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"All weakness in this world, stems from a lack of ability."

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Sōma, Fukushima

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Characters: Joji Sears
Verses: Nier Automata, Drag On Dragoon, OPEN
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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:

Name: Räum
Origin: Midgard
Gender: Male
Classification: Enhanced human
Relatives: Buer {Father} Gremory {Mother}
Age: 23
Destructive Capacity: Multi Building Level +
Stamina: Peak Human +
Occupation: Assassin
Nationality: Japanese
Motivation: IN DEV

Personality: With the opportunity to birth a weapon of immense destruction, The Weshurg and it's people treated Raum more like a weapon then an actual human being. This very treatment turned a normal child such as Raum into nothing more then an tool of calamity to be used against their enemies. Such a development easily shifted the boy's mentality causing not only an emotional detachment from humanity. Though an apathetic attitude towards the lives of other human beings. So much so that the qualms of taking life do not trigger even the smallest shred of remorse from his being. Eventually, the experiences shared between Raum's induction into the Union caused for the male to be around much more colorful individuals. Such a thing eventually brought out the more humane side of himself. Something that a weapon doesn't necessarily need.
Alignment: Lawful evil
Languages: English, Japanese, & Angelic
Affilitaions: Weshurian Assassins {formerly}, Union {formerly}, X.O.F

Raum is a human specialist, hated like a poisonous snake by demon's and humans alike. He doesn't get along well with those who weren't fundamentally human, and it could be said that he is invincible against those of mixed blood. His power wielded as a killer, the power of a single human, is no match for Demons that can link to the world. He has no specific offensive abilities to give him an advantage against a lair of monsters able to reverse the temperature and freeze opponent with their glares.

Hunters of the Weshurg are normally combatants that hide their existence in the beginning of a conflict, using that surprise to catch the demons off guard by having them appear in the middle of the battle. The support from the psychic can be called a stone thrown between two people glaring at each other, utilizing their unusual abilities, to just once, create a decisive opening in their opponent. It would be a one in million chance that a psychic could defeat a Demon that can be called nature itself without the use of a surprise attack. The Weshurg are superb killers that far surpass the limits of normal psychics, and even among them, Raum stands out as one such "one in a million" Demon God.

Accelerated Development - This ability is used subconsciously due to his genetics and natural talent it is Jojis number one ability, It is used to improve his own natural abilities far faster and to a much greater extent than other members of his species. At a genetic level his body is able to keep up with his own rapidly developing skills. As a result Joji can (eventually) benefit from training that would otherwise cripple or kill a normal human being.

Enhanced Condition - The training that was given as a result of Solidus beckoning, Has gifted Joji the conditioning to otherwise engage in combat for consistent battles against various foes and enemies, Joji's bodily functions are enhanced to the pinnacle of human conditioning; therefore, His strength, speed, stamina, senses, agility, reflexes, accuracy, longevity, durability, intelligence, healing time, flexibility and combat skills are greatly heightened, but without any superhuman degree.

Combat Perception - During his youth, Joji has been under the tutelage of a variety of close combat fighters, Those being: Solidus, A3, Commander White, 2B and even A2, As a result of the training that he has undergone, Joji has built an natural talent with the way of the sword. So much so that his combat ability allows him to openly anticipate and counter attack effectively with suitable force to subdue of eliminate opposition. Upon becoming familiar with rhythms and patterns Joji can effectively grasp his enemies strategy, He is then able to find their flaw and weakness and take them down with little effort. While some with this method do not use it as part of their primary fighting style, it is helpful in emergencies against difficult opponents where ordinary methods will not work against them.

Background - Raum was born to a peasant family on the outskirts of a kingdom known as Weshurg, Weshurg had been isolated as a penal colony. Far southern then that of Caeleron. A period before the encroaching forces of the Empire reached that of the Weshurg penal colony. His name comes from the 72 lesser key of Solomon, 'Raum' in German means "space, room, chamber"; 'räumen' means to empty, evacuate. His English is quite rough and He is rather illiterate. The exact date of his birth and much of his past is shrouded in mystery. His style of clothes suggests he may be of Ainu origin.

Born into a peasant family, Raum was only given a small room as his free space. Due to his Pure Eyes and the lack of proper education as an child. Raum did not learn any words until he became much older in his life. Due to such a natural ability, Raum could see the inner side of people and tell what they were thinking without talking. He thought it was useless to learn such an incoherent method of communication because he saw that the words they used to communicate didn't really match their emotions. This made him not like being around others, so, as a child, he was satisfied with his small space, even once going as far as to complain that it was too large.

He was taught one thing, and left mostly alone in the room for a year, he repeated what was taught to him with nothing else to do. He eventually became bored, so he modified it so that it was easier for him to accomplish. After being taught a second thing, it was realized that he had already learned it, allowing them to discover his talent. It is likely that not having an active teacher was beneficial so that he could use his body without being restricted to common sense. He knew it was a way to kill people since his birth, and he knew that it was the nature of his blood.

