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"If it bleeds, I can kill it."

23 years old
Sōma, Fukushima

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February 24 2020

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Characters: C2 'Commander Black'
Verses: Nier Automata, Drag On Dragoon, OPEN
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Member Since:April 14, 2019

lady maria | bloodborne / fromsoftware | multi-para to novella writer
discord friendly once connections are established.
banter and story before ooc chatter.
in character all the time unless stated otherwise.

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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:
C2, real name Shosa, and also known as Commander Black, or simply Black, is a commander battle android in control of the unit, MAC SOG after YoRHa's subsequent destruction at the hands of the Red Girls. Black was created after the events that befell YoRHa as a result of various YoRHa androids having also survived being exterminated at the hands of the Machine's most if not all had banded together for one last ditch attempt at correcting the wrongs of their world. One such attempt allowed for those surviving members to escape via 'cutting through space and time'. Such a method had brought them from the brink which allowed them to come in contact with an elite strike force known as X.O.F. As a result, Black was created to herald as the field commander for a sub-unit known as S.O.G or M.A.C S.O.G.

Codenames and aliases

The codename "Black" was a parallel to YoRHa's original commander "White" in the Yin and the Yang Black stands for 阴, representing darkness of the night, the hidden, the soft, the back etc. While stands for 阳, the brightness of the day, the exposed, the hard and pushy, the front. Both field commanders have garnered the respect of not only their peers and subordinates but those of the X.O.F including that of the leader of this organization.

After doing some studying within the human world, Especially with history books detailing the wars previous to the complete liquidation of mankind. Black had taken an interest in these conflicts. The name 'Rikugun Shosa' meaning 'Major' during the times of the I.J.A's existence. The name seemed to have given the android a sense of purpose in identity especially with his position and title. As a result those close to him or those of equal or higher rank are allowed to address him by this very name.

Personality and traits

Commander Black's personality had been created as a standard stock of a generalized commander on the battlefield: Aloof, Astute, Studious, Authoritative and Aggressive if the situation is deemed necessary for operations in the field. While these were indeed the basis of his personality. Black has taken many of his experiences as a means to further his own individuality. When taken from the assembly line and placed into his corresponding gear. Black was led right to Solidus for combat and mental training. His experiences first hand with the legendary mercenary had instantly given him new insight on how he should emulate his teacher and In doing so can be just as effective and charismatic as the one emulated.

Over a course of time,

Like Big Boss, Venom Snake displayed compassion toward his enemies and preferred righteous acts of justice as he chose not to kill Quiet or Huey and instead had the former imprisoned and the latter exiled with food and water. He would even develop a strong bond of mutual respect with Quiet.

Due to his training with Solidus, Black is very skilled in using weapons and CQC, He presumably learnt CQC from his mentor, Solidus himself. Black's ranks and abilities were held in such high regard that they were becoming equal to Solidus' ranks and abilities, further proving that Black was one of Solidus' best soldier and worthy of taking his mantle if the situation required, Black shares many of Solidus' habits including his habit of frequently smoking cigars, both real and electronic ones.

CQC: Unique and highly efficient martial arts allowing a soldier a variety of options while not denying them the use of weapons.It generally has the user taking a stance with knife and a handgun thus he/she could grab/throw opponents in melee, threaten/execute people with the sharp blade or shoot down opponents who're otherwise outside the user's range. CQC mostly focuses on grabs, throws and other methods to disarm the target, allowing one to take down enemies without killing them or use them like a human shield. A skilled practitioner can even "chain" throws, allowing to rapidly neutralize an entire groups of soldiers.
Leave no stone unturned
Name: Commander Black
Alias: Shosa, Taisho, V, C2
Age: N/A Zodiac: N/A
Weapons: AM MRS-4, CQC combat blade, M26 grenades, Beretta 92FS
Species: Android
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Jet Black
Origin: Undisclosed private sector
Allies: YoRHa Unit C1 {Commander White}, Anemone {Commander Red}, YoRHa Unit A2, all of the soldiers within MAC SOG, Anfisa.
  • Relatives
    Undisclosed | Mother
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    Undisclosed | Son
    Undisclosed | Son
    Full Last | N/A
  • Status: Single
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Started Dating: 00/00/00
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    Feb 21st 2020 17:31

