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Occupation:Fromer Army Ranger, Ninja Master, Cobra Officer
Characters: Storm Shadow, Young Master, (E-5) Sergeant Thomas Arashikage
Verses: G.I. Joe, Comic, Military, Marvel, Hasbro, Crossovers Encouraged but Selective
Playbys: Young Lee Byung-hun
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Comic, Crossover, Drama, Open, Spar/Fighting,
Member Since:November 14, 2019

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About me:
Name: Thomas S. Arashikage; Codename: Storm Shadow; Rank/Affiliation: E-5 Sergeant/US Army Rangers; Specialty: Covert Operations; Secondary Specialty: Martial Arts/Hand-to-Hand Instructor; (Most information that follows is canon, though some is filled with personal opinion.) *Born: May 4th, 1985 in San Fransisco, California. -Father: Kaiza Arashikage 'Fearless Master' (Immigrant) -Mother: Miko Arashikage (3rd Generation Japanese-American) -No siblings. -Grew up training in Ninjutsu and many other martial arts thanks to his father, who was a Master of the Arashikage Clan, and second youngest of the Brothers. (Soft and Middle Masters are eldest, Hard Master the youngest.) *Moved to Ames, Iowa end of July 1990. -Met and befriended Nathan and Theresa Jacobson. *Graduated May of 2003. -Enlisted in the Army immediately after, joined by Nathan. -Both were soon recruited to the Army Rangers when they proved to be quick learners and very skilled. *Deployed to Iraq at the end of 2003 after graduating Ranger School. -Served under Alonzo 'Stalker' Wilkinson, alongside Wade Collins, Ramon Escobedo and D*ck Saperstein. -Survived an ambush by Al-Qaeda after raiding a stronghold/weapons cache, dragging a wounded Nathan back to the extraction team with the help of Alonzo after Wade, Ramon and D*ck were KIA. -After the death of Nathan's family and the end of his own tour, Thomas returned to Japan to finish his training with his uncles, and his younger cousin, Kimi (later to become Jinx). --Nathan soon joined him after recovering from his injuries and completing physical therapy 2005. *Hard Master's accidental murder by Zartan, aided by Firefly, in 2007. -Framed for the murder because of his slight jealousy for Nathan's quick progress and seeming favoritism towards him by Hard Master. -Fled from Japan, seeking the killer, all the while accepting the blame for the murder. -Soon joined the man who would later become Cobra Commander as his bodyguard, under the impression that if he served well, he would find the identity of his uncle's killer and have permission to take his revenge upon him. -His loyalty is constantly challenged, even with the Brainwave Scanner's influence. *Currently free of Cobra's grasp and working with the Joes. *Current Age/Status: 35, Reserve
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crฮนmsฯƒn rฯƒsั”

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