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The Nightmare, Realm of the Entity

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❝A young woman surprised me the other day. She is another guest in this nightmare I can not seem to wake up from. She came running, passed by a wounded girl and didn’t stop. Just a glance behind her, and she was off again. With a determined look on her face, like she had something important to do. A lone wolf maybe? I am not sure what I should call this new person.❞--unknown


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The Focused Competitor

| Gamer | Survivor | Cynic | Champion | semi-toxic |

Name Feng Min
Race Human
Age Irrelevant
Place of Birth 香港
Current Residence The Nightmare,
Realms of the Entity
Gender Female
Role Survivor

Her Story

Death is not an escape.

Feng Min was a young girl when she first picked up computer games, and she was instantly hooked. The brand new worlds enchanted her with colours, sounds and explosions – a chance to be somewhere else, or someone else. Her parents saw no wrong with a few minutes in front of the screen, but as minutes turned into hours and sometimes days, they finally decided to pull the plug and force Feng Min to put more efforts into her studies.

She felt smothered by her parents who refused to see the potential of a future in games, so she left home and spent her time in internet cafés and LAN parties where the old rules didn't apply. She spent hours playing, streaming, competing to rise to the top. Her parents became what she called "holiday parents" as she never saw them outside the holidays, and she became the black sheep of a one-child-family. In the gaming world, however, she finally found respect. Nicknamed the "Shining Lion," she was invited to join a prestigious e-sports team and to live in their dorms, where she found a sanctuary free of the misconceptions and prejudice she had felt from her parents and the non-gaming world.

Feng Min pushed her limits to prove she was the best. Sleep was less important to her than training. At the top of her game, she filled stadiums with fans who adored her. But it couldn't last forever; The pressure to be the best grew stronger and stronger. She pushed herself too far, slept too little, and her performance began to slip. She started to lose. At night, she would stay up, tormented by the thought of disappointing her parents… and her fans.

She spiraled out of control and fell into a pattern of self-destruction. She started wandering the streets and visiting bars, where no one knew of e-sports, waking up in places she didn't remember. One day she woke up somewhere completely different… in a never-ending nightmare. Feng Min did not despair – as she learned more about the challenge she was up against, she realized this was what she had been training for her entire life.

Now, she was going to win.

Benedict's Notes

Of hearts and minds.
❝ I am not alone. I have found others. Survivors that are just like me. Or at least I believe so, I want to believe so. Sometimes I manage to just catch a glimpse of a poor soul as he gets carried away. Others I have actually told my name. I do not always want to know their names. It makes it harder as they hang from the hook. I help them...sometimes. Just as they help me. Fear is our common denominator, and we bond. We have nobody else. Human contact and interaction soothes this trial we share. I ask myself whether I am better off alone, or if we can come farther together. Sometimes I bare shame as I sneak away from screams. But I have equally often been on the other side, hanging two feet off the ground, whereas I see someone, watching from shrubbery. Like a witness. Maybe it is important to watch, and remind oneself that pain is not the only thing that burdens our lives at this point? But also our souls. Do we deserve to live if we were to escape? ❞

❝ Killers. These things differ from time to time, but each acts in a similar manner, and with similar human physical traits. But they are more reminiscent of beasts of burden even though I can spot some flicker of humanity. With scars and marks on their skin and body. As if they have been self-mutilating themselves. They even look dead. I fail to see some humanity in them. They are bent on finding me, but somehow they refrain from killing me. Instead I am hung from one of those dreaded hooks. I keep asking myself why they do not snuff the life out me themselves. Someone must control them. Might they do someone else’s biddings?

I keep trying to understand them at the same time as they stalk me. I try finding something that can pinpoint their purpose. I wonder if they might be punished? But in that case, am not I in the same position? Being punished for something, as I try to escape and find some way out of here. They play their role. Without any diversions, they are like a machine that is set on finding any living soul. Are they without hope? Who do they serve? Is there even a master? I have never seen them rest or stop. They hunt until the hooks are occupied. But where do they go after that? Trying to find some answers is one of the few things that keep me sane. For now. If you stumble upon one of these beings you must run and you must hide. Without any sound. ❞

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Jun 20th 2019 03:38

"Might sound kinda strange, but it's nice to meet someone else who's competitive, like, in a game sense. I played video game too, and like, I kinda get it. The training to get better and beating your bests, and sometimes having to motivate yourself to keep constantly improving, even if it's a little. Just feels a little more normal having someone around who kinda gets that, you know? Clawing to the top, no matter what. I mean, not that the others wouldn't but, I don't know. Hahah, do I sound silly? Maybe it's all the campfire smoke getting to me!"

> > Hellooooo! I'm sorry it took me eons to properly greet you, but it's still a pleasure to meet you even though I'm slow! I would absolutely love to get some ideas bouncing back and forth between us whenever you'd like to!!~

Jun 8th 2019 04:30

OOC: Hey. Here's the high def pic.


Jun 6th 2019 23:46

Hmmm.. well!
They have so many cute images together - I was thinking something along the lines like;
Since Anna is always trying to keep children in her care - but always fails due to her not properly caring for their basic needs - since they are in the entity's world, she see's Feng like a porcelain and wants to take her in. She calls her, Her Chinadoll and each chance she gets, goes to big lengths to take her down and keep her, even when the other killers try and get involved, she steps forward and pushes them aside.
One idea of course! xD countless chasing and back stabbing ordeals, or we can totes go another route.

Jun 6th 2019 00:29

I see! Welcome, Comrade!
To the oh so very small - but wonderfully - kind community.~ I could not be happier to see a Feng! honestly.
I have been Craving and Dying to bond with one so please! allow us to form a connection through casual banter/stream RP's and an awesome story we both can love. ♥
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