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"Hello! I'm Tohru Honda, and I am most pleased to meet you!"

115 years old
Hirara, Okinawa

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February 15 2020

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Characters: Tohru Honda
Verses: Fruits Basket, Tohru
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Anime, Drama, Manga, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life,
Member Since:July 08, 2019

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About me:
LIKE TO MEET ==============================================================================
“I know that happy things and fun things eventually come to an end. But things that are scary and sad come to an end, too. They always do. Even if you can’t always believe that…please don’t give up. Live. I want you to live. Even if you make a mistake. Even if you take the long way. It’s still okay. Just please…please, live. Don’t give up on pushing forward. Please. At least don’t give up on that. Even if I’m not by your side, it’s still okay. It’s okay.”

Rules and Disclaimer

  • 1.No Drama. I do role play characters in multiple, non-intersecting, story lines. While I do have my 'mains', I am very open with creating with same characters in our own story.
  • 2.No Smut based play. Mature settings and Darker themes are perfectly fine, as well as adult content, so long as there is plot and story. Nothing needless.
  • 3.Paragraphs or Above. I certainly will.
  • 4.I am not on all the time, patience is a must as I will have it with you. Sometimes real life gets in the way.
  • 5.Sometimes characters don't mix well or stories don't grab me. Please respect this. I will not ghost or vanish, let's communicate and, if needed, part ways as friends.
    Please keep in mind that while I am looking for 'Mains' to connect with and be with throughout stories, I will roleplay with multiples or alternate universe storylines. I will also, depending on the situation, roleplay in different settings. While we are playing, you are my focus in OUR story, even if you are not my "main" of that character. Usually I will keep to the Furuba storyline on my stream, but how our story plays out may differ. However, due to this, I will not tolerate jealousy. Our story line is ours, but please understand that I have 'main's' and so you are not my only.

Tohru Honda

  • Character Name: Tohru Honda
  • Age:16-18
  • Description: Kind, Selfless, Positive, Damaged
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Straight.
  • Past Story Partners: Yuki Sohma, Kyo Sohma, Hatori Sohma, Hatsuharu Sohma
  • Discord Contact:BadWolfCrow #4385 Just let me know who you are!

  • Favorite Pairings:
  • Alternate Universes/Timelines Accepted?: Yes
  • Alternate Settings Accepted?: Possibly

  • Multi-Para and Novella story writer.
  • While the character page is new, I am not new to the character or the story line. I have over eighteen years of experience and put a good amount of effort into the characters and stories I play, so I would love to have partners who feel the same way. Life is busy so I am not on all the time. Patience is preferred when it comes to someone wanting to play with me and the understanding that, unfortunately, real life does comes first. While I will add almost anyone who wants to be friends, it does not mean we will mesh as story tellers together. Please respect this.

    Was It Fate's Design?

  • Hi! I'm Tohru Honda, and this is my story of how the Sohma's came into my life. Or moreso.. how I came into theirs.
  • It all started with a landslide.
  • No.. let's go back a little further. It started with my mother. How she loved life and loved me. How she taught me to see the brightest and best in every thing and every one I came across. And how.. she was taken from me far too soon.
  • That led me to my grandfather's..
  • Which led me to the hillside where I pitched a tent..
  • Which was where they found me.
  • When my tent was covered by the earth, and I had no where else to go.. they came to my rescue.
  • From that day forward I just knew..
  • I knew it wasn't a coincidence; and that coming to live with the Sohma's was really.. just.. Fate's Design.
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    Coming Soon

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    Coming Soon

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    𝑴𝒖𝒕𝒕 𝒇𝒂𝒄𝒆

    Oct 20th 2019 23:33

    I forgot,I had one other photo for you. I made it awhile ago and forgot to give it to you. Hope you enjoy it.

    Aug 7th 2019 21:14

    I would love to discuss a storyline! I absolutely love the verse and have been debating for awhile on returning. It's been awhile so I might be a bit rusty. :) anyway! Hatsuyuki is a member of the Kiashi family. Much like the Sohma's, the Kiashi's hold a secret themselves. You see, this character stems from a side role play that my friend and I created years ago. The Kiashi family is also cursed by the zodiac, though not the Chinese zodiac. They are cursed with a mix of the western zodiac and the Native American zodiac (given the fact some of the western zodiac signs aren't animals). Hatsuyuki is cursed under Pisces, which has a lot to do with her blue hair and eyes. She has known Hatori, Shigure and Ayame since they were kids, the two families actually being close. Despite her being their age she doesn't look it due to her smaller size. She is very friendly, sometimes too friendly for some people, and loves to meet new people. Though she can be shy at times as well. She cares deeply for those she is close with.

    Aug 6th 2019 21:09

    Hey there. Thank you for adding me. I hope all is well and that we can discuss a storyline in the near future.

    Jul 30th 2019 20:00

    I'm not sure if I have sent a greeting yet.
    So here I am, sending one!XD 
    I would love to discuss a story with you.
    Whenever you are willing and ready that is. 
    I'm open to anything at all. So theres no trouble there.
    But yeah ^^ I'm free whenever you are. 
    Until than, I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Jul 29th 2019 23:41

    OOC; Thanks for understanding, Tohru-chan. I did see your starter and I will reply sometime tonight. If not I will reply tomorrow after work.

    Jul 29th 2019 19:42

    OOC: I'm doing well, Tohru-chan. Sorry for not being on. I've been busy with work.
    Anyway, I hope all is good with you, Tohru-chan.
    // UOTANI.

    Jul 27th 2019 20:06

    // UOTANI.

    Uo played with her hair with one bandaged hand. Maybe she should let it grow out. Or maybe stop bleaching it. Or maybe dye it some crazy color. She wasn’t sure. For the past few years, Uo’s gang had dictated how her hair and clothes would appear, and Uo’s hair and clothes had defined who she was. She was a yankee, a punk, and a gang member.

    Now who was she? --

    A gang girl without a gang. A broken girl with a target on her back. Was she still a punk? Still a yankee?

    All she knew was that she was Tohru’s friend.

    Was that enough? Was that enough to say who she was and who she would be for the rest of her life? Someone that Kyoko and Tohru had taken in? Was that all?

    Was that enough?

    OOC; Thank you for requesting me. I adore storyline discussions, however do take your time. I am a very patient person. Our writing shall be forever connected, untill then.

    Schηυƒƒєℓ Bυηηу

    Jul 26th 2019 15:32

    :O I thought I got to this, but ani could be being stupid,
    ANYWAYS, I would really love to discuss a story with you ^^ 
    [草摩 Yuki Sohma 由希]

    Jul 24th 2019 21:33

    /It is nice to meet you as well. We can discuss a plot anytime. :) Is there anything you've been dying to do?
    倉伎 真知

    Jul 23rd 2019 21:23

    // Thank you for accepting or that you have added my friend request. I hope our paths shall cross again for either a RP or a simple chat and in due time that our characters shall have a special connection. ~ Kuragi Machi.
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