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Characters: Riven Katsuya- Gallifrey
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- Ani rp family discord with a more role play friendly background.
- Join and apply by writing to become a Pack Member.
- Membership not reqired to join the discord, we're friendly and open to all
- Sharing would be greatly appreciated!

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🅕🅞🅧 ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ™

Aug 21st 2019 01:33

| Behind the Tails |  

Greeting & Welcome - Hello, I will begin this by saying Thank you for the acceptance of the request. I wont bore you with the usual greeting, I will lay everything out here for you to not have any doubts or questions but if you still have any after reading everything you can feel free to message me.  
Guidelines - I have a set of guidelines that I go by and I would like you to read them and be aware of what kind of set mind I have for my character and all that stuff.

Click on the link and feel free to leave a comment on it to let me know that you have read them.  

| |  

Character Auto Information - My character is Kurama from the series of Naruto, if you are not familiar with the series or dislike it I will not force the verse on you but I will let you know of these specific things about him :  

1- He has a humanoid body but can change to his full fox form if his seal is fully broken by Naruto himself.
2- He is a dominant male and can be a Tsudere type, which means that he will hide often his emotions from others.
3- He has his own blood children and will not be breed with any other person for the time being.
4- He has special bonds with some Naruto Verse characters such as Naruto, Boruto, Himawari, Sarada.. and so on. If you are one of the people he is close to you may expect some special treatment.
5- He is Cross-Over Friendly, he wont be a problem setting up in another world that isn't the Naruto Verse. There will be a full list soon of anime/manga in my blog to help those who play in other verses.
6- He is also YAOI friendly, if looking for a regular yaoi moment then that is fine. Kurama plays well with both teams.
7- If you are a Mature/Ero only profile you can message me and say you want a full Ero roleplay, Kurama is not to be tied down thus in Ero roleplays he is an escort.  

I have expanded Kurama in many ways where he is good for those around the site looking for different things but if you need any help just remember that the Guidelines are there to help.  

The Reply to this Comment - I have turned off my comments for the time being so I can focus on my messages replies better, I will take some OOC messages in respond to this comment if you have any questions before hand.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you didn't then just request a starter of your choice.  

Kurama Kyuubi no Bijuu
♛S♢vereign of Perfection♛

Aug 20th 2019 17:11

No problem at all. And thank you gor taking interest in writing with me. I am not a stickler for detail cause the characters will learn of eachother in story. And with that, I am off work, do we can discuss now if you like. And dont worry about the comment. Just wanted to test an interaction between them.~

Aug 19th 2019 17:49

Well that is because I haven't thought of any at the moment. Though I might post them once the heat has died down a little bit from where I live. In the middle of a heat wave right now, and it's hectic DX Anyways, I would adore to discuss a story-line with you. I'm plenty chill with most characters; unless they flirt like there's no tomorrow-then be ready for a quiet, shy, and 'gtfa'(get the f*ck away) Eyeless Jack, hahaha. He isn't too fond of people hitting on him hard. He's the type to learn about the person before that happens, if it does, haha. Anyways, I hope you're having a splendid day or night~

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