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Hiatus for this guy its been fun but,....its all bullsh*t and lies in the end.

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Sᴀᴋuʀᴀ no Hᴀnᴀ

Nov 16th 2019 15:01

OOC; Hello there, nice to meet you.
My name is Haruno Sakura.
Allow me to thank you for adding me as a friend on here and I can't wait to get a storyline going with you.
Chit chatting is also welcomed.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Nov 13th 2019 22:53

Oh you know him? That's awesome. My idea: 
So, we could use to adult versions of our characters. They could go as far back as Hashirama being the first Hokage and Madara lived there for a short period. This rp could be during that short period. How does that sound to you?

Nov 8th 2019 20:59

Why thank you for those kind words, Naruto.
Honestly, my best friend [who plays as Kakashi] and I worked on them.
If you're interested, I could send him your way, he is one of the best Kakashi's.
His display is Shinobi of Mystery. 
Anyways, how do you feel about time-traveling stories?

Oct 27th 2019 00:48

Thank you for the friend request, dobe.
I believe you already know my name, so no need to say it.
I am interested in roleplaying if that is something that catches your eye.
I have a few ideas, and I prefer to play late teens/young adult Sasuke, instead of the younger one though I can if I must to build storylines.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Oct 16th 2019 21:31


Oh yeah, there was no way to doubt things now. Naruto was truly improving, even doing some of his usual things. And that bright goofy grin of his, Sakura couldn't deny that it made her happy to see him that way. Ready to keep the past behind him and only look forward to the future. She only wished that she could do the same. Then maybe she wouldn't be running her into the ground all the time. That's where they were different. But being around him did warm her heart and ease her troubling thoughts for a short amount of time. And she couldn't help the giggle that slipped out of her when he spoke of their former sensei in such a way. She knew that would be an amusing sight and oh the conversations that all the nations would have about it. It was really amusing.

"Whoa wait, you want to go traveling?" The sudden news threw her for one hell of a loop. She hadn't expected Naruto of all people to want to go for a journey. No, that was what the other did. The one that left her broken and beaten. But why did Naruto want to? It made no sense to her. There had to be some kind of reason and not simply because of his lessons. Just what was he getting at? What was he trying to pull? Then it hit her with some of his last words. He was treating this as an escape. But not just for himself. But for her as well. Was it all that obvious? Or was there something else that he had in mind? Now she was more curious than before. But she still smiled. "So you want to see the world? And it seems like you've got some places in mind already." She spoke with a half giggle.

Hearing him mention his former mentor, it was touching and bittersweet. He really did look to Jiraiya as a father and a mentor. She knew that losing him was very difficult but she was glad to see that he didn't waste his time sulking. Instead, he lived for the moment and the future. Just as Jiraiya would have wanted him to do. At the mention of an underground tunnel, Sakura placed her index finger to her chin and her brows came together. "I think I remember hearing about the tunnels from the third Hokage. Granted I was a child then. But if my memory is correct, there is one place that might hold some knowledge about them." She spoke in a thoughtful tone. Her mind trying to recall that conversation but having a pretty good guess on where that information might have been hidden at.

And then he mentioned it. Herbs. The one thing that Sakura often gathered and researched. Always wanting to make some kind of new healing medicine. Why did he have to use that again here? He knew that it would work, that's why he did it. It had to be. Hearing that it could be discovered in her name, her cheeks turned slightly red. An embarrassed smile formed on her face. But she gave a soft shake of her head. Not wanting to let Naruto win that easily. It wouldn't be any fun. But she let him finish. He was even giving her a choice and yet playing it off as though it would be an actual shame for her not to go. Boy if he wasn't really trying to get to her. But she had to give him props for going as far as he was with it all.  He wanted to even get TenTen involved in the whole situation? Wow, he really was determined.

