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115 years old
Greystones, Wicklow

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April 04 2020

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About me:

NAME:Tassia Coile
DATE OF BIRTH:21st of June, 100
PLACE OF BIRTH:Modern day Ireland
APPEARANCE:Highly depends on what she's doing but, ordinarily appears with silver/grey wavy hair. Her eyes are mismatched: the right one is vibrant green, the left a striking hazel.

Soothsaying. She has the ability to see the most likely future as well as past events of people, places and events. The prediction itself depends on a lot of factors and deciphering it may be an ordeal for all involved. This is also her most defining characteristic since sometimes she just can't shut it off so she gets lost in the different time lines which makes it difficult to discern what is happening in the present and what events belong to other time lines, effectively driving her crazy. Due to this she's also very intuitive, which she depends on frequently.
Necromancy. This is a complicated one for Tassia. She has the ability to raise the dead, however this is never without heavy cost. She'll only venture into it if there is no viable alternative. With this ability came secondary ones like her extensive healing skills and the ability to communicate with the dead.
Potion making.She's an avid and very talented potion maker.
Pryokinesis. This one is pretty self explanatory.
Channeling and casting magics. These kinds of spells are her forte. She's a little clumsy with enchanting and summoning magics even after almost a thousand years of practice.
Soothsaying. As mentioned before this kind of power bears a heavy cost. Even on normal days she has to concentrate to stay in the present timeline and silence the voices in her head, even then they are a constant murmur in the back of her mind. This only gets worse as she ages.
Emotions. She has a hard time controlling them and unfortunately her magics are tied to her emotion. Essentially every outburst of emotion is followed by an outburst of magic. This gets better as she ages, but not by much.
Fear of large bodies of water. Due to certain events in her past she's terrified of deep water. For some odd reason swamps are an exception to that rule, but if she were fully submerged in the water for long her fear would bubble to the surface.
Cold weather. Since she's a pyromancer cold doesn't really help her magic.
PERSONALITY: Tassia has many facets of her personality but at her center she's kind, understanding, mischievous, determined, curious and highly intelligent.
Who I'd like to meet:

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lσrd oғ ιnnιѕтrad

Mar 30th 2020 06:18

And here I was writing up a comment, when the site decided to refresh, and...erase it. 
Hnnnn. Nonetheless, I have gone ahead and sent you an add request on discord -- overdue, I know, but better late than never, hm? 
At least there, my messages hopefully won't spontaneously disappear, aha. 
I'll speak with you there, then. ♥
In the meantime, I hope all is well, too, and you're safe and sound over there~
s ι η

Mar 24th 2020 05:28

You... Are and amazing writer. Holy sh*t. I loved your reply.
lσrd oғ ιnnιѕтrad

Mar 24th 2020 05:07

She was toying with him -- well, toying after a fashion, for there was no mistaking the mischievious curve of those full lips, nor the pleasure that seemed to glitter within mismatched hues that seemed to hint at the delight she took in seeing him in such a state. Yet in this moment, he could not deny that she held him in the palm of her hand...or rather, another part of her body. Head tilted back as she had, there was ample space for him to watch this time, dazed golden eyes watching as she once more captured that steel-firm length betwixt the contours of lace-harnessed brests, caressing the sides of his shaft between them, making him stir and twist and moan. 
"Nnghh...quite buxom for such a...slim witch..." groaned the planeswalker in the back of his throat; a feature of hers he evidently took pleasure in, if the slightly-more-aggressive pace of his hips, the churn of his lower body were any evidence thereof. Plunging that pulsing, rigid length into her natural cleavage, he seethed, twisting once again, the ripened head glistening with clear fluid as the tip emerged from between her breasts, cradled therein by her ripe bosom. "I-I'm going to..."

Aw, all is forgiven for you, dearest moonstone, rest assured. I must offer my own apologies for this delay, too -- alas, apart from what's going on with the world of late, I am still dealing with my own health issues. Hopefully they are soon to be resolved; fingers shall be crossed to this end. I'm glad to hear you made it back safe and sound, and I'm looking forward to having more time with you. ♥ Someone does indeed still owe our roleplay a reply~

-Snickers- I shall add you on the morrow then, my dear. It'll be nice to have another way to connect, yes. 
And no, alas I am not -- my mother is asian, so I ended up with an almost-perfect mix of my mother's complexion and my father's german/irish heritage. Which is a roundabout way of saying I'm simply a brunette with fairer skin, aha. 
Lacking a driver's license? My, I envy folks who can go about their lives like that (i.e. living in an area of the world where it's not necessary). I appreciate the freedom of having a car, but there are so many expenses associated with it, it can be quite the nightmare. 
That and I adore trains. Would that we had a better train infrastructure in this country. 

-Sifting his fingers through her hair, he snuggles her up close-
Aha, same reaction when my own 10-year reunion was mentioned, so I definitely empathize. Truth be told I don't -feel- that much older, myself...I still feel like I'm 29. Folks in their 30s are usually supposed to have life figured out more than I do -- but I suppose that's also one of those silly stereotypes that we shouldn't listen to. 

