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[Name] Sonic the Hedgehog

[Birthdate | Age] 15

[Marital Status] Single
[Significant Other] None
[Children] None

[Height] 3'7'

[Personality]Extroverted, friendly, c*cky, energectic, impulsive, impatient.

[Resides] Green Hills, MT.

[Best Friends] Under co.

I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog'.

'm Sonic, just you're average, everday blue hedgehog capable of running supersonic speeds, visitng your world from another world that I escaped from using magic rings that allow me to travel from world to world at will....What? That's not average and everyday? Well welcome to my average and everyday then! I'm looking for places to explore, friends to make, and simultaneously completing and adding new items to my bucket list! Also if someone can tell me what a 'government' is and what it takes to get them off my back, that'd be great.
can run so fast the world stands still, create shockwaves, blow out electrical hardware, go wherever I want to instantly with my rings, and I can probably eat more than you, I dunno. Let's find out!

Bet you're wondering how I get into this situation, huh?

[Sexual Orientation] Straight.
[Marital Status] Single.
[Significant other] N/A
[Since] N/a


1. No erotica, I'm fine with romance but let's keep it pg. Honestly IRL I'm probably twice your age and it's just weird.

2. On the subject of PG, let's keep the profanity down. It's supposed to be lighthearted, energetic fun and having someone yell out 'F*^&" just brings the mood down.

3. I'm a busy guy and this is how I relax. Don't rush me for the replies, I'm vocal about when I'm away and if I haven't gotten to you I just haven't gotten around to your reply. Replies are given in the order I receive them.

4. On the subject of relaxing, let's try to keep things 1-5 paragraphs? One liners are boring but too much detail can be taxing on my muse.

5. Let's just have fun with this, yeah? Don't take it so serious!
Who I'd like to meet:

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Mแดแดษดแด„แด‡สŸสŸ Mแด€๊œฑแด›แด‡ส€


๐“ฝ๐“ธ๐“พ๐“ฌ๐“ฑ ๐“ธ๐“ฏ ๐“”๐“ท๐“ฟ๐”‚


โ€• ๐•erve ๐จ๐Ÿ ๐•anity

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Ms. Joke!

โ˜ฅSennen Princessโ˜ฅ


gฯƒlั”m mฮฑkั”r



The Chronicler


Wandering Wolf

Prince Of Darkness



Kyle Kiyiya


Quatre Rabarba Winner

โ‹† ๐”–๐”ฒ๐”ญ๐”ข๐”ฏ๐”ซ๐”ฌ๐”ณ๐”ž.

Green Thunder™

╬ Karakura Crossฉ M&♡'s Nadia N.



ℱire ℳario!

h o m e l y

Cฮฑฯ„ Scrฮฑฯ„ch.



๐ŸŸ Vara Katsaros

๐‘‚๐–“๐–Ž๐–Žโ„ญ๐–๐–†๐–“ โ”‡




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Apr 5th 2020 14:18

(I'm many things, haha. I've done comedy here and there, most of my inspiration coming from things like Youtube Poops, or shows with random nonsensical humor, some older cartoons like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry or Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Oh, I have a few more ideas in mind, so I'll probably have some more coming up soon. I may end up taking a break from writing erotic fan-fiction and do some comedy ones. I guess whatever mood I end up hitting... Though I did.... No, I'll keep that one to myself, hah.
But I'm glad you liked it; as I told Treasure Hunter/Knuckles, I played a human Knuckles years ago and I had a running-gag about grapes for a while, where Knuckles was obsessed with them and would start spazzing out whenever they were mentioned.ย 

I remember when I had gave Emerl the best moves I had acquired, although I was unable to get some of the other ones I wanted, I had given him some of Sonic's ball-attacks ((don't remember the exact names of the particular moves I had given him)) and I think Amy's hammer attack, and I think I gave him a few of Chaos' as well and had gave him Sonic's speed, and it still wasn't enough to help me beat Eggman at the end of the game. I tried and tried over and over, then I just gave up and accepted I'd probably never beat that game.ย 
I do remember loving Emerl and Knuckles' interactions together in Knuckles' story, it was sweet how their relationship progressed and Knuckles started to care so much about him.ย 
And momma Amy, man that was hilarious.