"You know, there might be an easier way. Without even including TenTen. It's more of a special scroll. One that hasn't been used in years. One that my father kept hidden from the rest of the village. And everyone's knowledge. He might be a strange guy but he's also powerful and very skilled and filled with knowledge." She spoke in a low tone, not wanting anyone other than Naruto to hear what she had to say. "And the way that he explained it, it could hold almost every book known to mankind with ease. And it looks like a typical small scroll with no real value. It was designed that way to fool the enemy. The creator of the scroll not wanting vital information to fall into the wrong hands by mistake." She added in her usual know-it-all tone. But what she spoke was also truth.

"I'll tell you what. If you can make it through tonight here. Then I will arrange for us to go on this trip of yours and even pull some old information that I have. Then we will leave two days from today. Giving you time to enjoy a normal night at your home and to gather what you'll need for the trip. How does that sound?" She spoke in a slightly happier tone as she allowed her emerald hues to land on the blue hues of the Uzumaki. This was the best thing that she could give him and she knew how to handle Tsunade too. So she wouldn't freak out or even give the pinkette any hell. And she figured that Naruto would love to see somewhere other than that hospital room. Knowing him, he heals even more in his sleep. So he should be strong enough to handle leaving the hospital early. And that's what she'd work on. She noticed the book and her eyes lit up a bit before taking it carefully from his hands. "Thanks, Naruto. Now rest up, we will have a lot to plan for." She spoke as she carefully hopped off of the bed. She made her way to the door but stopped with her hand resting on the knob. "And, thanks to Naruto for caring." She added before vanishing from the room.


Oct 5th 2019 14:21


Not only was he in good spirits but he was already dressed in his be clothes. Now the pinkette would normally chew him out for even being up and moving about. But seeing him smiling and looking like his usual happy self, she couldn’t get mad. Instead she just smiled and finished walking in and closing the door behind her. Her right hand rested on her hip and her left hand was holding a clipboard by her side. “Well, I’m glad to hear that you’re doing so good. And based on my reports, you will be able leave here in a couple of days. We will just need to get your strength back up a bit. And I’ll be the one to work with you on that.”

Was he seriously trying to tell her to rest? That was something that she should be saying to him and not the other way around. Yeah, he was certainly getting better. She remembered how easily he fell asleep because of the medicine that he was given. And for awhile he seemed to be resting without waking. Which she just figured that his body had truly needed the rest. But now he was giving her a lecture on resting. That was a bit humorous. But she was thankful that he was showing concern for her well being. Even if she didn’t say it out loud. “I’m fine, Naruto. Just keeping busy as usual.” She spoke with a light giggle. But she then decided to take his offer and sit down next to him.

”So you want to know what is going on with the village? I think that I can answer that for you. The village is certainly working on rebuilding everything and they have been for about a couple of months now. Most of the buildings have been either repaired or rebuilt. And there are some new ones being built.” Explaining the main things were simple enough. But she couldn’t help but to giggle a bit as she thought of the next thing that she was going to tell Naruto. “Our sensei is trying to fight his way out of becoming Hokage. Tsunade-Sama is trying to get him to take it. Although, it’s not so she can go gambling and drinking. She has something else that she wants to do. And she says that Kakashi-sensei is the best choice for the moment.”

She was excited to tell Naruto of the new developments that were taking place in the village and she also knew how both Tsunade and Kakashi felt about him becoming the next Hokage. But she was sworn to secrecy. Even so, Sakura was glad to have a chance to sit down and talk with someone who meant a lot her. He was the one that was on her side since the beginning. And even if she had been blind as a child, Sakura now knew better. Her sleep was almost nonexistent thanks to nightmares. But while she was sitting there next to Naruto. Her mind and body felt a bit more at ease. Which was a welcomed change from the normal things in her life. And even though her day had been a difficult one. Just seeing the bright and goofy smile on Naruto’s face made her forget all about the exhaustion. So making the trip there to see pay him a visit was well worth it. And it showed by her smiling face.