    I don't mind chatting! 
    Maybe even plotting something out


    is it okay if we move things to messages~?
    I find it's much easier when replying considering I can just glance down and see the last thing you posted.

    and, it's just more organized.
    Is that okay?♥

    Feb 18th 2020 17:46

    Hello, thank you for accepting my request. 
    My name is Crysune, though most just call me Cry.
    I would love to discuss, chat whatever.
    Here is my discord if you would like to add.
    Liquid Snake

    Nov 3rd 2019 15:17

    Thank you for accepting.
    I hope we can build a story.
    I look forward into writing together.

    Jun 23rd 2019 04:27

    "I'll be going now. I'll come back when its all over."
    --The Last Ancient & a simple f l o w e r girl;

    Thanks for  the request~.
    I do look forward in RPing and chatting with you soon.
    I am certain that we'll be close friends within the near future.
    Whenever you like to discuss something for a storyline or rather wing it, instead just let me know.
    With that being said.. I hope to hear from you soon! :D
    𝔇𝔢𝔪𝔬𝔫​ - ✮

    Jun 17th 2019 23:21

    You're very much welcome.
    Ah good to know you know a bit about the show.
    But I don't know anything about your verse so it's a first time in hearing it.
    But I am open to get something going with you.
    ♔, necromancer.

    Jun 15th 2019 06:19

      I've forgotten what your initial question was since it's been so long, and I occasionally clear out my comments and messages every so often; I think you asked if I were familiar with the Automata characters? I've played through Automata a good few times so I'm more familiar with them than I am the Gestalt/RepliCant characters -- assuming you're still up for writing despite how long its taken me to get around to you, a sort of MCRP character-set up would be perfectly fine with me.


    Jun 11th 2019 16:36

    //Ohh I see, very well! It should pan out with everything else then! I feel thatd be the only way for Caviera would join with the promise that her brother will be safe. Shed definitely be one of those S++ Tiers characters xD. Caviera just has a badass assassin/interrogation aura that well.. you just dont want to mess with. I feel like she might be a bit difficult to handle though since she has a very independent mindset and doesnt talk much. But I'm sure that's alright As for Ela's extraction I think thatd be fine as well. Since shes always striving to be better to impress her late father. Maybe after hearing Diamond Dogs goal and their achievements will make her believe she can be a part of something grand, thus her recruitment.

    Jun 11th 2019 06:51

    //Oh my. That's a completely different story from what I'm used to x'D. When the story happens you might have to remind me on some elements so it stays canon to our story haha. I think thatd be the only way Caviera could possibly be recruited. Would her squad also be extracted? Or will she be the only one? I kind of gotten a grasp of her after reading her background a few times. Ela, I'm not too worried about since she seems pretty cut dry! How would Ela be extracted? Albeit not at the same time as Caviera, maybe a little after on another mission where Venom is deployed.

    Jun 10th 2019 16:39

    //I've added your Discord! My username is Bang. I dont remember my number though.. haha. That's fine ^^. Sometimes I do wonder if things were different how itd affect all of the Snakes. When the time comes it will be amusing for sure. But I'm sure itll make more sense and such when the plot steams out . I too have to think of how Caviera would be willing to join Diamond Dogs given her backstory andpersonality.

    Jun 9th 2019 14:36

    //Oh I dont mind doing a separate story that eventually collides into one. I feel like itd be a bit chaotic at first but itll pan out as long as the stories collide well! I think I'll go with Caviera and Ela. I like the two of them the most. Also! Theres always ways to join Diamond dogs! Through Ocelot's means of.. "gentle persuasion" xD. Kidding~ but I think that challenge will be fun! Especially with Caviera. Ela I think would be easier since she strives to impress her dead father.
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