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NAME: Krono Void
NICKNAMES: Pickle, Kro, Void Walker
ALIASES: Zander Void
DATE OF BIRTH: January 1st
PLACE OF BIRTH: Planet Krellenanietus


ETHNICITY: Krellian (alien)
HAIR COLOR: Silver with translucent Shimmers
EYE COLOR: Dark Grey sclera with Light Silver hues
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: X shaped white scar on his left hip


Traits: Inquisitive, Impulsive, Rude, Flirty, Blunt, Distant, Hardheaded, Chill, Laid back, Compassionate, Childish, Ruthless and Hot Headed
Disorders: Sex addiction
Addictions: Sex
Likes: Sweets, Cats, Rain, Food, Flowers
Dislikes: Bitter food


Shape shifting
Void Manipulation
Body Manipulation
Copy Cat (Limited)
Super Strength
Fluent in all languages (But only by a kiss)
Human Appearance


High School Galactic Royal Academy
College N/A
Major N/A
Degree N/A


OCCUPATION: Exiled Prince / Crime Lord


MOTHER: Vuna Void (Deceased)
FATHER: Laruda Void (Deceased)
BROTHER(S): Jiro Void (Deceased)
Other Family: Ivern Void (Uncle)
LOVER: A pompous princess named Ryder


RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Contaminated by an illness called Ryder
CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): Ryder the pompous princess



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Characters: Krono
Verses: Custom
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Open, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Member Since:September 29, 2019

Taking a break, I have two messages and two comments that I will get too tomorrow. If I owe you a starter, let me know so I can put it down to be reminded. Other than that, I do know who I owe a starter but leave a reminder encase I might have. I'll be on discord for the rest of the night

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About me:
.vicarious{Second Hide Blurbs Code}
Who I'd like to meet:

Krellenanietus wasn't the most beautiful planet, more like a barren waste land of rock, dust and metal. Once they use to be a more vibrant planet, filled with lush and vibrant ecosystem 130 thousand of years ago. It was part of a system back then, with 22 other planets. Their system was destroyed by a black hole, only theirs survived. No longer being a part of a system, they were now a part of the void. Being a part of the void changed the Krellians, changed them more into monsters, with a savage style. They did keep their intelligence, but in the end, they lost who they really were. The void was a harsh place to live, even so the Krellians made due with it. It wasn't like they had any other choice, and like any species they adapted to it. They realized that they could do so much with the power of the void, that it became incorporated into their tech. The void was their everything, and due to it they became void walkers.

PRINCE KRONO Sometimes I wonder if I am truly the savage one here
Back Story

Void Walkers were what they were called throughout the galaxy. An ancient race that seemed to be able to walk through the void of space with ease. Their planet Krellenanietus was once a prosperous and lush planet. It was also thought to be the oldest planet in all of the galaxies. With their two small suns and 16 moons, it was impressive but they held a secret. Their planet was dying and it was evident by the lack of vegetation, as the planet itself was turning black. Even with all of their technological advancements, being a race that could control any tech couldn't figure out what was wrong.

The planet itself was just dying, simple as that. It was possible that they used up their resources and the planet could no longer sustain itself any longer. It was prophesied that a child would be born that would save the planet.

Krono's birth was special, all 16 moons were aligned at the time of his birth, and he was born with neon blue markings all over his body. He was the child that was prophesied by the oracles, the one that would save the planet. There was a lot of mixed feelings about his birth, but the King was hopeful. He still believed in the old ways, and was hopeful that this child would be the savior of their planet.

Krono was moved into the palace, his mother had died during childbirth and he had no other family. He was raised by the King and Queen as their own child. The Queen not having any children of her own raised Krono as her own. He lived his life as the Prince, yet as he grew older he started to notice that things weren't as they seemed. It wasn't until the Queen had her first child, a son. As the years went by, he couldn't shake that feeling that he didn't belong. It wasn't until the Kings brother told him.

Not really telling him, but reminded him that he didn't belong. That he was an eyesore to look at. The Kings brother was a vile and cruel man who eyed the throne to make it his own. Several years later, when he turned 16 the entire royal family was killed. Everyone knew that it was the Kings brother, but once he came to throne things changed. He didn't care about the old ways, and what he wanted was war. He wanted to conquer other planets and galaxies. Of course he also had to take care of Krono, he didn't want to kill the child. So he just sold the child, it would have looked suspicious if Krono had been killed as well.

Krono spent many years as a slave to the Rekis, a race of savage type conquering aliens. He was tortured, raped and used as a slave to the higher ups. He endured many years of this that he just went dull to it. He was forced to wear a collar that blocked him from using any of his abilities. He finally was able to escape due to an electromagnetic solar storm. For a split second it shut the collar off and that was all he needed to take control of it. With his ability to control technology he took control of the ship, as he sent it through a black hole. He spent some time floating through space till he came across Earth. He was pulled down to Earth by its gravitational pull, as he woke up at the bottom of a lake.