🌸Konoha's Waterlily🌸

Oct 3rd 2019 16:32

It's fine. Maybe they can start out with a mission placed together. It can be when Naruto was dealing with Madara and the tailed beast?
🌸Konoha's Waterlily🌸

Sep 30th 2019 22:08

ooc; Hello, Naruto. My name is Yokano Senju. I would love to get something going with you whenever you have the time. Until then, have a good day. 

Sep 27th 2019 02:01


It's only been a few months since that dreadful war had come to an end and people were still trying to piece together their lives. Some doing so quicker than others. For some, it was simply rebuilding homes and getting some fresh stuff. Others it was on a physical level. And then there were those that fought a mental battle every single day after the war. And there were many that also were left grieving for those that were lost at some point during the entire amount of chaos. And sadly it also left several jobs shorthanded. But they were still managing one way or another. And one who was working harder than ever before was a certain pinkette. Never a moment to rest since the war ended. Between tending to the wounded and taking care of the bodies that seemed to keep piling in. It seemed that her work was never truly done.

Another day had come and she was still running through the halls of the Konoha hospital. Trying to keep any panicking down to a minimum. Working on new medicine. And trying to mentally help those who suffered emotional trauma during the war. She hadn't even had time to go and pick new herbs in order to make new medicine. But she didn't complain. Although, one blond headed shinobi made that very hard for her. And that being none other than Naruto himself. Always trying to sneak out but that was when she wised up to his moves. Placing him in a private room. One with a small window, nto big enough for any person to crawl out of. And a guard stationed at his room at all times. She wouldn't have him leave until he was healed. Even if his wounds normally healed a lot quicker than most. He had taken some major damage from his last battle against a certain Uchiha. One who's name still left a stinging sensation in the pit of her stomach.

Of course, she found it hard to have much of life anymore. But whenever she did have a single moment to herself. The images of the war and the past came at her hard. Causing her to cringe and have a need to fight back unwanted tears. Just when she thought that she would finally have the Uchiha in her life again, he turned her down and rather harsh at that. But he was now serving time for his crimes in the prison cells of Konoha. But she still had to tend to him at times. Something that was never easy for her. But still, she carried on and went about her usual duties with him and everyone else. Sakura did feel a bit bad for not visiting Naruto much lately, other than collect his vitals and check on his progress. But she was never given the room to do so before someone else grabbed her attention and dragged her off to do more work.

However, she had finally had enough of that. She was actually going to place her foot down and do what she wanted for once. So once all of the work had been done for a few hours, she removed her white lab coat and wiped her brow. After placing it safely away in a locker, Sakura took to the halls. Exhaustion was written on her pale features. But for once, that didn't matter. She made her way to his room but this time not as a medical shinobi. But as his former teammate. She tapped on the door once she had reached his room before sliding the door open and walking in. Only telling the guard to keep at his post as she was simply paying the blond a visit. And then she would be on her way. Sakura stood there for a moment, taking in the sight of her dear friend and it still pained her in a sense. She hated the fact that both him and the Uchiha lost an arm in their battle against one another. But she truly had to blame the Uchiha for it all. With his mad plans to kill his former team and the shinobi race. Then to control the tailed beasts.

Sakura shook those feelings away as she got closer to him. A warm smile brushing her lips. "How are you feeling today, Naruto?" She asked only once she was at his side. A part of her still wishing that she could rewind time and stop it all. Naruto and Sasuke fighting. Their friendship being pushed to the limits. And the pain that they both faced. But the best that she could offer now was a simple smile. And to help by healing them with the skills that she had. Of course, her skills were still nothing compared to her mentor. But she was also no longer a simple pushover. She had grown in both skills and strength. And yet she still felt like it wasn't enough. That there should have been more. For now though, she would just settle with what she had. And she hoped to be even better with time. Not for herself. But for those that she held so dear to herself. The blond before her being one of them.


Aug 13th 2019 19:35

o o c;

I appreciate you being here,
I hope we may be able to discuss something soon!
Or just chat if you prefer.~

I have discord as well.
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