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⌜❝Yeah, I'm trash, garbage, unburnable trash that has no will to live.⌝ ⌞Hey, "unburnable trash" is a good phrase. I'll write that down.❞⠀⠀⠀⠀⌟

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Name: Matsuno Ichimatsu 松野 一松

Age: ~24-25

Sex: Male

Occupation: NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)

Height: ~5'6

Eye Color: Black/Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black/Dark Brown

Background: Ichimatsu is the fourth oldest- or third youngest- brother in a family of sextuplets. His three brothers Osomatsu, Karamatsu and Choromatsu come before him in age (which have the slightest of difference to begin with, but this family takes it seriously- at least the two oldest do) and his two younger brothers Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu beneath him. Other than that, there's not much else. Him and his brothers have a daily routine of self-loathing and complaining about being NEET's, but yet do nothing to change it. For the most part, at least.

Appearance: He wears a purple hoodie most commonly, a small green cloud-like design on the front. Dark blue track/sweat pants with a white stripe on the side and purple slides to match his hoodie as well. He often wears a white face mask too, and it goes alongside his near constant half-lidded, uninterested or apathetic look. The circles under his eyes compliment that, too. He has dark brown/black hair that comes right above his eyes. (A small headcanon: Ichimatsu also has a little bit of chub, but it's never really seen or anything because his hoodie and clothes easily cover it. He's a bit insecure about that portion of him.) He's usually a bit slouched, giving him- yet again- an apathetic vibe to his overall look. If not referred to by his full name, his brothers also call him "Darkmatsu" or, if forced, he makes them call him "Ichimatsu-sama" in some...scenarios.

Personality: He is quiet most of the time, but his rather harsh or cold front he puts on tends to filter what he says, meaning he can be pretty harsh or rude sometimes. Especially with his brothers (his anger is most commonly aimed towards Karamatsu, but eh, sharing is caring-). He seems to take a liking towards Jyushimatsu the most, hanging out with him most often. He has a dark aura in a way, dubbing him the name that was previously mentioned: "Darkmatsu." Though his seemingly mean outer shell may make one think that the inside is like that too, in reality he's just a pretty average, cat-obsessed loner. He doesn't need friends, because he has his brothers. Not that he'd admit such a thing, though....right? He tends to get flustered easily and cracks under the slightest amount of (social) pressure as well. He'd rather throw himself off a cliff than become the main character, ech. But overall, once you get to know him and once you manage to squirm your way through that exterior of his, perhaps he's just a big softie. Who knows. Again, not like he'd ever show that, either...

Hobbies: Doing nothing, loving cats, staying at home, Pachinko, cats, horse races, nothing too extreme. Oh, and cats. He wouldn't admit this, but hanging with his brothers as well. Does that even count? Oh, almost forgot, he loves his cats, too. Was that mentioned?

Sexuality: ???

Relationship: who needs a relationship when you have cats? But, uh, if the opportunity came around, I mean...tch, that sounds too intimidating, anyways. Who would go for such human trash like him?

(Profile still somewhat under co. so apologies for it being ugly, pfft- Please check out my blog posts, labeled "Admin" and "Character" below for any additional RP/Character information!!^^ Also, none of this is mine, the character belongs to the creator of the series "Osomatsu-san" respectfully!)

"Yeah, I'm trash, garbage, unburnable trash that has no will to live. Hey, "unburnable trash" is a good phrase. I'll write that down."

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「おそ松 !!」

Aug 14th 2019 00:04


Please forgive the plain comment— I had already logged off my comp for the night . So I’m replying to you on mobile.  I didn’t expect you to accept my fr so soon;; But I’m glad you did, haha!

So thank you so much for accepting my friend request! I would love to discuss a potential story with you whenever you’re available~ I should be on at least a couple times a week, so it shouldn’t be hard to find me if you need to reach me for anything. 

I look forward to talking/writing with you! 

— Oso-mun
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