That made his life exceedingly simple, so he accepted it and kept on polishing his techniques. He thought of that as the meaning of his existence and felt that anything else would have been troublesome. He simply kept going forward, and even as a child he knew that he was just going to think about how well he can kill someone all his life. He eventually became an combatant capable of adapting on his own. So as long as he engaged worthy opponents. As a natural fighter from Weshurg, He seemed to be chosen more favorably to defend his homeland over that of full grown men. He was known as a taboo within the region, called a Demon God by them.

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—sunlit 🌻 petal.

Jun 23rd 2019 04:27

"I'll be going now. I'll come back when its all over."
--The Last Ancient & a simple f l o w e r girl;

Thanks for  the request~.
I do look forward in RPing and chatting with you soon.
I am certain that we'll be close friends within the near future.
Whenever you like to discuss something for a storyline or rather wing it, instead just let me know.
With that being said.. I hope to hear from you soon! :D
🇦​🇰​🇦​🇲​🇪​ - ✮

Jun 17th 2019 23:21

You're very much welcome.
Ah good to know you know a bit about the show.
But I don't know anything about your verse so it's a first time in hearing it.
But I am open to get something going with you.
♔, necromancer.

Jun 15th 2019 06:19

  I've forgotten what your initial question was since it's been so long, and I occasionally clear out my comments and messages every so often; I think you asked if I were familiar with the Automata characters? I've played through Automata a good few times so I'm more familiar with them than I am the Gestalt/RepliCant characters -- assuming you're still up for writing despite how long its taken me to get around to you, a sort of MCRP character-set up would be perfectly fine with me.


Jun 11th 2019 16:36

//Ohh I see, very well! It should pan out with everything else then! I feel thatd be the only way for Caviera would join with the promise that her brother will be safe. Shed definitely be one of those S++ Tiers characters xD. Caviera just has a badass assassin/interrogation aura that well.. you just dont want to mess with. I feel like she might be a bit difficult to handle though since she has a very independent mindset and doesnt talk much. But I'm sure that's alright As for Ela's extraction I think thatd be fine as well. Since shes always striving to be better to impress her late father. Maybe after hearing Diamond Dogs goal and their achievements will make her believe she can be a part of something grand, thus her recruitment.

Jun 11th 2019 06:51

//Oh my. That's a completely different story from what I'm used to x'D. When the story happens you might have to remind me on some elements so it stays canon to our story haha. I think thatd be the only way Caviera could possibly be recruited. Would her squad also be extracted? Or will she be the only one? I kind of gotten a grasp of her after reading her background a few times. Ela, I'm not too worried about since she seems pretty cut dry! How would Ela be extracted? Albeit not at the same time as Caviera, maybe a little after on another mission where Venom is deployed.

Jun 10th 2019 16:39

//I've added your Discord! My username is Bang. I dont remember my number though.. haha. That's fine ^^. Sometimes I do wonder if things were different how itd affect all of the Snakes. When the time comes it will be amusing for sure. But I'm sure itll make more sense and such when the plot steams out . I too have to think of how Caviera would be willing to join Diamond Dogs given her backstory andpersonality.

Jun 9th 2019 14:36

//Oh I dont mind doing a separate story that eventually collides into one. I feel like itd be a bit chaotic at first but itll pan out as long as the stories collide well! I think I'll go with Caviera and Ela. I like the two of them the most. Also! Theres always ways to join Diamond dogs! Through Ocelot's means of.. "gentle persuasion" xD. Kidding~ but I think that challenge will be fun! Especially with Caviera. Ela I think would be easier since she strives to impress her dead father.

Jun 9th 2019 13:37

//Yes I agree with you.. nowadays its who can get in who's pants first or the quickest. I appreciate your compliment hahah. I've also read Hibana last night. Honestly, I kinda really like Ela. She sounds like the perfect fit for my style of roleplaying honestly. xP. Makes me curious on what kind of plot you're gonna cook up with rainbow six characters haha

Jun 9th 2019 02:46

//Yes yes I do agree.. it's hard to get adds that dont treat you like a number. And yes, I am fond with writing with you I will admit ^~^ you're a good writer. I used to be more active, but lately people have been adding and messaging me for specially smut style roleplays.. which I will never do. x.x I'd rather have people go on hiatus than deal with them haha. I gazed through the characters. It was kinda hard for me to decide on who honestly! Lol but I do think you're right.. Caviera, would suite me more. Dokkaebi sounds interesting too to try and roleplay, but I'm more familiar with personalities like Caviera. I'll just haveta read up on her a little more :p.

Jun 8th 2019 17:04

Very well, from what chaos does occur maybe 2B & 9S meet up with 11B and 10H because of it. Depending on what will happen of course. Oh that's fine. I'd be more than willing to do stories ^^' You're pretty much my only active writer, well.. one other person but they reply maybe once a week? Everyone else kinda.. poofed lol. I don't mind writing as different characters too :"D Gives me a change of pace between A2 and others.
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