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About me:
In the beginning of my time of the earth, and in the Heaven the gods of egypt cal The golden Lands, I was a gold god, much like Ra, Horus, Osiris, or Isis. My fur was radiant and magical. My purpose was God of Afterlife, Protector of the souls who have passed as they walk through to eternity. I was humbled by the love the humans gave to me. Then it all changed. Osiris had his Favorite son, Horus. And Ra in his Wisdom had replaced me with the bird...Horus was to be God of Afterlife as well as Sky, I was also given two new roles....God of Death and mummification. This alteration in purpose changed my once glorious gold fur to black..My entire being changed, I grew a hunger for flesh and sin. I was tasked to devour and destroy the souls of the damned who were unworthy to pass...I did not like this. I was Turned from Savior to Destroyer, and in my anger and arrogance I blamed Horus. I starved myself of souls and meat, forcing me into a deranged state. Once, Horus came to me. He asked for assistance, the people were not taking to the change, they would fear me but thought they were supposed to Love me...They hate me, they hated Horus..Humans were fickle...Horus asked my help and I did not hear his words I was so hungry and angry...In my rage I tore his arm from him and devoured it bbefore him. It Took Anhur, Osiris, and Sobek to stop me..I think i would have killed him if I didnt. As punishment, Osiris brought me before Ra, Himself, and Anhur. Ra had deemed me unworthy of his light, so he burned it from my eyes, making me forever blind. Osiris deemed me unfit to be called god, so he took my Tittle, and with it a great deal of my power...Anhur deemed me Unsafe to stay in the Golden Lands, so he exiled me to earth..In my temple, I continued to starve myself. It made me worse...until the breaking point took form of a Monster that i would become. a Horse sized jackal with no sight for anything but flesh. I would Rampage for a month or so. Or how ever long it takes to fill me with meat and blood...I was not biased in what I killed, Humans, Cattle, Monsters. I live in exile, fighting that monster inside me.
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