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24 years old
Tamano, Okayama

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May 25 2020

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mikoto inoue nakamura.

Name: Mikoto Inoue.
Nicknames: Troublemaker, Double Trouble, The Rebel King.
Alias: Hell-Hound.
Age: 23.
Gender: Male.
Date of Birth: March 18.
Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan.
Current Residence: Greenville, Colorado.
physical appearance.

Tresses: messy ash-blonde.
Eye Color: Hazel Blue.
Attire: Purple, Gray, Black, or Red.
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 142 pounds.
Scars: Scar running across his back from his shoulder to his abdomen.
Tattoo's: N/A.
Birthmarks: N/A.
Beauty Marks: N/A.
Piercings: Spider-Bites.
other information..

Ethnicity: Japanese-American.
Nationality: Asian.
Occupation: Gang Grunt.
Personality Traits: Reserved, intelligent, resourceful, self-centered, arrogant, selfish, and determined.
Enjoys: Animals, Soda, Money, Rough Sex, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Hanging out with friends, listening to music, and Personal Artwork.
Dislikes: Romance, Pure Smut, Perverts, Pedophiles, Self-Absorbed Princess-Type girls, Liars, Disagreements, Ignorance, and Loud Noises.
Attention Attributes: Observant, Self-Aware, Confident, Obnoxious, Loud-Mouthed, Opinionated, Carefree.

Status: single
By Whom: no one
Since: 05/16/04
First Kiss: --/--/--
Comments: say something nice about you lover here.
Our Song: If You're Happy and you Know it
Lyrics: If you're happy and you know it clap you hands.

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Characters: Mikoto Inoue Sohma.
Verses: Modern Era, Supernatural, Open, Yaoi, BL, Omega Verse. (Alpha/Seme.)
Playbys: original character
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
Member Since:March 03, 2020

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About me:

My Darkest Days;.

Mikoto didn't have a good childhood. It was rough since his parents were emotionally absent from his life. His mother worked hard to keep them from falling under the poverty line, and he regularly got into fights at school with other kids that didn't agree with what he wore or the way he looked. Mikoto spent most of his adolecent years spending time raising his younger brother while his mother worked and provided for their family.

This absence in Mikoto's life left him feeling angry and bitter ever since his father walked out on them at a young age. Naoki was just a baby and Mikoto was a little older, and he grew up without the chance to experience a normal child-hood like it was intended. He spent his time without friends while at home and became increasingly anxious and depressed, and at the time the psychologists didn't have as much knowledge as they do now about mental health and the psyche.

It turned out that Mikoto had a bipolar two disorder and needed to be hospitalized and he was for a good 2 weeks before he actively started to look at his life in a different way. He saw the world as beautiful even though his life might not have been easy, and he was content and comforted by the simple fact that he wasn't alone. He had family and friend's at school that knew him for who he was and not how he was acting.

He could be arrogant and aloof and it didn't bother them so he cherished their friendship and family ties with him. He considered taking medication but decided against it, and decided to journal and write once in a while to get his emotions under control; writing and creating things became his outlet. It happened, however, on a normal day like any other that he experienced a block in his path; he couldn't remember anything about his childhood since it had been 'blocked' out, and he started passing out on a regular basis.


it was nearing daylight hours when the dream happened. He was deep in his slumber as the dream appeared to him. A man with purple tresses and golden eyes approached him - he was confused, why was he attracted to him? He wasn't into men as far as he knew; he hadn't had any encounters from other men up until this point. He supposed if he had encountered them, he would be more attracted to them instead of women. He wasn't sure why, but he blushed, sheepishly, and groggy, Mikoto leaned forward and pulled the person in front of him.

"Please. .. don't go..." he remembered, taking in the man's musky scent, and resting his head on his chest, narrowing his eyes until they were almost closed. He didn't want this dream to end, but he could feel his body start to wake up. He felt the movements of his feet curling slightly as he sat up in his bed, confused and aroused. It was difficult to think if the dream meant anything. He was held in the other man's arms, and their lips pressed together, sealing the moment in a kiss.

It was a demon? Maybe...He didn't make deals with demons or devil's for the purpose of keeping his unique perspective on life. He tended to avoid demons at all costs because they would lead him down a dark path if they knew his secrets. Almost a month had passed since the death of his lover, and he hadn't heard from him since (spiritually or other means) - there were no signs of the dead. It was difficult for him to move past the memory of him jumping in front of Mikoto to save him from a demonic attacker..

