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If I deny you the first time, please don't re-add. I don't live on this site and I got one of those things called a job, so I will be slow because of that. Be patient, and I will get to everyone in due time. Keep role-play and real life separate.

113 years old
United States

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December 06 2019

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Characters: 【As long as we love each other, and our feelings are connected.】ᏟᏒᎥmsᎾᏁsᎬᏁsᎾᏒ
Verses: |No Romance |No Sm*t |No N*FW |No Drama keep the stupid shit away from me |Extremely Selective|
Playbys: *Strictly Here To Write* No Discord,Facebook/Messenger,Line,and Skype
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para


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