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SPECIES:Half Orc Half Human

AGE: 27 Orc years - 67 in Human years

HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 inches - short for an Orc, overall body mass is much smaller than the average Orc female, but her physical strength, agility and speed compensates this.

TRIBE: Has no tribe, is a wanderer and outcast

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Tatoo’s over her eyes, which her Mother’s Tribe Master, marked her with at birth, so that all would know that she was a half blood swine. Ma’Kaa no longer has her Orc ‘tusks’, they were forcibly removed by a priest and physician.


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Characters: Ma’Kaa
Verses: Fantasy
Length: Multi Para
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About me:

BRIEF BIO: Born of the female Orc Sangrin, after a liaison with a man in a town within the local vicinity of the her tribe. Sangrin, unknowingly fell pregnant. When learning of her pregnancy, she believed the child to be that if her Mate, Gandor. Upon the infants arrival though, it was evident that this was not the case. Gandor, furious, went to kill the child, but the tribes Shaman stilled his hand, claiming that the child was destined to become a great warrior. The Tribe leader however wanted to brand the child and mark it as ‘swine’. After marking the child, with tattooed lines upon her face, Sangrin was ordered to leave the child with her biological sire, as there was no place in the tribe for a ‘swine’.

When Luthar, the child’s Father, found the green babe on his door step, with a letter naming the child Ma’Kaa, he didn’t know what to think. His Wife, Bertha, was furious but did not have the heart to turn away the abandoned babe and raised Ma’kaa for the first seventeen (Human) years of her life. In time the towns folk grew more and more fearful of the green orc bastard. The local priest kidnapped Ma’Kaa and with the aid of the towns physician removed Ma’kaa’s growing tusks, in a bid to ‘humanise’ the child. Believing that her ‘kind’ would sack the town in search of her. Both Bertha and Luthar were attacked by their own people and Ma’Kaa was threatened with their deaths should she not leave the town and never the Orc halfling (who was only seven by Orc years) ran into the wilderness...

Ma’Kaa is an outcast, a loner, occasionally she will mingle with a horde for battle and sexual gratification. She is one of few words, despite having been taught to read and wrote in several languages. She is educated, but very much resorts to the settings of fighting, f***ing and feasting. She doesn’t trust and has suffered at the hands of both Humans and Orcs, never finding acceptance with either of her people.

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Oct 26th 2019 23:59

"Your death has been foreseen. Allow me to accompany you."

//OOC: Greetings and salutations. Thank you for the add. Your character reminds me a lot about D&D and I was hoping we could begin writing a story together. Perhaps The Raven Queen can sense that your character is foretold to accomplish many grandiose achievements. And so her soul will become higher in quality. Hence an agent, Bel-Daldron can descend into the mortal realm to act as a guardian. His objective would be to ensure she dies when she is destined to (until we both agree to end our arc together).
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