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They said the world would die before it accepted me.

They were right.

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Characters: Seon, a stray lost as the Zero Point.
Verses: Shin Megami Tensei | The World Ends With You | Fantasy | Biblical | Open.
Playbys: A survivor pulled into the Event Horizon of Solomon's Shriek.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
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It is Sunday.
I have won.
I hate college, but I won, passed everything.
Hiatus ending effective whenever-the-f***-I-stop-being-so-tired.
Good ending achieved, may you all be as well as I.
It has been real sh*t for too long, so now...
I think I'mma

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About me:
[This is a Shin Megami Tensei OC which naturally includes modern and fantasy/biblical elements. An excerpt as an offering, until I can bring myself to write more. Feel free to ask anything you wish in the mean time.]


To never belong, always an outsider.
To forever attempt to overcome the divider.
A chance for the world to change its own page.
Yet his fate, predetermined, trapped in decay.

So, he tried and so, he fought,
Assimilating into their rot,
But never could he absolve their hate.
So everything remained the same.

They adopted him, as he adopted their culture,
And much to his suffering, much like a vulture,
They preyed upon his failures and shame,
For their approval was lost, their opinion unswayed.

"You'll never be like us, you're nothing but a stray."

And yet he attempted to stay, to create pride,
In his torment, despair and his pain.
So, everything stayed the same.

A fondness, he missed,
A sunlight's kiss,
Of a time when life had his hopes as rays.
In a world where love existed, they claimed.

But no less, everything stayed the same.

Until the world came crashing down in a single day,
The earth drowned in despair that the skies would rain.
The world could no longer keep the dark at bay.
And so the demons killed, but to him they would say,

"Lucky you, they said to let you do as you may."

And despite this chance to remain,
Everything, to him, stayed the same.

For never did he once feel safe,
In a world malformed, crooked horizon in its place.
And so his time could be considered a race.
For demons preferred human flesh as a taste.

"Hurry, hurry, pick up the pace."

To look within, the core of his sins,
He saw something inside himself.
A part of his humanity that he never felt.
Never a chance to embrace what he was dealt.

"A chance to survive, a chance for new life, to discover the true self."

The more human he became, the more he lost.
A cold realization, a piercing frost.
Urged to decide where he would align,
Creeping premonitions across each bump of his spine.

What would he do, now that he could see them?

"... With all respect that is due, I care not if you are human or demon."

Despite the crushing reality that he accepted this day,
Demons or humans, no difference it made.
Everything, to him, still remained the same.
No matter the world, it still remained the same.
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May 10th 2019 21:23

The queen had trailed, however never leaving her fortress. Scaling higher heights where the view of the lair would be prompt, she would observe. Waiting, ever still. The place was just as desolate and grave much like her lands. 

The farm; enormous enough for it to be spotted. There, would lie the human girl at work, building that part of community or rather, tending to all that remained there. It was solitary, with very few creatures around. 

The crows chirped, and the animals looked dismembered. But surely she was there, minding her own business until the woman would hear somebody near by, finding a place to hide, within the barn.

Alma snorted, impatiently waiting for those flames to rise up and for him to scurry back with the girl.


May 9th 2019 23:36

I had pondered down to that single second in my life where I could feel the remainder of my humanity slipping through my fingers. A constant fight, a war going through my mind, but with a body that was steadily changing - I knew, deep down, that was no longer my own.

A price.

This was the toll for vengeance. The ticket of changing things back to the way they were.

And for that, I could no longer indulge in normacy before me. I was eventually viewed as a monster among men with the curse of beauty, making trouble not so far behind.

It was even now that I was standing without words, caring little that my presence was known to the human that sat before me. Working feverishly on his art, it was an eeriely accurate portrayal of the fragile thread within myself, awakening a desire perhaps I have never chosen to acknowledge. That in fact I was beginning to despise the humans despite all I've done.

The talons of my cursed arm just inches away from his neck. The maddening heart inside myself was beating violently against my chest that I could feel it through every part of my body. There was something inside of me that wanted to kill - but never would I have dreamed that it would one day as well be humans.

Realization fell upon me as the uncertain in my step grew obvious as I attempted to steer away from the sight of the picture. It made me uncomfortable. I wanted to cry, but couldn't. Emotions were trapped inside of me, buried deep down for my own sake because I learned my lesson on that sacred day that emotions were the root of weakness. Something I could no longer tolerate.

