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"hey there hope you can share me out the name is Grayson, D*ck Grayson to be exact the CEO of WAYNE int. and i'm looking for some friends"
-share me out please?
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About me:
Name Bianca Nightingale Character Type Human, Magus Gender Female Birthdate June 6th Age 21 Height 5'5 Weight 63kg Origin Character Alignment True Neutral Region England Affiliation Animusphere family Elemental Affinity Earth Magic Circuit Quality D Magic Circuit Quantity D Likes Bianca likes clean places, although her research often deals with more messy stuff she does not mind all that much. It is for her most cherished dream. Dislikes She dislikes sicknesses and injuries, she works hard to be able to beat those for the sake of humanity. Although her dream may appear rather childish. BACKGROUND A descendant of Frances Nightingale, also known as Frances Parthenope Verney, Florence Nightingale's sister. Bianca reclaimed her family name of Nightingale after knowing of her ancestry. She was able to possess magical circuits due to Kanneth Verney marrying with a man possessing magic circuits but not being the heir of his family who was already small. As such, not knowing his magical potential, he was not raised as a magus, not even a replacement as he was fourth in line. Bianca was raised like a normal human, she became very passionated with her ancestor Florence. And by that, she started to want to become a doctor and heal people, everyone at that. Her mentality was also very close to her ancestor's, an iron one. She was completly unaware of her magical abilities until a magus who searched for an apprentice to teach his craft appeared. He simply wanted to give out his knowledge before his life would end and taught Bianca his art of creating treatments using magecraft. It was eady to coerce the still young child with promises of healing and she did not divulgated it to her parents. When she had learned everything after years, studying like a normal girl on the side and becoming an adept doctor in knowledge rather than diploma, the magus taught her of what the magus world was. The magus disappeared soon after that, which left his disciple with the only thing she thought was right, healing. She started performing miracles publicaly, in the way she was healing wounds of people very fast using medicaments and potions. She became infamous as an Angel, however was not much of that. Even more, she coincidentally met with Brunacia Animusphere, which technically saved Bianca. As she took her in at her service, offering her pay and a mean to achieve her dream if she became her nurse and stopped being a potential cause of no secrecy of magecraft. Bianca worked for her since, despite them not getting along all the time. Since Bianca is more forceful in her approach of treatment than most doctors or nurses are. PERSONALITY The mentality of Bianca resembles that of Florence Nightingale while she was alive while reminiscing of the Berserker servant. A sort of mix of sort between the two of those, rendering her a woman with a tenacious mentality while still listening to others. She does not come from a magus family per se, so she does not have the mentality of one. As such she uses both scientific and magical means of creating treatments and researches. She does not believe that a treatment must be magical, as such while she uses it, she does not diminish the use of scientific solutions, but rarely ever combining both. Bianca’s wish is to cure all ailments and give everyone a chance to die a natural death but as far away as possible and in the best conditions She often tests treatments on herself, as a human guinea pig although she also uses others.. Although she appears as emotionless, Bianca has emotions like everybody, they are just unconsciously repressed by her own will. She only shows a side of herself that either darker like when threatening Brunacia when she does not sleep or eat properly. She appears like she does not hold any kindness or attachment for things but she is often hiding it and revealing a cuter side in private. She also can show kindness despite being pessimistic or emotionless most of the time. For example she does not judge on appearance and is very forgiving, she once forgave a familiar who passed off as a human and was brainwashing some of her classmates, making them think he was some hot guy. She simply collected his pheromones for research, making products to earn more money for research and just told him off about brainwashing. Bianca believes that pain is the proof of one's continued existence. She takes joy in nursing others, but will be sad if all her nursing efforts gets erased the moment her patients gets into harm's way. Thus she requests her patients to not overdo their work and exertion. She likes maintaining sanitation and cleanliness and the overall well-being of people, while she dislikes an unclean, decaying environment, as well as injuries and illnesses. Regarding the former, she asks "Is there anything else that's essential in this world?", while for the latter, she questions "What can be worse than such hell on this earth?" ABILITIES Bianca mainly and pratically solely deals in healing and creating all kind of treatment and scientific or magical researches. Her knowledge is centered around healing and the creation of treatement products for various things. It makes her able to science and magecraft to produce extraordinary effect. For example, one of her more effective potion makes the healing effect of a normal person superior to that of a mixed blood for a period of time. It makes them able to heal light wounds in second and even stabilise mortal wounds for further treatment. She created so many products using her school of healing that it becomes crazy. As, she is not always coming to the desired effect, rather to some weird genius products. While she can create right about any medecine to the large sense science makes possible and a very large array of potions, healing products, ect… Her treatments have reached a step past what science can achieve in a way of their effect rather than healing. Her research for new treatments often ends up of the genre like "Fur growing medecines" or a pepper spray that can make someone blind. However, while her test subjects are homunculuses, she also tests her researches on herself. After determining that it is not dangerous as it would amount to nothing if she died. But in such way it made her body immune to any kind of poison or disease. While her body doesn't demonstrate above human feats of strength or agility, it became near impossible to affect her body with the likes of poisons, pheromones or drugs. Of course whileslightly resistant to it, she is not immune against mythical poisons like Hydra venom. However on the side, she is still able to perform very basic magecraft like elemental magecraft to a very low extent or create familiars. She never really have to use it, but does to help her in tasks along her Homunculis assisstants provided by the Animusphere. And it is a very important part of her job in taking care of Brunacia's health. Her familiars tends to be more inclined toward stealth as brunacia is very volatile and exterminates Bianca's attempts at monitering her. Except that Bianca also uses mystic codes to help in her work, such as a scalpel that can cut off both physically and spiritually. If someone were to have their soul having an infections of sort, Bianca would be able to use her scalpel to cut it off. Although she never really had to use it in such way. She always carries on herself a small bag who is bigger than it seems witch which she carries both treatments and healing materials. Some bandages placed in it are magical, able to move by Bianca's will around a patient's wound and tie themselves. Giving Bianca an extremely easier time.
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Bҽαɾҽɾ σϝ Cαʅαɱιƚყ

Mar 19th 2020 21:02

Hello there! 

I'd like to start off by showing a little bit of gratitude. Thank you for accepting my request-- it's greatly appreciated! You can call me Crowe. (Or Calamity's bitch if you wanna be a little humorous.) It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! 

With introductions out of the way, I'd love to get a storyline going with you if you're interested. My character is typically geared towards the supernatural, urban fantasy, and horror genres. Of course, I don't intend to leave you high and dry. Below is a quick summary of my muse. 

My character's name is Gabriel Crowe-- he's commonly known as the Bearer of Calamity. He's a Mage belonging to the Order, specifically, he's a member of the Supernatural Investigation Division. His job is quite simple-- investigate supernatural disturbances and find some sort of solution to rid the world of these disturbances. This typically varies-- it could be anything from simple exorcisms to even hunting down certain creatures. In short, he gets paid to dabble in the supernatural. Of course, due to his own situation, all sorts of paranormal and supernatural oddities are drawn to him. 

If this kind of concept interests you, then let's set something up! Until then, I hope to hear from you soon. Take care and stay safe! 
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