The sequel may be a while....But at least while we wait, we have the Super Mario film to look forward to in like...I think 2022.ย 
It's all right; it's frustrating to accept something like this and believe it's real, instead of like a nightmare...because I never thought I would develope sleeping issues this bad. But I'm going to try to find a way to manage it: My plan is to try to exercise really intensely, and start buying myself some supplements for energy and focus: Ginseng is on my current list as well as some bee caps, so I have the energy and focus coming in. Haha! If I'm gonna be stuck living like this, short-term or life-long, I may as well find ways to help me cope and get through it, right?
But I do appreciate your being here; it means a lot.

...So, who do you think would play Rouge if she ended up being on one of the movies?
I have the weirdest feeling whoever played her would have breasts that are unappropiatelyย  small for such a character.)

Apr 5th 2020 12:05

(While I think it has some serious issues I didn't notice while writing it....It's right here:ย 

It was a beautiful day on Angel Island; a relaxing downpour had just occurred moments ago in the tropical forest that was ONCE safe to prowl around and explore...Before those weird animal robots just started spawning all over the place. Knuckles the Echidna had been enjoying the rain, he was astounded that there hadn't been much rain until this point, since the island used to receive plenty of rain in the past to the point the rivers and lakes and ponds on the island had nearly flooded his house one day, and that was a scary day...Since he had been sleeping like a baby who had drunk six bottles of milk before bed and awoken to see his windows nearly cracking at the glass.

Life was good!

...Until one day.ย 

Knuckles never really had visitors on his island, it was a place that was up in the sky, so there weren't many who could actually reach it. Maybe he wouldn't have given it much thought, had it not been for the rotund man with the thick mustache and head that was so hairless that he nearly went blind the first day he laid eyes on that head, due to it reflecting the light like a mirror. Not that Knuckles had all the trust in the world for this man either, he was a bit suspicious considering the ancient mural in the Hidden Palace Zone which had an image of someone that looked ominously like the fat mustachioed man. But, it never hurt to be cautious...So Knuckles was on guard when he had seen that golden flying hedgehog speeding towards his island at a speed that he could barely believe was possible! And what did Knuckles do about it? WHAM! He popped out from the ground he burrowed into and slugged that flying hedgehog right in the face, punching him so hard he knocked the super-form out of him. Then he collected those emeralds; those couldn't be allowed to stay in the hands of a stranger.

That was mostly behind him now though.

How would someone go about relaxing while there was a blue hedgehog rummaging around trying to get all the sacred emeralds? Heck, Knuckles wasn't even sure himself....But he was pretty relaxed, just enjoying himself while he kept a close eye on the blue hedgehog and his young accomplice fox.

Slowly the red echidna walked around green patches of grass that covered the golden-brown ground of the island, nonchalantly walking past all the badniks until coming to his favorite shaded tree, where he then took a rest.
Knuckles brought a knuckled-hand up to his mouth, lowering a few green grapes into his mouth while he watched the other surrounding trees rustle at the leaves, the wind brushing against his long red dreadlocks and granting him a moment of relief from the resurfaced heat.


"Wait," Knuckles murmured to himself; the red echidna squinting his eyes as he looked off into the distance, "...The grapes!"

Panic set in as Knuckles' eyes grew twice in size, nearly choking on his own grapes. "Why are all the trees empty!? Where are the grapes!?" The grapes were missing from the trees! This was something he had never experienced before, but they were gone, all gone.

"WAHAHAHA!" The echidna heard somewhere within the not-so-far distance.

He flared his nostrils, his teeth gritting together as he rose to his feet, finishing off the grapes. Knuckles followed the source of the laughter and crept behind one of the palm trees, slowly peeking around it where he saw that same fat bald man; he had some kind of strange machine that was vacuuming the trees and sucking up all the grapes.
This infuriated Knuckles.

Suddenly the blue hedgehog came into the scene, aided by the little fox.