It sounds like you had a good time on your vacation, yes? Did the fears of global pandemic dampen any part of it, or did you get in before much of that took hold? I'm no health official, nor a scientist involved in any of the medical fields, but...the hysteria is a fair bit scarier than the virus, at least over here. Going to the grocery store is like taking a step into a post-apocalyptic movie, I swear. 
I'm glad to hear you're back in your own apartment now, though, and can hole up somewhat and weather the storm. 
(As I do the same over here)

I got ladded quite a bit this time. Someone must've missed me. ♥
It's ever pleasant to hear from you again, dear moonstone. Now I'll just have to try not to monopolize your time too much while you're stuck indoors~
s ι η

Mar 22nd 2020 18:14

I went ahead and sent you a starter. I think our muses are going to get along beautifully. ♥
s ι η

Mar 22nd 2020 10:39

I appreciate your questions- No one has ever taken the time to actually get to know his methods. Thank you. 

The way he judges Sin is really quite simple. He has a connection to all of those around him, he can sense their "moral code" if you will. He will drop subtle influences in front of a person to tempt them. Think of it like a leaky ceiling. The bucket you put under it is empty, but before too long that bucket will overflow. His influence is the water drop. 

With this, he can see how a person reacts, sees what they personally perceives sin as. Since in his verse Religion doesn't exist, Sin is but a word used to describe our own personal view on what Sin is. I do it that way, because it really breaks down a character to their nitty gritty. 

Though, usually most on this site use it to go like "OH BABY WE GUN F*** RIGHT? ITS A SIN TO F***-" Haha. Which, is fine if that's the goal, but I do request it be an interesting story first or during.
s ι η

Mar 21st 2020 11:18

I am glad to hear your travel troubles are over. It's been quite the mess lately. As for the roleplay, I am indefinitely interested. Did you have any ideas that you'd love to try? I'm down for a mutually interesting story.
s ι η

Mar 12th 2020 03:30

Oh my... you're Irish. 

And, a witch if I read correctly?

This will prove to be very interesting. It's very rare to find someone who is both of the things I enjoy. I haven't fully read your page, but I will when I come to your starter. I like to personalize starters based off of the back stories I read on people's page. 

I appreciate the reply to my introduction.
lσrd oғ ιnnιѕтrad

Mar 11th 2020 06:34

Yes, intentionally or not, the lingerie-clad witch had certainly alighted upon one of those more sensuous acts that gave him the most pleasure, one that featured prominently in indulgences wherein he held control -- as he usually did. Perhaps it was charity that motivated him to share what usually was not shared in intimate moments...or perhaps it was the pleasant nature of allowing oneself to experience the opposite side from time to time. Variety was the spice of life, after all, and even the sweetest morsel's taste grew dull when it was sampled too often. As the witchling ran the warmth of her tongue along his tip, allowing her to taste the clear pearlescence that made the ripened, sensitive head of his member glisten, he groaned; a sound that vibrated in the back of his throat, his hips jerking forward at the sensation, rigid length twitching visibly between her round breasts. 

Of course, the application of her hands only increased the pressure upon the sides of the veined, hardened shaft, a euphoric pressure that squeezed him between the witchling's breasts. Shivering, muscles taut in his thighs and abdomen, he anchored himself onto one of her slender shoulders more securely, long fingers pressing against her smooth flesh as he bowed himself forward this time -- platinum hair veiling the sides of his face, though there was little way to miss those dazed golden eyes fixed upon the witch's jostling bosom, the black lace that cradled and enhanced her breasts, the supple and hypnotizing glide of her round flesh against the sides of his turgid, erect member. With every churn of his hips, every press of her breasts, he came closer and closer to surrender, to spilling the heat of his seed over that enticing neckline...

The day before your birthday! Are you all ready for your trip to England?
Filled with excitement and birthday celebrations~?
Would that I could join you, and give you a present in person!

I live alone, yes. I value my privacy far too much to hazard a roommate for long, aha. 
Ooh, that sounds fun. Which concerts did you go to? It's been a long time since I've been to one.
And under duress, hm? Who's forcing you to make a Discord? One of the witchling's many fans, I am sure...still, though I give mine out (very) sparingly, I wouldn't mind sharing it with you. I know you're the trustworthy sort, and won't abandon our RP simply because we can chat there. 

Hrm. I guess you have a point there...
I've got a fair bit of Irish in me, but I never really noticed if it gave me any particular tolerance to alcohol, aha. I suppose that might just be me being responsible, though. Designated driver and all that. 

-Hums, stroking fingers absently through her hair-
Well, I'm past 30 a few years now, just initially moving from 29 -> 30 tends to be the biggest shock. 
A whole new tens-place and all that! But in truth, I'd say turning 40 is probably a bigger milestone, as far as 'getting old' goes...so we're both safe from that for a few years yet~
I do know you travel for work, do you get any time to yourself, to explore the places you have to go? Me, I live in the desert, so the only place the family tends to vacation is to the ocean, which is a few hours' drive to the west coast. Otherwise, being a grad student (debt, no money, etc), I don't really have enough discretionary income to travel, aha. 
I hear a lot of the UK is quite nice! (Outside of the areas that tourists usually go). I don't think I'd mind living there...or Ireland, or Scotland, though I'd have to make an effort to pick up the language, for the latter. I'd appreciate that it rains a lot, ha. 

