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Currently not accepting smut or erotica rps. This could change in the future, but at this time I am only accepting normal rps within the genres of mature, sci-fi, fantasy, slice of life, action, anime, manga and video games.

basic information
Why do I try so hard to earn their love?

Full Name: Zimalin Nebo
Nicknames: Zi, Zizi, Fluffy, Zimmer, Zims
Aliases: Winter Wolf
Age: Unknown, but appears to be in her 20s
Date Of Birth: January 8
Place Of Birth: Denver, CO
Current Residence: Unknown
Ethnicity: American
Tribe: Tuatha de Danann
Hair Color: Teal
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 150 lbs
Birthmarks/Scars: Traitor's marking on her upper right thigh, burn marks around her neck, and whip lashing scars on her back
Tattoos: Tribal wolf on upper right arm, Heart with devil horns tail and angel wings upper left arm, HOMRA emblem on left shoulder blade, and Worgen crest on right shoulder blade
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Sister(S): none
Brother(S): Deceased
Other Family: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Head Bar Maiden
Job Description: Server patrons while also making sure the staff isn't harassed
Likes: Alcohol, chocolate, books, cooking and Mature people
Dislikes: Disrespectful people, most veggies, and some fruits
Magic: Ice, shifting/transformation, Snow, Frost

Rule of the Pack
Oh sweet rain, drip down

1. No drama! Any form of drama ooc will result in automatic deletion.
2. No spamming! Spamming me for replies will result in automatic deletion.
3. Patience is required. You must realize that I have a life outside of here and can't always be on. So please be patient.
4. You add, you talk! I will not harbor mutes on my page. If you add me you will talk just like if I am the one who added you I will be the first to speak.
5. No rape rps! If you send a random starter that has my character being raped or attempt it at anytime will result in automatic deletion.
6. I am here purely for entertainment purposes and have the right to refuse roleplays if I wish. I will not accept one liners as a response. If you send one you will NOT be getting a response in return. I use this as a creative outlet and ask that you show some decency and respect for I will give you the same.

Tuatha de Danann
Wash away my pain

Tuatha de Danann (pronounced Thoo-a day Du-non) is translated as ‘tribe of Danu.’ Scholars are agreed that Danu was the name of their goddess, most probably Anu/Anann. However, that is unproven, and I believe could equally have referred to their leader or king, or even the place from which they originated.

They were a race of God-like people gifted with supernatural powers, who invaded and ruled Ireland over four thousand years ago. According to an ancient document known as the Annals of the Four Masters (Annála na gCeithre Maístrí compiled by Franciscan monks between 1632-1636 from earlier texts), the Danann ruled from 1897 BC until 1700 BC, a short period indeed in which to have accumulated such fame. They were said to have originated from four mythical Northern cities Murias, Gorias, Falias and Finias, possibly located in Lochlann (Norway).

The Book of Invasions (Lebor Gebála Érénn compiled c.1150) claims in a poem that they came to Ireland riding in “flying ships” surrounded by “dark clouds.” They landed on Sliabh an Iarainn (the Iron Mountain) in Co. Leitrim, where they “brought a darkness over the sun lasting three days.”

A later version of the story relegates the flying ships to mere sailing ships. The dark clouds became towering columns of smoke as the ships were set alight, a warning to observers that the Danann were here to stay. Clearly, the monks recording this story were trying to make sense of something which was well out of their comfort zone.


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Body type:Average
Verses: BSD, Bungou Stray Dogs, crime, mafia, anime, manga, BNHA, MHA
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Open, Slice of Life,
Member Since:July 30, 2019

Hey guys! If you want to be apart of a bnha server I just made one so come and fill up with good times. Be sure to follow the rules though if you get 3 strikes you're out!!


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About me:
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Zimalin Seath Nebo

The smile I try so hard to keep is slowly slipping away.
Those happy colorful moments are slowly turning grey.
The lid I thought was tightly closed is rapidly coming undone.

