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Characters: Mira Lockheart
Verses: Owari no Seraph , Seraph Of The End
Playbys: Chess Belle, Other
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para
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Working on getting more of the info done so forgive my slowness and the lack of it only being a little info down.

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About me:

Basic Information

Full Name: Mira Lockheart
Nicknames/Titles: N/A
Gender: Female
Alignment: N/A
Age: 25
Race/Homeland: Human/America
Class: Blah
Hair: Silver
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Cherry
Height: 5'4
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): None
Physical Features: Tongue Piercing
General Happiness: Well Enough
Social Level: Friendly
Optimistic/Pessimistic: Blah
Positive Personality Traits: Sweet, Calm, Feisty, Sassy, mischievous
Misc. Quirks: Blah
Religion/Philosophy: Blah
Likes: Blah
Favorite Foods: Blah
Favorite Drinks: Blah
Favorite Colors: Blah
Dislikes: Blah
Hobbies: Blah
Relationship Status: Single
Place of residence: Blah
Place of Birth: America
Occupation: Seamstress
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Blah
Favored Weapon: Blah
Weapon SKill: Blah
Other Information: Blah


Mira is the daughter of a single mother and younger sister of four older brothers, she is the only of her family who had choose a different career of choosing to be a seamstress unlike her mother who at was a baker. She is also the only of the small Lockheart family who's in the career of being a seamstress that lead to the young silver haired women other choice of leaving her home that had been in America to moving and living in Tokyo, with a new start everything has taken a slow turn at first not picking up until much later on.

When the virus had ravaged half of the human populace. Mira was one of the only few above the age of 13 who hadn't died from the virus, with only a few other lucky people but mostly just those who were still children that she came across. She took on the role to make sure her and everyone else in their group would survive and stay out of sight of the Vampires and any Horsemen of the Apocalypse who might be lurking around as such despite just being a human Mira is one of the bold few who will go as far as to slap, hit or throw something at any vampire to give someone a chance to get away.



  • Quote: "Ya know if both humans and vampires just took the time chance to get to know each other, then maybe there would be all this need to try and kill each other."

  • Before The Virus Spread: At the time when everything was fine and well. Mira had been running a small shop in a area of Tokyo as a seamstress, she would either design something new or to fixing and sewing as something small from a rip, hole or a simple button on a suit that needed to be fixed,

  • After The Virus Spread: Even though Mira was one of the few adult humans that the virus didn't kill, to her taking on small roles of helping any other survives to live she is known to be one of the humans that is still very cautious when it comes to confronting any vampire but that hadn't kept the young women from being bold enough to sass or give them a hard time. .
  • Who I'd like to meet:

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