In the end, the justice you grasp at is merely the product of a limited perspective. How can you hope to save the world this way?"

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"Time to start your lesson on dodging child."

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About me:
Making his series debut in Darkstalkers 3, Jedah Dohma is a shrewd and well-spoken nobleman of his home dimension of Makai. Fearing that the demonic realm would fall into ruin if it continued under the reign of Belial Aensland (Morrigan's father), Jedah therefore waited for the perfect opportunity to assassinate him. After Belial's death, Jedah enlists a confidant, Ozom (first introduced in Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge as having resurrected Lord Raptor),[8] as a soul-eater.[6] However, Ozom devises a scheme to steal the rule of the Dohma estate for himself, which involves tricking Jedah into opening a magical gate in order to gain access to the imprisoned souls therein and absorb their power. As expected, the unleashed souls overwhelm Jedah and kill him, and Ozom subsequently takes over his rule. After his resurrection a century later, Jedah is disheartened at Makai having descended into madness and infighting, and he embarks on a mission to rebuild the beleaguered realm from scratch by collecting new souls that he plans to fuse into a singular sentient being. This results in the conception of a new pocket dimension called Majigen, whose foundation is formed by Ozom's soul after Jedah convinces him to surrender it.[6] Jedah then proceeds to lure all those whom he feels possess worthy souls—the Darkstalkers themselves—into the dimension, which in turn sets up the tournament of the third game.[5] The saga concludes with Demitri Maximoff temporarily halting his longtime feud with Morrigan in order to engage his nemesis Jedah in final battle over Makai's rule.[9][note 1] As the centerpiece of the Darkstalkers 3 plot, Jedah has some degree of involvement in other characters' in-game storylines, such as his causing the disappearance of Sasquatch's fellow bigfoot,[11] Victor voluntarily entering Majigen in hopes of reviving his sister Emily,[12] and Rikuo doing likewise to search for his missing son.[13] He is additionally responsible for the creation of Morrigan's "sister" Lilith, who was spawned from a segment of power that had previously been split from Morrigan by Belial, and then stolen and crafted by Jedah into a smaller, younger clone of Morrigan.[14] Meanwhile, Q-Bee and her carnivorous Makaian species of "Soul Bees," who had long inhabited land on the Dohma estate, are faced with extinction following Jedah's death and the lengthy period prior to his resurrection.[15] Jedah joined fellow Darkstalkers characters Anakaris, Demitri and Felicia in the 2004 Capcom fighting crossover Capcom Fighting Evolution, and made unplayable boss appearances in the tactical role-playing games Cross Edge (2008) and Project X Zone (2012).[16] The September 2005 issue of Singaporean gaming magazine GameAxis Unwired confused him with Demitri in their review of SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, in which Jedah did not appear.[17] Jedah appears as a playable character and major antagonist in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. In the game's story, he proposes an alliance with Death to merge their two worlds and create equilibrium between life and death. When Ultron Sigma betrays them, he uses the Soul Stone to feed souls to a Symbiote, hoping to use it as a weapon. The Symbiote is ultimately defeated by the heroes, and Dante defeats Jedah in combat and takes the Soul Stone. Jedah later tells Death he has another plan, but the two are attacked by a vengeful Thanos.[18
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Apr 1st 2020 01:17

Glad to hear that you and your family are doing well. You got a prayer answered? That's interesting, but I'm still a skeptic in that regard. Until I dive into the world myself, I don't think I'll quite understand it when people say "he'll never leave you". I still have yet to talk to my mom about all this.

I believe you when you say that they'll plan to take the internet down. I mean, anything is possible at the moment. I personally believed that the virus was going to be an isolated case, but lo-and-behold, it got to a dangerous point where no one knows what to do and are running around like chickens without heads. And I have to vote for these people? Gah. I too have to help my mom -somehow- be ready when stuff goes up in flames. Cause this pandemic is revealing so much to everyone. 

Eh. Honestly, if the power/internet goes out, I'd probably be sleeping most of the day, haha. I ought to mention to my mom to invest in flashlights at least. Who knows, she'll probably tell me about him and I can finally understand it.  This won't be the first time I experienced a blackout. I think New York had a couple. One during the summer and the other time during that "hurricane.". But seriously, it sounds like you are super well prepared in case DOOM hits. 

Mar 25th 2020 20:23

I know. Still, its just stressful hearing about the virus evolving and there's no good news, no progress about it. Its like everyone is waiting til they lose half of the world before they kick their buns in overdrive. I don't know, I'm just fed up with it all, haha. And I too am in New York and everything is chaotic. The media, higher-ups and so on aren't really saying anything positive other than "stop hoarding" "stay inside" to quell the fear. We don't need to see the death toll rise all the time. 

And I'm kind losing my mind here, due to the worrying of my mother.
But so far so good. I think. And what about you and your family? 

Mar 24th 2020 02:03

I am doing well thankfully.

I have had one Anxiety attack but I am well.

Thank you for checking on me. ♥

Mar 24th 2020 01:59

Its all good I just wanna make sure we come to an understanding

Mar 24th 2020 01:46

WHAT!! Scared?

I would never hurt you. xD

Yes. Peace and most of all no comotion!

Mar 24th 2020 01:32

Same with iggy lol

Mar 24th 2020 01:14

Would you like them to?

Mar 24th 2020 01:08

Because I wanted to make sure you are ok!!!

With all the Virus thing going around..

Please be safe out there.


Mar 18th 2020 21:26

Here I was Looking for you.
”How are you doing My Friend?


Mar 18th 2020 01:39

I mean, we always had some kind of virus happen almost every year. It just makes me hate the media even more for fueling this whole hoarding obsession and giving people the wrong idea about everything. I do believe its going to taper off before summer. But regardless, I do pray for you and everyone else. 

Lol. Honestly, I'm already stressed out with this stupid virus than anything else will make me explode at the moment.  And I finally know what Elon Musk looks like. I thought he was young-young. I didn't know he looked like that. 

I feel anything will lead more people to fear and panic. People just want to live, want children, want to accomplish dreams. But they won't if they listen into the negativity that the media/etc produce to earn big bucks. And man, I'm angry at the writing of this comment, lol. Angry thinking about this virus. 
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