"You again?!" The fat man with the mustache and ridiculous pants exclaimed. "Bah! You won't get in my way this time, you pesky hedgehog, and two-tailed fox!" Dr. Robotnik ran at a speed that was impressive for someone so fat, and hopped into his egg mobile, attempting to fly off to proceed with whatever plans he had...Well, planned.
Sonic Spin Jumped into the air and hit him, followed by a second attack from Tails.

Knuckles was growing impatient. Even though it filled him with joy seeing those two attacking the man, he couldn't just sit here without dishing out some kind of revenge for the grape shortage.ย 

Dr. Robotnik got away....But after a few moments passed, he began to resurface in some machine that looked like....A giant frying-pan with a mustache.

"GET A LOAD OF....THIIIIISSSSSS!" Dr. Robotnik's voice boomed from the speaker, followed by an abrupt and random 'PINGAS!' right after.

Sonic dodged the laser, rushing out of the way while Tails propelled himself fast enough to outrun the lasers. Then they both struck him again.

"AAARRGGHH! He's not gonna get away with this!" Yelled the machine-obsessed scientist.

Knuckles charged towards them and Spin Jumped into the air sending Tails flying one could only assume where, while slapping Sonic, who cried out in panic to his 'lil bro', in the face while his dreadlocks rotated in the spin. He glided towards the spherical machine, hit spikes hitting it again and again until it was destroyed and he was greeted by the sight of a red-faced Dr. Robotnik who was nearly howling in anger. ...Sadly, Knuckles was covered in an omelet that spilled upon the air-craft being destroyed.

After Dr. Robotnik flew away in a dire escape, Knuckles sighed and tried to clean the egg off himself.

"....Now, what am I supposed to do?" Knuckles growled, squeezing his fist tightly together and nearly stabbing himself in the process from the spikes.ย 

Really? I'll probably read through it soon, even if I have to force my lazy mind... ((stupid tiredness is making me lazier than usual))ย 

Yes, it's been such a long time since then! I had it on one of my laptops years ago...But after it crashed, my brother removed a lot of malware and trojans and stuff, but had to removed a lot of my games. Or maybe I had already lost all those games before then, don't remember for sure. But Battle was fun...Fun but also boring at the same time, an odd combination.

Jim Carrey apparently stated he would love to do a sequel and reprise Eggman, surprisingly. So I think he would be fully onboard! He even wants to do a Robotnik stand-alone film, I think. I don't think there's anything anyone can do, sadly; my current options is sticking to this resetting my sleep cycle....Which I don't even know if it's working despite moments here and there where I HAVE surprisingly slept at a decent enough time, or start over with the sleep aids.)

Apr 5th 2020 11:24

(Well, Sonic, I'm finally starting to crack now. ....I wrote something if you want to read it, and I have no idea what was going through my head when I wrote it.ย 

This stupid coronavirus thing is hitting everyone so hard! I'll be so happy when it's all over and forgotten like that swine flu thing, then the Zika virus which never got as bad as what this corona thing has. I feel like I should have played Undertale, will that affect my interacting with your RPG in any kind of way? Tired! Ugh, I'm so tired! I didn't sleep well again and at this point, I'm ready to give up on life because I'm either always tired...or just can't find much happiness, probably made worse by this lack of sleep thing. I've long suffered from depression and anxiety, but my sleeping issues have made both worse..

Well, that's understandable! My Rouge is pretty much the same as Sonic Adventure 2 Rouge, same abilities and etc. Maybe some of the Sonic Battle moves from the GBA, but I don't remember much of her move-list... But that having been said, since originally, as stated in the manual profiles, Knuckles was almost as fast as Sonic, Rouge is like-wise almost as fast as him. **ALMOST, keyword here...And I bet that bit of info has been retconned from Knuckles' canon) really with Rouge she may just settle for traps, try to be smarter about things than the Dr.ย 

I'm not sure why I was surprised, why would they use them? There's more I want to say...But my brain isn't wanting to function properly, so my ranting isn't as good right now! But it upset me they choose the most obvious and cliched choices like that Don't Stop Me Now song by Queen ((not a bad song by any means....Just...It seemed like such a typical and predictable choice!)) and just...Yeesh. They listened to the fans on the re-design, why not try to go the extra mile and hit everyone with nostalgia by getting the singers and bands from the Adventure games onboard? I'm sure Crush 40 would have been happy to do some music. And if they were going to do rappers, they could have got Hunid-P back, he has a Youtube and he still loves Sega to pieces and considers his work with them back in Adventure 2 to be one of the biggest points of his life, and he still holds Knuckles and Sonic dear to him. He still releases new songs and says he'd work with Sega again in a heart-beat.)


