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Antichrist - 刺

Legal Information
NAME: Damien Thorn
ALIASES: Antichrist, Wicked One, Beast, Man of Sin

Physical Details
SPECIES: Human Antichrist.
ETHNICITY: Caucasian.
HEIGHT: 6"2'
WEIGHT: 190lbs
BIRTHMARKS: Small 666 on scalp, hidden beneath hair.
SCARS: None.

Relationship Information
PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): None worth listing.

Traits: His psyche is animalistic, primordial, and monstrous to behold. It further contains within its very core an awesome supernatural element, setting the bearer apart from all others.
Disorders: None diagnosed
Likes: Himself, his followers, indulging in sinful activity, manipulating others
Dislikes: The Nazarene, any gods or angels, most other demons.


Insane Poetry - "Belial"

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Body type:No Answer
Characters: Damien Thorn
Verses: The Omen
Playbys: Bradley James
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Horror, Open, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
Member Since:January 02, 2014

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About me:
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Who I'd like to meet:

Yes. Born in the image of the greatest power in the world. The Desolate one.


On the sixth hour of the sixth day, of the sixth month, a child was born. The unholy offspring of Satan and a Jackal, he was given to be raised by U.S. Diplomat Robert Thorn and his wife, replacing the child they were told had only just been lost in delivery. Though grateful, the couple did not realize what sort of creature they would be rearing, or what manner of monster would be raised beneath the safety of their roof.

The newlyborn child would be christened Damien Thorn. In his time walking the earth, he would come to be called many things: the Antichrist, the Beast, the False Prophet, all of these things are true, and only trusted few would ever know the truth.

For five brief years, the child lived a normal life. He was loved, greatly so, well taken care of and doted upon the way only a well-off child could be. It was a good life, an innocent life; this all changed upon Damien Thorn�s fifth birthday, that early step into adolescence. His nanny was hypnotized, mind taken from her entirely, by a wild mastiff acting as a familiar of sorts for the child. On his birthday, as a gift to him, she jumped from the roof of the child�s home, hanging herself brutally in front of the astonished celebrants. The devil-child did not flinch, nor did he look away. Rather, he watched transfixed, and even acknowledged the hell hound with a garish grin.

After many more unexplainable deaths, and increasingly odd behavior from the boy, his adoptive father came to realize what he truly is: a monster, a liar, and above all a deceiver. Robert received a set of ceremonial daggers, the Daggers of Megiddo, the only weapons on earth which can harm the boy, not only in rending his body but also in destroying his primordial and animalistic soul. Robert brought Damien to a church, hoping to lessen his influence of the world surrounding them, and raised the holy stiletto above him. The boy was jostled into wakefulness and stared up at him, eyes full of innocence. �I hurt� Daddy� the boy whimpered. So moved is Robert by his adopted son�s pain that he hesitated, allowing just enough time for the police to arrive, and gun down Robert. The demon child is proven to be a perverse imitator of Christ, appearing angelic and pure while concealing his depraved nature; the childlike exterior hides the inner psyche of the shadow beast.

Shortly after, Damien Thorn is taken in, by the president of the United States himself no less, and is passed along to his adoptive Uncle, Richard Thorn. Here, the process repeats anew. He was loved by his new family, an Aunt and Uncle, and Cousin Mark. All is well until the child�s thirteenth birthday approached, the rite of passage into adolescence, when he is being groomed to take control of his uncle�s multinational conglomerate, Thorn Industries, the perfect vehicle in his quest for domination. It is at this time that Damien undergoes a startling realization, he is discovering who and what he truly is. Guided along the way by a number of the devil�s disciples, he is informed of the truth and of his purpose.

Now he is able to detach himself from the instinctual sphere of the beast, and that of childhood innocence, to develop a stronger and more liberating identity. He comes to adopt these new facts, the good and bad of his antichrist psyche. When questioned by his beloved cousin, Damien responds matter-of-factly �I�m okay� now,� confirming his acceptance. Although the adolescent resolved his identity crisis, it is mankind�s misfortune to be forever plagued by the cognizant demon.

Following this, Damien tried to convince the cousin he loved so dearly to come with him. Begged him, even, announcing a true brotherly love for his cousin, only to be brutally rejected. Mark simply knew far too much, and would not come along with him, so Mark had to die. Damien stared, with the eyes of a bird of prey, callously severing a number of arteries in Mark�s brain, ensuring an excruciatingly painful death. It is with this last kill that the demon severed all remaining ties to the human species. In the aftermath of this tragedy, a new and more powerful Damien emerged with fire burning brightly in his eyes and a rage stronger than any hormonal reaction could produce. The bestial wail emitted over Mark�s lifeless corpse signified the death of his human persona and the realization that he is doomed to forever be a pure and utter savage, a vessel for his father.

The death of Mark left only his adoptive Aunt and Uncle to deal with. In keeping with his expanded awareness of who he is, and the powers he possesses, he was able to take over the mind of his Aunt, forcing her to plunge the daggers intended for his own demise deep into his Uncle�s body. After Ann committed the crime, Damien sought out the adjacent boiler room and caused the furnace to explode with ease, trapping the poor woman in the resultant conflagration. The demon walked away from the scene utterly unscathed, having come full circle and fully capable of creating a hellish underworld on earth himself. He even smiled, pleased with himself and what he accomplished, proud of his new orphaned state, relishing the feelings of isolation and abandonment connected with being parentless. This new Damien came to prefer being alone and untrusting, and in this respect, will be capable of achieving �divine� feats upon reaching adulthood.

The devil child had grown to adulthood, now a man, taking charge of Thorn Industries and engaged on a political path which will take him straight to the presidency of the United States, with a corporate viciousness which builds his empire on the misfortune of others, all for the sake of expanding his power. It would seem that there is nothing that can stop Damien Thorn on his quest for global domination.

Desolate because his greatness was taken from him and he was cast down. But he has risen� in me.
My Rules

01. I don't care who added who, or if you just want to be a number. If you want to talk or send a starter, feel free. I don't send many greetings, because most people don't respond.

02. I do any type of roleplay except for fighting. No offense to those who enjoy it, but it bores the piss out of me and I find no enjoyment in it.

03. I do para to multi, no more or less. If I wanted to write a Novel, I'd publish and get paid for it.

04. Roleplay and Real-life are not the same thing. I am not my character, my character is not me. Learn to keep them separate.

05. Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon, every roleplay takes place in it's own confined little world. The events of them do not influence those of any other in any way.

06. Make your f***ing comments legible. If you use a font or color that makes it impossible to read without highlighting it, leaning in, and squinting, I'm just going to delete it and not bother.

07. Just don't be a d*ck, and we won't have any problems. I'm usually pretty tolerant.

I'll update this as necessary.
He is looking through my eyes and wearing my body.

Come with me, I can take you with me.

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