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29 years old
Sueyoshi, Kagoshima

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September 13 2019

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Verses: InuYasha, Japan, School,action, romance, adventure, Mature, Video Game.
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:
Name: Ryota Kururugi

gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Streight

Relationship:Single(Either looking for Sango, or a Kagome)

Ryota Kururugi has the mysterious and incredible powers of the Shikigami, which come down to the four elements: fire, water, wind, and light. Animal symbols for his elemental attacks also exist. HistoryEdit The game begins when Ryota enters the family storage shed in modern-day Japan to retrieve an item for father. After falling through a mysteriously etched pentagram on the floorboards, the player is transported to Feudal Japan. Unfortunately, the villagers mistake the time traveler as a demon and attack. After several close calls, Ryota comes face to face with Inuyasha, who notices the stranger's clothes "look like Kagome's." Ryota Kururugi After introductions with the rest of the cast, the player begins to search for answers as to why Ryota has been brought back to the feudal era and how to get home. The game progresses as any normal InuYasha storyline, with the InuYasha group traveling from village to village in pursuit of Naraku (and Ryota's answers), sometimes helping out with a local problem or two. Occasionally traces to Naraku himself are revealed, as well as leads to Ryota's mystery and the title's "cursed mask," which holds secrets to returning the character to the present. Along the way, Ryota to harness the power of shikigami from a mysterious old villager called Kakuju, a force needed in order to help Inuyasha and the others overcome the dangerous obstacles ahead while unraveling the plot of the mystic Utsugi.
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Aug 20th 2019 14:36

//Konnichiwa! how's you?

here is once again another boring and probably generic greeting you seen alot by now....and i am not to great with them but i'm trying lol

i wanted to say thx for accepting my friend invite!
hopefully we can become great friends :D are you up to discuss a rp and/or chat? i enjoy both so i'm cool with whatever you are in the mood for haha
i'm not sure what else to say..maaaan i suck at this >~>
i hope to hear back from you! but there is no rush with replies so take the time

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