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"It's pretty easy Kid, Werewolf? Stick em with the pointy end of sumthin silver. Vampire? Pointy end of a pencil. These supernatural f***s think themselves immortal or somethin', but the right sharp thing through the heart kills 'em all the same."

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Beaver, Alaska
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Characters: Gerard Franklin Grimm
Verses: Supernatural, High Fantasy, Modern, Hunter, Paranormal, Occult
Playbys: Customs.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Open, Spar/Fighting, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:May 12, 2019

"Nothing makes me feel better quite like chopping the head off of someone who never used it."

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About me:
Professional 'Paranormal Pest Exterminator'.

If you are paranormal theres a 99.9999% chance he will attempt to slay you first and question you afterwards. (Yeah... he can talk to spirits. How else would he intimidate you sh*tty little ghostf***s?)

Has specialized equipment to handle virtually all known paranormal entities.

Including but not limited to:
Magic Satchel - Can fit literal f***ing nonsense into his pockets. Pocket-Rockets are a thing. Deal with it.
Firstborn Blade - His signature "pointy thing" made of wood, plated with silver, annoited in holy water, quenched in the blood of his first true love, Kissed by an angel and blessed by God himself to be able to mortally wound all things of evil, night, and unholiness.

The role is focused on using my excessive and extensive knowledge of the paranormal/occult in order to provide a plausible and truly terrifying hunter. This the kind of sick f*** your mama warned you about. He is not afraid to torture, maim, pemanently handicap or flat out beat the answers he wants out of you. If you are the first of a species that he meets; It is reccomended to disclose as much information as possible. Otherwise he is likely to take you out the moment he decides you are a threat.

In addition to his arsenal of weapons he retains some abilities of his own in the form of 'blessings' or 'curses'.

Holy Blessing of God's Chosen: Upon death Gerard is transported directly to Limbo/Purgatory. His soul is preserved here until it can undergo it's ressurection. God's Chosen cannot truly fall until he has surved his holy purpose. (Phoenix style rebirth.)
Blessing of The Wood-Witch: This blessing gives him the ability to speak to all manner of nature. Be it plants or animal.
Blessing of Pandora's Panacea: Due to saving Pandora from her existence trapped inside her box, he was blessed with a blessing that turns his blood into an in-ailable cure-all. (Other beings consuming his blood will be cured of ALL ailments. He often uses this to bait vampires into stripping themselves of their Vampirism and thus, their powers. After which it is almost always a one way stomp out in Gerard's favor.) This blessing prevents Gerard from ever falling ill. Whether it be from magical or natural causes.
Blessing of The Firstborn: As the first-borne of the line of chosen Gerard received this blessing upon his birth by the universe itself. The effects are still as of yet unknown to Gerard, but to spoil a bit; whenever Gerard finally purges the paranormal from Earth he will be given a choice. This blessing protects him from the results of that choice.
Blessing of Endless Determination: Not an actual blessing, but the manifestation of a promise he made to the only woman he loved before driving the Firstborn Blade into her heart to make the weapon that could accomplish his quest. (It is suggested that his beloved was completely willing and begged him to see his quest through to the end with 'endless determination'. It is also hinted that she was of paranormal origin.)

Undying Curse: Ezekiel cannot be killed by typical means that could kill a human. A cult of Salem Witches joined together to cast this curse on him when he walked through Salem pulling all women that he could prove were witches out into the street and executing them via flamethrower. He staked them afterwards as the only true way to undo the curses a witch had cast is to burn them "At the stake". Gerard likes his loopholes. As long as they are burnt to a crisp and a stake was present; the end result is the same. Only extremely fatal wounds such as: Decapitation, Removal/Destruction of the vital organs, Brain injury can stop his breathing and temporarily result in his death.
Curse of Dracuul: Cursed by the first of the vampyre, Dracuul, Gerard is unable to hide his presence from the paranormal. This means that the chances of Gerard sneaking up on a supernatural being is ABSOLUTE ZERO. His soul acts like a beacon to them, drawing them in. Unfortunately for them they are drawn to him like bugs to a bugzapper. A curse that was meant to allow all manner of supernatural to avoid him has become his first lure for them. Being unable to HIDE his appearance also means he cannot confuse or disorient his enemies into not being able to track him. (With the exception of useage of his equipments. Such as Flashbangs, concussive mines, etc. If your character would be dazed and confused by those, they still will be, but will be able to 'feel' Gerards presence accurately.
Charybdis' Curse: Cursed by the Sea Monster Charybdis, Gerard is unable to make contact with large bodies of water. If there is more than twenty feet of water beneath him unimpeded a funnel will open and draw him to the bottom of the sea. Whether or not he can swim back to the surface is dependent on his strength and stamina levels at the time.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Ƭαíntєd Ƭhєrαpíst;

May 12th 2019 14:50

Sure that is fine. Just to let you know my character is no normal vampire.
Ƭαíntєd Ƭhєrαpíst;

May 12th 2019 14:26

Behind Doctor Leech; 
Thank you very much for adding me.
My name is Serana
It's a pleasure to meet you!
Hope to get a storyline going!
Sorry for the boring generic greeting..
I'm a bit rusty and just returned from a long Hiatus.
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