Apr 4th 2020 13:35

(Damn coronavirus! .... You know, you saying that just reminded me it'll likely be a long time before I ever see the rest of my family again. How are you handling all this?

We could do both, that's actually a pretty good idea and gives more to work with!ย 
You really cooked up some good thoughts here, and I like all of them! Always love the result that comes when two ideas are thrown together, especially since I don't always come up with mind-crusher ideas compared to some people...

So while we're on this subject: I just wanted to state that I was really upset that none of the Sonic Adventure/2 music was used on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie! I would have at least loved to see Crush 40 do a special song for it, I was so miffed they didn't get that chance. We didn't even get Ted Poley!

Apr 4th 2020 09:50

(Thank you, Sonic, and sorry this is a few days late. Although I finally got some good sleep now, and I feel more energized! Feels like it's been a life-time. -pats him on the head and offers a chili-dog- WELL.... I seem to be all over the place with my Rouge, though I always try to keep something....Similiar with her, no matter what. I may or may not have told you before, but my Rouge is obviously a little bit of an AU. I was thinking she could either be working with G.U.N. or maybe Dr. Eggman/Robotnik.ย 
My Rouge is....Somewhat misguided i guess, and you could say resentment has gotten the better of her over the years, as well as the grudge she has. She actually hates G.U.N., but sometimes I have her actually working with them in certain RPs and it's more of a rocky relationship

So where I'm going with the latter idea is she would of course be working with the doctor, and since there is no Sonic Adventure or Shadow in this universe ((at least, so far...)) it would just be Rouge working as his henchmen, and she would be tasked with trying to eliminate the Big Blue problem.ย 

With G.U.N., I was thinking things could take a different route: Perhaps movie-Robotnik/Jimnik has returned back from the Mushroom Planet, and now having gone completely out of his mind, he has come up with a new invention. Well, I was thinking said invention could start really messing with the world to the point of maybe erasing things ((I feel like this may have already been done in some kind of Sonic media...but I'm not quite positive) and G.U.N. is trying to stop him before there's nothing or no one left to stop him erasing the world. At some point during this, G.U.N. comes across Sonic and of course wants his help in all of this, thus having both Rouge and Sonic work together for an emergency-level threat.

Apr 2nd 2020 16:56

(Well, today was a sh*tty birthday; things didn't go the way I hoped at all; although maybe I only feel that way because everything started off so slow, then I just ended up spending half my time cleaning this damn house.ย 
Sorry, you don't need to hear all this!ย 

Thank you for that; very kind of you to say. And it's good to be back.

I have/had an idea. I may need to do more thinking on it though.)

Apr 1st 2020 19:48

(Iโ€™m glad youโ€™re doing well; thatโ€™s great to hear. I had a feeling that was it; but itโ€™s nice that you accepted me back!
severe sleeping issues is whatโ€™s bothering me, itโ€™s happened recently. I recently flared up with bad allergies and My melatonin pills stopped working suddenly. I canโ€™t sleep. Iโ€™m not sure whatโ€™s caused this but Iโ€™m trying to โ€˜resetโ€™ myself and itโ€™s been three weeks of minimal sleep, while Iโ€™ve only been on this resetting thing for a week or half a week.ย 
I honestly want to die at this point; tired during the day, unable to sleep at night until itโ€™s midnight.)

Apr 1st 2020 19:29

(Thank you for accepting me back; I hope you're doing well.)ย 
CJ, Sue & Lauren *Nice to meet cha*

Mar 10th 2020 12:49

I'm pretty open minded, so anything sounds fun. For me... or rather "us", we travel a lot, being musicians & all. So maybe we could encounter each other at one of our concerts or something. Just throwing that out there ^^
CJ, Sue & Lauren *Nice to meet cha*

Mar 10th 2020 12:32

Yay! I would love that! :D
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