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28 years old
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May 31 2020

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About me:
fumiko is a broken cat wolf mix demon. she is half cat and half wolf. she has a kind heart but is so shattered she don't know how to act around others . they call her a stray cat . no real place to stay . she wanders around place to place in hopes to find where she belongs . fumiko tends to stay in a cat form at frist then turns to her demon form . witch looks like a girl with cat ears on the top of her head and ice blue eyes. she follows where her heart takes her . she don't care if people don't like her or do . she is who she is . she loves to cuddle close to people . she also has a wolf form that she hardly ever uses in fear people will dislike her . she is finely accepting she has wolf blood as much as cat blood in her body . the story of this pore mutt is a sad one . her mother gave her life to save her and her bothers and sisters . but sadly the wolfs killed all but fumiko because they could not find her . her mother hide her under her small dieing body when the pore girls father found her mother it broke him seeing all the pups they had dead broke him he knew what he did was unforgivable . but to take his mate and family it was to much . just as the wolf was losing control he saw movement in his cat . the one he loved so much . all she could do is cry out as she moved slowly showing a pup but this pup it was just that a pup not a cat . the cat begged the wolf who it loved so much to take the pup and raise it with love and kindness. the wolf agreed to it's loves last word and raised the pup till it was 10 but sadly the wolf died when the pup was 10 . she then found out she was also a cat and chose to use the cat side more then the wolf in fear people would be afraid of the wolf . in cat form her fur is longer and brown and she has bright red eyes . in wolf form she has white fur one red eye and one blue eye . she rarely let's people see her demon form witch looks like a young girl with long brown hair and ears on the top of her head . she almost never has her tail unless she is super happy .οΏ½then there is her true demon form only two have been so lucky to see it . it looks like a young girl with silver hair that fades to brown and red eyes and black where the white should be and and easy to tell this form is her wolf demon form at its true colors . Fumiko was wandering place to place She is very timed and shy .she has a few people she cares for and only let's them close . Yes that's right she lets them close to her heart . But these people they have worked them self to that point. She is very found of a man who was once a experimenter. She dose all in her power to keep this man safe. And happy . Love was something she never knew so she figured it was more of the wolf nature. What's mine is mine I domt shair . She feels that way about a few of her friends as well . Fumiko has a human form has between blond and brown hair her eyes are always the same bright blue . She tries to Blend in with humans the best she can .
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