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Turn and face the strange.

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Characters: she who walks upon the wind.
Verses: open, fantasy, feudal, supernatural, lore, custom
Playbys: dat beech
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:

Foreword - Excerpt from Ayumono Ayame’s Hammer of Demons;

Long ago, humans and demons existed among one another, rising and falling in a savage struggle for dominance. Today, true encounters with demons are nearly a thing of the past. I’ve sought to collect past writings on these creatures, as a compendium or bestiary...to serve as a means of education on demonic threat against humanity. We cannot forget the years of terror endured, lest we become cattle once more.

Chapter 43 - Wolf demon, white;

‘Yet another subspecies of wolf demon...in the past were revered by some nomadic cultures as guardians to forests considered sacred. However, through a civilized lense, this seemingly mutual relationship can easily be revealed to be something far more predatory. It seems these cultures sought protection and guardianship from these wolf demons, in exchange for sacrificial tribute. Human settlements under the protection of a white wolf must make a yearly offering, preferably an infant or young child. The offering is not killed or eaten, but transformed through dark rituals, breaking down what makes one human and molding it into something corrupt, creating new wolf demons...it is said that human offerings that could not pass the ritual became the common wolves that roam sacred forests. ‘

The rest of this chapter is covered in several layers of coffee stains, rendering it illegible. Damn used copy quality!

Rumour has it...the white wolf returns?

‘Rumour has it that a black sheep exists among the white wolves. A female wolf demon that tiptoes the line between her own kind and humans. This demon apparently no longer preys upon humans. Those that claim to have seen her describe the demon as appearing unthreatening and attempting some form of contact with humans.

A friendly demon. Sounds like a bunch of gossip nonsense, right? What could a demon want from humans other than meat, pfft. ‘

General info:

Name(s): 'She Who Walks Upon Wind', 'Shio' for short
Age: 122
Race: wolf demon.
Alignment: chaotic good.
Appearance: hella short.
Nature: impish, curious, vibrant, way too impulsive.
Favored offerings: only all of your food.
Abilities: polymorph, uncanny agility, innate magic ability stems from the air element.


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Jan 29th 2020 20:12

Hello there! I just wanted to stop by and shoot you a comment to hopefully break the ice - I hope you don't mind. 
If you’re someone who likes to discuss before writing, please fell free to hit me back anytime to get something going! 
If you’re someone who likes a bit of a spontaneous adventure, send a random starter my way (any length is fine!) or ask, and I’ll be happy to myself. 
Don’t roleplay or just want light banter? That’s always warmly welcomed, and my discord is always open for anything! 
I will ask that you be patient with me if my replies are ever on the slow end. I'll still working on my profile and information. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to whatever fate has waiting! 🍑 
Tengu Master 天

Jan 28th 2020 23:39

From the brush a single man came forth from the brush. His hair wild and thick as black as night.
His armor shifted and clanks with each step when he had noticed the wolf.
With teal inferno eyes he witnessed the strange wolf chowing down on grass.

He stood still now not out of fear but out of wonder.
He scanned the area left and right then spoke.

“ I’ve never come across a wolf that eats the green of the earth.
You must be hungry “


Jan 27th 2020 20:50

Ooc:// Soory for the wait, I don't get on here a lot and most things go over my head.I am Himari and thanks for the big greeting, I need to male mine but I am quite lazy.If you have discord that be nice since I RP more on there.If not we can discuss something here.
Thunder Sister

Jan 27th 2020 13:29

The small demon reached out to shake her hand with a arrogant grin on her face. "Finally some respect around here. It's about time! It's nice to meet you, Shio.

--Not embarrassing at all! No worries about taking awhile to get back to me as well. It happens to all of us and I know I take awhile to respond as well. I'd say it all depends on your personal preference. Like I can do group rps, but I'm a big fan of one on one stories so I usually start off with that.

Jan 27th 2020 05:42

Nice to meet you! I'm fine with anything! Also, I don't mind comments now and then, but messages are easier for me. I also got Discord.

Jan 26th 2020 20:42

*Watching the young wolf somewhat struggle with a bow, makes his cheeks threaten to puff. Yet with a bow of her own followed by a confident grin; the samurai smiles wider and bows once more.*

"A pleasure to me-snrk!-....Ahem! A pleasure to meet you. Yes it was a wonderful bow."
wild tigress

Jan 26th 2020 17:02

Such a pretty name shio! I’d love to do small banter with you or write I don’t mind either today I’m just relaxing though for now but if you wanna discuss or get some ideas I wouldn’t mind that. I’m called little tryant usually short but feisty I guess!
wild tigress

Jan 24th 2020 20:46

Such a cute greeting!
i don't have anything fancy like that.
but it's such a pleasure to meet you ^^
My name is Hana uchiha, you can just call me hana.

Jan 24th 2020 19:26

*The feminine samurai looks at the young wolf demon. With a smile he places his hands on his stomach and bows.*
Thunder Sister

Jan 20th 2020 13:40

Thank you for accepting my request! I am Soten, the last remaining member of the Thunder Demon tribe. Before you go getting any ideas don’t think that just because I’m a kid and I’m short it means I’m to be messed with. What I lack for in size I make up for with my amazing brain! Got it?

Anyways if you’re ever up for a story just let me know in comments or messages, and if that’s not something you’re wanting then feel free to chat with me anytime. I’m a cool demon but I’m friendly when I wanna be too. 
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