Additional Space Invaders are in the blog section
Present Day

Living on Earth was such a shock to Krono. It wasn't like his planet at all, coming from a planet that was barren with any kind of lush ecosystem. When he first landed he didn't know anything, and almost got caught because he stood out in his alien form. He quickly had to adapt to his surroundings and take the guise as a human. He soon learned that Earth tech was extremely simple as he made a life as a petty thief. Stealing money from atms once he learned what the purpose of money and how it was used. It didn't take long for him to become a small time crime lord with many underlings to do his bidding. He kept to the shadows, no one know what he really looked like as he took a different form as an underground boss. He lived in a condo in the center of New York, enjoying his life on Earth. He was learning more about it, and like a true Krellian thought about taking over the planet.

The laws of A Krellian

Rule 1- Just don't rush me and I won't melt your insides with acid

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~♥♥Mama Knows Best♥♥~

𝐤𝐨𝐬𝐦𝐢𝐤 𝐚𝐦𝐩.

The Strongest






ժҽѵíӀ’Տ ɑժѵօϲɑԵҽ


sacred lullaby.


𝙁𝙞𝙭' 𝙄𝙩



▌Team Anvil Director, Prescott

Twilight Thief

Hailstorm Emperor




Ilknu Bloodline




★▌Nozomi Shihai


ʟᴏsᴛ ɢɪʀʟ





House of Dawn



Bᴏɴᴇ Dᴀɴᴄᴇʀ☪

── 𝑒𝑥𝑎𝑙𝑡𝑒𝑑.

Rocket Witch Kiara

Nishino, Kazuki

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Dec 8th 2019 02:47


Do not worry about it ^^
I'm sort of pretty patient. - mostly :P 
and I did see your streams :3 

It's not a must, but it would be really cool, and if it becomes too much for you, we can always let one of them fade away into the abyss ^^ 
Depression is a vicious leech!! 

I love the twists! 
okay okay okay! 
I'm excited.

I think this is a great idea! 
then the only thing left to discuss is: 
how will Bou get aboard the ship? 

Did he raid a youth prison and kidnapped some kids?
or, was Bou getting chased and found herself ending up on your ship by mistake? 
did Verco take her on as protegee? 
Also, what would be the state and time of the earth? 

also, your profile music is dope! 


Dec 8th 2019 02:40

H-Hello sir!

I would much love to get something going as well. 

My characters info is on my profile as well so please do look. 

I think your main character is very interesting, I was looking over you profile and I like it a lot. 

I can't wait for our rp!


Dec 7th 2019 08:11

ahh okay ~ ^^ hmm ima  gonna go with Killian if you don't mind ~

We R̷ ℳonsters·K̷a̷r̷n̷i̷v̷a̷l̷

Dec 6th 2019 10:27

Real life just bites haha. On top of holidays and family, I just recently lost my best friend, too. So I'm all over the scale of WTF XD But we will hang in there, yeah? We gotta. And hey, I'll be patient if you are. The understanding squad!! 
... Sorry... Mornings and my medicine does not mix XD Anyway...
For Leko and reading his bio again... Between the two, quite honestly it depends on the type of RP you want. Both have back story that you won't get bored with, that's for sure.
  -Knox is more of a Daddy Dom, take care of and tend to you, but he is also very work oriented and he is very close to Clervie. So she will be in his RP often and her story will tie in. 
  -Vilkas is abusive. Plain and simple. He comes off as a sweet, innocent thing, but he is definitely dark and he loses his temper fast. His body is also both genders, male dominant. When he came to earth, his body couldn't grasp that Human genetics properly. And his back story possibly has triggers in it as well.

That was a lot :/ But I hope it helps a little...?

Dec 6th 2019 03:33

true true and even yet.  i  don't have much on my bio's character wise since i only have one that im currently rping as but it still in progress wise.  because the only question i have now. is   what additional character i can pick 

Dec 6th 2019 00:56

Thanks for the greeting! I'll be sure to look over your profile and get back to you with ideas. I went ahead and added you on discord, so hopefully we can get to chatting and figuring things out soon!

Dec 5th 2019 02:50

Hello and Greetings to you! my name is Carlos   Carlos Marron '  Scientist Of NightVale
and yes I would love to get something started as well when ever is good
hmm  I  did took a look at your profile and characters but I do have a question.
what kind of plot do you want to discuss and what genre ?
🔵 🔵 🔵

Nov 28th 2019 15:34

I changed a few things but not drastically.  They can meet this way, the bluevoxx causes a stir by mass revenge attacks but Galaxia being an alien knows it's Azazel and tells him. He then spends majority of his time trying to find out Galaxia knows this. 
🔵 🔵 🔵

Nov 28th 2019 09:44

Awesome, uhh.
Did we already discuss how they meet? 
We R̷ ℳonsters·K̷a̷r̷n̷i̷v̷a̷l̷

Nov 26th 2019 13:55

I am actually...quite taken with Leko XD 
He seems so precious. Is he available by chance?? 
And thank you for being so understanding!! :-) I was really worried about meeting friends and getting things started.
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