Pff, well, I hope you're not too cynical to have faith in me, at least ♥
After all, I've grown too attached to your company to let you slip away for too long. 
Have to carry you off and all that~
In the event you're busy with travel/festivities in your birthday-day, too, 
Happy birthday, dearest moonstone. I do hope you have a wonderful time~ ♥

s ι η

Mar 8th 2020 22:34

Thank you for either accepting my request or sending one yourself. I am the writer of Zizoku N. Kurlukervich. Please feel free to address me as Zi for short. There are a few things that I wish to mention to make for a pleasurable writing experience... If you disagree with any of the following, I will accept friendly OOC banter as a substitute. There will be no hard feelings or drama should you choose to delete me if you disagree with my conditions. I will also expect the same respect in return. 

  • Literacy is a must. This rule is flexible, because I am not perfect. I only ask for effort.
  • Multi-para to Novella only, please.
  • "Mature Themes" does not mean only sexual interactions. It means anything not suitable for Churches or Courtrooms.
  • Religious sacrilege may occur during our stories in some form or another. This is purely story driven as my muse has created the myth of "God". More in my bio and to come about that later...
  • Any limitations such as goredeathviolence and such should be made known prior to writing.
  • I will accept any Verse and will do my best to accommodate as such, but please be willing to do the same.
  • Zi will not permanently harmscardisfigure or kill your character unless otherwise discussed prior to it happening. 
  • I will primarily be in character during our interactions. I usually separate Story and RL with the use of // or ( ) as most do. If we are already OOCing these symbols will not be used. 
  • Lastly, I work a full time job. I will not be able to reply quickly to every story. Please have patience. If you see I am Online either here or Discord and I haven't spoken to you, please do not assume I am ignoring you. I do my best to get to everyone.
I know that is a lot to read, but I appreciate that you have taken the time to. I look forward to getting to a discussion either on here or on Discord. 

You can find me on discord at ♔Crow--;#1770
lσrd oғ ιnnιѕтrad

Mar 7th 2020 06:18

Either an experienced young woman she was, or a quick study -- or perhaps both, though his thoughts were far too muddied with pleasure to linger overlong upon the source of the witchling's intimate prowess. Sufficient to say that the motions of her body, her hands, her tongue, bespoke not just pleasure but practice as well, as if she knew just how to touch and kiss and tease to arouse the reactions she desired. Surely she could taste him upon her tongue, and he shivered as she withdrew the warmth of her mouth from him; her light little breath causing that turgid, steel-firm length to twitch vividly before her eyes, before she rose onto her knees...

"Mmmh..." Another tremulous moan that vibrated in his chest surely betrayed what his throbbing, glistening member already had, and his hips twisted to better nestle the underside of the shaft against the curve of the witchling's cleavage. Her still-intact black bra almost seemed to assist her in this task, cradling and lifting those round swells upwards, making it all the easier for her to massage his length between them. The ripened head of his member rose upwards, closer to the graceful curve of her neck, her collarbone...before descending again, his hips beginning to churn in a familiar rhythm. 

Aw, well thank you! The visit is over now, and alas, the apartment is a little lonely. 
Thankfully, I have a certain moonstone to keep me company, too -- even if she's having a busy week, herself. 
However, it is now the weekend! I do hope that brings with it at least some respite. 
No apologies are needed in the least; surely you know that you'll always have my patience. 
After all, you're someone quite special to me, and a dear writing-partner and companion. 
I will continue to await, in hopes that you're able to rest and recuperate soon, too. 

Well, that's very kind of you to say ♥ And I'm glad I haven't bored you yet. A miracle, that surely is~
That does make sense, though. Perhaps it's just that I appreciate having the time to think things out -- in conversation, of course, that's usually nonexistent. So whether or not I actually use it is a different matter; sometimes it's nice just to have the reassurance that the time's there, if need be. 
Still, though. I'd bet you're quite eloquent yourself, given what a charming writer you are. 

Aaah, socialized drinking, hm? You know, there's probably a fair bit of that around here, too -- I just haven't been in situations where I'd be exposed much to that sort of thing, being a career student thus far. I know it's more common in the workplace, though probably not to the extent some other countries do. 
Hmm, does that mean you can hold your liquor quite well~?

-Hums, stroking fingers through her hair- 
Oy, at least you're not in your thirties yet, unlike someone who feels older than he should. 
What are your favorite places to visit, for vacation? 
You've probably been to many more countries than I have. 

Aye, I know that feeling well -- it's nice to have a 'home base,' a fixed point that you can always return to, no matter where other travels might take you. 
I'm glad to hear your new abode is coming together, too!
Perhaps one day we'll swap apartment-pictures.

There you go -- flattering me again. 
But I appreciate your kindness, truly. I really do miss you too, moonstone. 
We'll find time for each other more consistently again soon; I have faith. ♥
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