Little time would cause the abnormal display of my arm to go back to normal, caged beneath the bandages, pressing a hand against one side of my face in the disbelief while attempting to submerge myself back to the shadows from which I came in the first place. Why I was even here was a blur to me, I couldn't remember anything.

All I knew was that I'm still human.

I still want to be human.

I am still human...



May 9th 2019 15:22

A snarl, and a look, was all it took to witness her impatience. "Did I not make myself clear...?" She was obviously stopped by his approach. "You didn't ask for any information before, and now you demand it because of some human?" 

Suddenly she viewed him as a hypocrite to the cause, it only fueled her more. "Burn the farm. AND BRING HER TO ME." Her voice scaled higher than normal and he would evidently come to know the truth behind the cryptic message, but her words wouldn't be it.  Her order was final, and absolute.

She shoved passed, and began making her walk elsewhere. 

May 8th 2019 23:12

"For the time being, I am well." Palm on the rest of her handle chair, she spoke again; in authority. Knowing full well of what the extent to this next mission will bring...simply, chaos ... for him alone.

"Your new objective: There is a farm that needs to be demolished in flames." Than she started off, low, "And a human that's captive, near the gargoyles lair is where you will find her. Bring her to me and the entrance to end your struggles will await. That's all for now."

She rose, crown held above. "Dismissed. You are free to travel there as soon as possible."

May 6th 2019 23:15

It was clear she would have to be the guide until the little wisp reappeared to be Seon guiding light for him.  Still, she didn’t like the impending silence that loom all around them, the monster in the dark vanished into smoke. Oh well, all she had to do was find one of those doors for maintenance on either side of the tunnel then they could advance.    Mismatching eyes scan the walls until they land on one and move towards it tugging him along behind her but this victory is sort lived. No sooner do feet take flight does the demon posse, woman, sense the foe from behind.  The bronze hand let go of his wrist and a swift motion does she shove him out the way of the incoming attack it’s all the time she has before Its long arm is impaled her through her stomach throwing her into the ceiling.

Thunderous smack, crunch followed by the sound of her coughing blood up than dead silence again. One would assume Arianna to be dead through her body hangs lifelessly from the slick, ivory, veiny limb she is far from it.  There a small faint heartbeat that only gets louder as second tick by, the prey abilities of the one she ate earlier has taken effect; veins highlight the color of lava as sun-kissed skin, hair ignites like solar flares, two sets of mouths appear on either of her own and that hole in her stomach become a large mouth line with canines.   The sickening sound of bone-crunching, snapping of the arm that’s in her fourth mouth and the creature roars back in pain as it's bleeding limb sprays blood everywhere.  Arianna falls for her place against the ceiling lands on her feet with a heavy thud on the ground.   Skin imbedded armor covers her; neck to toe a platted tail hangs from her waist curling on the ground. 

The demon in her has come out and it’s hungry those eyes have lost all that’s human in them.  Armor-clad boots dug into the earth as she lunges at the foe monstrous armored claws slice across it not once twice but seven times. The cuts aren’t deep enough to kill it she playing with it. As a result, the slick, slimy creature whips the uninjured arm at her, four large digits wrap around her as the arm continues extending past its normal width.   Another slam of back against concert stairs the very ones they had just walked down a while ago.  

Clearly, it’s not very bright a hand, arm break free followed by the other and nails dig deep into its flesh as Arianna tugs the foe towards her and tossing it outside of the subway entrances.  She goes after it outside where the sound of carnage, mayhem echoes all around; Monster against the monster.  Distant sound of something colliding with something far away and its silent again.  Agonizing heart-clutching seconds, minutes go by before a blood soak demon appears above the wreckage.  Those mouths open only to release a hic which follows by a cloud of black smoke and a medium size imp drifts out from it. 

Slowly the imp flutters across the ground glowing faintly; stopping to eat something (rocks mostly) before hovering before Seon. Oversized oven mitts cover scythed claws snatch the metal pipe he’s holding shoving that in her mouth before letting out a screech causing the rest of the entrance to cave in further back.  Not waiting for him she smashes through the middle of the maintenance door and continues onward making clicking sounds as she goes.  The little trash eater is still glowing enough to light the area for him to see. 

