discuss and we can go from there.
I, too, also don't like numbers so there's no need to worry about me treating you as such.
I hope that you're doing well, Shorty. 
Looking forward to getting word from you whenever you can send it nw n;

Jun 2nd 2019 00:45

-She happily devours said goodie treat.- Mmmmm...♥ -Offers the same, but with a cookie.-  ♥ ♥ ♥

Jun 2nd 2019 00:17

"You're the amazing one.~ I'm just glad you like it.~"
Proceeds to make fishy-lip motions. 

May 31st 2019 19:52

With a warm smile, she claps both of her hands together and swayed happily. "Yay! I'm just glad you like it. It's as I said, I just wanted to cheer you up somehow." ♥ ♥ ♥

May 31st 2019 11:50

Hey, Shorty! I wanted to cheer you up (somehow) so I made this.
But tell me if it isn't to your liking. :)

May 19th 2019 13:52

I would love to write something with you, whenever you get the chance.  Just hit me up.  I know there really isn't anything on my profile, and that's pretty much how it's going to stay.  My character is heavy inuyasha/fedual era/yakuza based, I hope that isn't a problem?  My character also has heavy scenes that I really wouldn't want readers bellow the age 18 in real life to read.  I'm pretty sure you are above the age but, I figured I would throw that out there, never came be too sure.  If you wish to know about my character, you can add me on discord or send me a random starter, and I'll reply asap. I don't really do the whole 'novella' thing because reaching a certain word count to please a reader is stupid.  It just hurts the quality of the post and a waste of time.  So I try to keep my posts between 500-1000 words.    Anyways I think I should end up this conversation by hoping to hear back from you soon!  

May 3rd 2019 01:17

A smile reaching from ear-to-ear had spread across her glossed lips as Shorty had approached her.  Just before she was able to take action herself, she felt the softness and warmth of her hands on her cheeks. For a moment, she nuzzled her cheeks into her palms but soon felt her cheeks being pushed together. Rain blinks rapidly as her lips now became 'fishy' lips to which she went along with, puckering her lips and making noises. 

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!! Mmmmmm....mmmmm!"

Translation: "I'm the one who should be feeding you!"

Then she pondered more on 'humans are unpredictable'. Was it like her world? It made her that much more curious to find out. With a nod of her head and a giggle, she seemed eager. 


Translation: "Let's GOOOOOOO!!!"

Apr 27th 2019 23:46

Just seeing the firecracker all flustered made her giggle in the utmost happiness. She just wanted to fondle those cheeks of hers and shower her with so much affection, but now was not the time for that. Rain stared at Shorty, tilting her head curiously with a bright smile on her face. As she had mentioned about the second journey and where it would take place in; hers or Shorty's, Rain clapped her hands together and stars replaced her pupils. 

"I most certainly would like to crash upon your place! I've been so curious about your origins! S....So can we go there!? Please!"

Now those stars had faded as she gave Shorty puppy-dog eyes. 

Apr 22nd 2019 19:52

The crimson-haired spirit smiled warmly,however, once she rose her hand and balled it into a fist, she watched as it was aimed toward her chest. Her lips formed into an "O" and tilted her head curiously, blinking rapidly. The tone of confidence she had given her made her smile return, giggling softly. She shakes her head.

"I most certainly think you can handle yourself. You have a great fire inside of you ready to turn into a hell-storm." She said and narrowed her eyes softly. "Just have to find something suitable to release it upon..." She hums and swayed, puffing her cheeks a little. "But if thats the case...I can't fondle her cheeks..." she whispered to herself. "What a pickle..."
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