All the negative feelings coursing around the bottle are slipping through the cracks.
I’m sinking farther down into these dark waters reaching out for a helping hand.
I feel so lost and alone.

the beginning
the patron saint of lost causes

Many years ago, Zima's grandfather was first in line for the throne to a long forgotten kingdom ruled by shifters such as herself. Her grandfather, Zakarai, was known for being a bit wild in his youth. He was betrothed to the daughter of a noble lord within their kingdom to which they soon married and had their first and only child, Zisel. It was just a few years after Zisel's birth that Zakarai had broken a sacred rule to his people and mated with a human woman who happened to be traveling through their land selling items in the market place. He was smitten by the woman's beauty and quickly took her in as a mistress soon after meeting, but Zakarai wasn't as sneaky as he thought and his brother Zorphe caught him in the act. Their father angered by Zakarai's actions stripped his son of his titled and banished him from the kingdom after branding him a traitor. He forced the young man to watch as the human woman his unborn child burned for his crime against his people. His wife and child were given the brand of traitor and forced to leave with their husband and father. They secretly settled within a village just outside the kingdom's boarder and lived comfortably for a good portion of their lives. Zisel found his own mate in a rogue shifter passing through and had 2 children of his own with his parents passing soon after their last child was born, but fate was not kind to this family.

Sometime after her grandparents passing, her cocky older brother decided to have some fun with the village children and shifted into his wolf form while in front of them. The frightened children had run off and told their parents of the incident. The results of his actions were heartbreaking for the little girl. She had been out in the woods chasing a bunny when it all happened, but when she heard the angry cries of the villagers Zima booked it back to her home. What she found stunned her. She hid in the brush as she watched her mother and brother burn in their boarded up house while her father was being held hostage and forced to watch. Their painful, agonizing screams engraved themselves deep into Zima's mind. It will be a sound she would never forget. Before the house could even full burn down, but the screams had already diminished, the villagers took her father to the town center and tied him up to the stake. Not a word was spoken as the used a sword to slice his head clean off. Tears streamed down her face and she soon left the village running deep into the woods.

Years pass and Zima grew into a well-developed young woman. She allowed her teal colored hair to grow past her hips while her silver hues grew cold and hateful. She would only enter a nearby village when she needed more than just the protein she got from the prey she would hunt down in her wolf form, which had grown to be larger than the normal sized wolf with beautiful golden eyes and silky white fur. However one trip she had taken to the village took a drastic turn. She had been smitten by a young man named Sabian Hozuki. The male held a dark secret only to be revealed soon after he discovered Zima's true nature. The drug lord chained her down to him by placing a shock collar around her neck. He would use her to detect when authorities were close when making the drug deals and also for his own sexual pleasure. After months of the torment, Zima managed to persuade Sabian to take the collar off and when he was fast asleep after a round of the forced sex, she made a run for it. The young wolf ran as fast as her legs could take her and ended up far away from where the drug lord resided in the north.

The thing people want to know but overlook

Zimalin is a headstrong individual with a bit of a hot temper despite being a winter elemental being. She is a bit shy when she first meets people due to past abuse by human men and tends to distrust most people who approach her. Can be quiet at times, Zimalin tends to keep most of her thoughts to herself making her quite the observant woman. Every so often she can become a bit stubborn. Zimalin is very set in her ways and has a hard time being told when she is wrong. However, so long as proof is provided she will easily accept and own up to being wrong. She can be sarcastic in her responses from time to time with a bit of a dry humor. She secretly is artistic drawing images of what her family would look like in the present time now that they would have been older. She keeps her sketch book hidden away beneath her mattress so it’s always close to her heart. When surrounded by the people she loves, trusts and cares about, Zimalin can become hyperactive or happy. She is known for pouncing people unexpectedly when they walk into the room on occasion.

Beast Concealed By Snow

Zimalin's ability allows her to change into an arctic dire wolf along with some control over the element of ice.

Arctic Blast: an ice crystal ball that turns the ground beneath the enemy to ice.
Crystal Fissure: the use of water molecules found in both the air and ground pulling them together and rapidly freezing to create a large ice fissure within the ground.
Diamond Armor: the ability to cover the skin in a layer of rock hard ice crystals that can be applied to specified areas, full body or to cover an injury.
Diamond Fist: A layer of rock hard ice crystals coating the hands. Used mainly for hand to hand combat.
Ominous Mist: like a smoke bomb of snow, this attack creates a small blizzard within the area to conceal its user.
Frozen Burst: an explosion of large, sharp ice shards.
Frosty Claws: Nails extend out to form icy claws. Has the potential to freeze whatever they hit.
Ice Mirror: Ice clone.

I know it's hard to believe, but I ain't always been this cute and cuddly.

baby, come home
You're impossible to love or leave

Status Single
Dated 00/00/0000
Engaged 00/00/0000
Married 00/00/0000

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Your days are numbered when there's blood on the moon

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