May 6th 2019 17:59

"Very well." As he would retire for the night, she very well traveled into her own private chambers, which led to another path; the innermost dungeon that is sacred among her kingdoms. A centerpiece exposed what looked like a head wrapped in a rusted bag. 

Along with her trappings and belongings that were in the back, surrounding it. The haunting of the dead of crowns - many whispers were audible to be heard but many speak of her full name in quiet hums. 

She carried the center head with both her palms rising it above her. "Dearest father..." She started off, feeling the weight of it. The presence of him. "There is still more to be done, but we're almost there, hm?" The night would take over, and she too would make her way back - returning the head where it rightfully belonged, and locking the dungeon cave. 

Morning would emerge within those clouds but the golden orb was suffocated by the dying grey skies. Thus, she remained put were she was from the start; on her throne.

May 6th 2019 14:46

"Solomon, how interesting." She listened to his tales, of truths. Her eyes on the harpoon, before averting her gaze to him. She forgot that even humans exhaust themselves. 

"For now I grant you permission to rest. Go down this hall into the corridor and you should find the guest room. There is a change of clothes and where you can wash up. Tomorrow we can talk about your next objective." 

A little peace she would bestow and with that said, the queen traveled down the small steps to her throne. Sitting on the vacant spot. 

"Yes, until then...I'll plot the next mission for you. Oh..and Seon?" Before he would leave, she had to ask. "That thing on your chest...what is it? What significance does it hold?"

May 5th 2019 19:59

As if the present was ever still, she paused. Staring at the weapon from the wall. Eyes wanted to well, but it refused to show such vulnerability now. Even the beats to her core were rapid until it would sooth a quiet drum.

"So...he's really gone. Not a day shall go by where I don't miss him dearly." She sighed, turning her attention to the mortal. "Thank you. I'm sure this will time." Even the impact was devastating, she knew better to close that chapter of her youth. 

A faint smile crept."He really did see me and chose to take me back to shore...I suppose I'm content...that he's free now."Is this what the humans pertained love to be? A love for her friend no other could have? The word was strange-never understanding it but witnessing bits of it. 

Her smile faded into a neutral glow. "...Thank you again, Seon and Ija. As you can see...this part of the world is not as distraught as you thought it might be. There is still much  more work to be so little time."


May 5th 2019 00:22

If she had a soul; it would tear, and crumble. The betrayal of what he must of felt, intangible. Her eyes furrowed down, before her back turned, she could only recall the memories before this onslaught disaster. 

She was queen to a realm of destruction; but this had to be done. Even if she didn't want it, she knew she had to commend it to somebody. Another memory constructed itself. 

"Alma! you're human now but'll regret becoming!"

"There was a time...where I used to care of what the villagers might think of me...but that time has passed." Proving that her and her friend can go on without feeling judged upon the other, what a blissful twisted sense she had when she was younger.

Crash! Her shoulders flinched, hearing the final blow call. An absolute strike. It struck her cords, tears welled; only one fell. If there was a piece of her soul, it was ripped; the vacant place in her heart no longer existing. 

Knowing the deed was done, she walked away. Not acknowledging Seon, Ija, or her only now forgotten dead friend that floated above water.

May 4th 2019 21:18

The battle between man and beasts. She watched intently how the two interacted but she couldn't make out what they were speaking of. No matter, she remained, still. Small memories no longer interfering with her. But they persist strongly like a force at her back. 

A friend turned fiend, much like she. Caved into the wonder, and now doomed forever. Much like she...

To breathe and live just to massacre, was no will to live. She needed the creature to be set free, once and for all. 

Although, the hostility it presented was a sign that it won't so easily let Seon to live.  A digit to her lip, and a soft gasp from her tiers. Then a monsoon of dead corpses landed in a thud towards she. She was idle, not interrupting the fight. There was absolutely nothing she could preserve life.

"It's...filled with hatred. I'm afraid...Del Lago cannot be conquered..." She did notice something, the change in that weapon he held, will it be enough? She wondered. Her faith slowly diminishing...believing that Seon will too become one much like her dead human father. 

"DEL LAGO!" She yelled outwardly, buying sometime for Seon. "I know you're upset, but please understand...the otherside is much better for you.
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