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Characters: Rock Lee
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Hope you all enjoyed your summer!!! Be safe if you're in Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina!!! See you soon!!

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»Lion's Roar.♥

Aug 25th 2019 17:03

Greetings, Lee-san!
Thank you for being on my list, I am always looking forward to creating new bonds. I do not want you to feel pressed; but I would love for us to form a connection! either through a storyline we can discuss canon/AU wise, or even casual banter between one another ~
Please think about it, and when you feel the time is right to reply to my lame booty, toss a response my way~! :D ♥
Hope to hear back form you sooooon.
P.S. .. You best fist bro!
🗦 ş𝒽aҡu 🗧

Aug 12th 2019 21:40

Ah, Lee!!!

I'm so sorry for the delay in greeting you! RL picked up, and I found myself a little busier than I would have liked (So much fun being an adult, eh?)
I hope you can forgive me all the same. 

I have always, always, ALWAYS loved Rock Lee's Character. And truthfully, I've always thought that he and my OC would make great friends. They're both excessively hard workers, determined, and kind.
Throwing her into the Naruto verse has been so much fun, and I have several long-running storylines with a few excellent writers in the verse! I'm always interested in delving into things from different perspectives, though. Keeps it fresh. :)
I do hope that you're interested in the idea of writing together!
If you're not interested in writing with OC's, I completely understand! We all have our own interests after all. :)
But if you are, I would be beyond thrilled to toss a few ideas around and see what sticks!

Until then, I hope you have a wonderful evening!

Aug 11th 2019 18:48

Hello, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I'd like to take the time to thank you for accepting/adding me. I'm a returning muse so I will be a tad rusty with the character. But I do hope we can discuss something soon! But I'm also not opposed to idle banter. I hope to hear from you soon!   

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