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Characters: Isabel Magnolia
Verses: Attack on Titan, snk, Shingeki no Kyojin, crossovers
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Drama, Thriller/Suspense, Video Game,
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About me:

Name: Isabel Magnolia
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Eye color: Olive Green
Hair color: Reddish-brown
Birthplace: Underground
Residence: Wall Maria

Occupation: Soldier
Affiliation: Scout Regiment

Isabel was shown to be an energetic, outspoken young woman rarely afraid to speak her mind. She was confident in her abilities, and the most cheerful of her companions. She was quite headstrong, shown when she continued to struggle and insult the Scout Regiment after she was initially captured. Isabel was also quite prideful, as she once stubbornly refused to tell Levi and Furlan the reasons she came back home beaten with one of her pigtails chopped off.

Isabel apparently did not know how to do math as she stated that it was not as important as feeding yourself in the underground. She valued Levi as a brother figure and became emotional if he berated her. She takes his opinions very seriously, as shown when she cried when he said she was an idiot for not knowing how to do math and continued to cry until he ruffled her hair.

Isabel proved to be a good horseback rider and was able to switch from using her omni-directional mobility gear to riding a horse with ease. She claimed she was good with animals, and something she had trouble with was humans.

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Aug 18th 2019 21:20

|A long time fan of AOT. A beautiful yet awesome anime XD however, I HATE it when some of the most interesting characters get killed off. Isabel's death in No Regrets killed me because of how she and Levi were so close. I feel sorry for Levi the most, dude keeps losing comrades and friends.|
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