It was still a memory that haunted him, something he wished he could change about himself. Still, the memory was stuck , drilled inside his mind, and permanently scarred for the rest of his life. He had remained a safe distance from his new partner, Eli. Eli was a new recruit, and someone with an odd fascination with the other world and contacting spirits. Even though Mikoto had warned him, Elijah never bothered him about it.

He knew from rumor's that Mikoto's position in the supernatural community was a bit scathed. one brought it up out of respect for him, and he appreciated it, too. He was damaged from his last battle with the supernatural worldly beings and it nearly cost him his life and already lost someone close to him. It was a wonder that he could even be near anyone like that again, and he did have his issues with that as well.

Mikoto suddenly turned to Eli, making sure he had his weapons put together correctly, or they wouldn't work at all. "You good?" he asked, and Eli nodded, raising his hand to his gun and pulling it up, click, click. " I'm good," in a gruff voice he said, pointing into the other room of the abandoned warehouse that they were in. It was coated with symbols, markings, and angel circles, something that Mikoto didn't expect to find. He originally took this case because he heard that Kisuke might be involved.

He thought that couldn't be true, but if someone was trying to revive him, Mikoto would be there to put an end to it. He knew if Kisuke was brought back it would be an imbalance of nature, and by law it wouldn't be morally correct to do something like that. Mikoto knew right from wrong, had a sense of direction, and didn't want that kind of mess on his 'good-guy' rep. It was something that Mikoto didn't want to face, and avoided much of the time he was on hunting cases. He just did what he did best; kill things and ask questions later. If they turned out to be bad, which was mostly always the case, they would get a second chance to start over.

The monsters in his nightmares were not like the ones he faced in every-day life. They were much darker, and much scarier in real life. He sometimes couldn't sleep at night and when he did, Eli could hear him screaming in his sleep for them to stop harming his beloved one that passed away. He felt sorry for Mikoto as did the rest of the supernatural community, but no one approached him that way, and Mikoto was thankful. He did not grow up a hunter, but some situations lead to another, and he was dragged into the whole world of supernatural beings; angels, demons, good and evil and the aphotic void that kept everything from falling to pieces despite the world being infected with supernatural beings taking over innocent human bodies.

It wasn't until his father, Inoue Nakamura made his way into New York , NY. that someone very close to him (Mikoto's mother) died mysteriously when they became well-known hunters shortly after they moved to the US after WWII. It was still a difficult time in their lives, but they made the best of things and did what they could to help with demons trying to run the area in which they were brought to.
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𝕾𝖔𝖚𝖑 𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖗

Mar 23rd 2020 01:14

Sorry its been a while~
Its been crazy here >_>

I don't mind either way. 
As long as it has detail and gets me hooked ya know?
Unless you wanted to discuss a bit and so on.

Hey, If you have discord you can add me.

I am hardly on it but its there for an option~

Mar 14th 2020 18:47

Ehh, could be better--rl has been f***in' hectic. This place is dead, nothing exciting. How's your weekend going?

Mar 14th 2020 11:34

Hey. How are you?
𝕾𝖔𝖚𝖑 𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖗

Mar 10th 2020 13:17

Hey hey, Jessie here.  

I'm sorry for the late greeting, life is just... 

Okay okay.. I'm just lazy...  >u>;;

I'm not all great with greetings so here it is.

 Love it or hate it, it is what it is... 

I'd love to get a story going.  We can wing something or discuss plots, I'm cool with either. 

I'll get to my profile a bit later again~, I'm slow and just lazy af..


Mar 4th 2020 18:43

Ohayo! O genki desu ka?

Arigato for accepting the friend invite!
i'm Togai Yohachi, it's nice to meet ya :D
are you up for discussing a rp and/or chatting? i'm cool with either, so it's whatever you are in the mood for!
would be awesome if we could become great friends eventually,
gomen this greeting probably sounds boring but i never really know what to really put up here lol but at least i'm trying right?

Eto i hope to hear back from you but i am a patient person so take the time you need with you're replies!

Mar 4th 2020 02:19

I mainly use my discord for chit chat, quicker response, small or simple roleplays and just bullsh*tting.
I do my main stuff on ani so we can either discuss here or discord but I tend to be quicker there.

Mar 3rd 2020 14:18

Its the pinkest, badest fairy boy around. 
Don't like the attitude, we can totally fight about it. 

Not the best at greetings but something is better than nothing. 
All his info is up on my profile, if you have any questions let me know.
Have a discord, hit me up 
Open to all types of roleplays, so don't be scared
I also have a few additional characters in my blog due to getting a creative streak.
They are partially complete but if you want to rp with them then let me know
Teru Aponte

Mar 3rd 2020 10:33

Thanks for accepting my request. If you want to chat or role play just send me a message.
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