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35 years old
Jacksonville, Florida
United States

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May 22 2020

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Characters: Tau strife
Verses: lion king/anime
Playbys: simba kion
Length: Para, Semi
Member Since:August 30, 2019

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About me:
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Name: Tau Stife wolvsbane Age: 4yrs Staues: taken Mate: Moto adopted father:Shadow Wolvsbane son: Vineyard daughter:Tart cuzins: Ivanna&Inesse Wolvsbane

Who I'd like to meet:

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Nov 12th 2019 19:35

Hiya! Thanks for adding me. If you’re interested in rp, lemme know so I can send a starter. If you’re interested in making friends, let me know. I love cuddling and long walks on the beach xD
g i n g e r

Oct 7th 2019 15:28

The name is Ginger or Ging, ether one will do
Yes yes, I am ginger! but I can ensure you I will not steal anyone soul... well no promises :P

thanks for accepting my add!
It is a pleasure to meet you and I hope we can sort out a roleplay!
Wing it or discuss? ether way lets get something started.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks again


Sep 14th 2019 18:25

we have been :)

Sep 14th 2019 18:19

"Well, good luck with that."

Sep 11th 2019 18:42

Bonz roles his eyes as he slowly gets up on his paws. "Love at first sight? Yeah...Suuurrreee. With young cubbies like you two, it's called infatuation." Pats you lightly on your head with his paw. "But it's all good....no details out of you, I see. It will take more than chit chat to make me fall in love. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that sh*t don't work that way."

Sep 11th 2019 12:59

"A light encounter?" He repeats the others words. "That's not enough. This is my family we're talking about, details....Details." He shakes his head and yawns. "War, huh? Life can be a bitch, buddy....It's up to you to make that bitch yours." Does a quick look over the male. Shakes his paw in a quick motion. "We can get into the bloody details and boohoos later, back to my sister, mr."

Sep 11th 2019 12:27

Bonz was a little confused with the males kindness after his own rude introduction. "Well, yeah....sure...Only time will tell, I suppose." He lays down on the soft dirt and crosses his paws in front, relaxing. "So, how in the world did you two meet?"

Sep 11th 2019 11:52

Bonz jumps up from behind a fallen tree and jumps down in front of the other male. "I have been watching and it looks like you and my baby sister have a thing going on." He grins and releases a short chuckle, before his eyes start to glow a dark red. "You are lucky she seems to like your company. So, I'll put up with you and who knows, we could become friends. But if you hurt her in any form, I will rip you apart and sh*t on you like kitty litter." "Bonz sits up straighter and smiles. His eyes fade back to normal. "Damn, must of slipped my mind. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Bonz, Pumpkin's older brother."  

Sep 8th 2019 13:25


Sep 8th 2019 11:41

I'm slushie  Its nice meeting you to. 
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