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About me:

Past names: Kiyoshi Shizora, Roku Sevin, Urban Xanthis, Envyn Kiseki, Zodiac Sevenfold, Corvin Ravencroft. 2006-2012

The Beginning;

Luxifer comes from a rather chaotic City with people who always had cruel intentions lingering over their shoulders. Luxifer's Father was the uncaring, rude, Tyrant ruler of the City known by many as Mira. He often left for War an was hardly around Luxifer and his Mother. He showed little concern for the family and forced Luxifer's Mother into doing things despite her ill-fated status. His Mother was weak an was often left incapacitated by an illness she had contracted during an exibition in Japan. Luxifer was left to take care of her until' her final day among the living. Luxifer was only 19. Luxifer also had two older brothers that were killed while in combat. Everyone except his Father attended their funerals.

5 weeks following the death of his Mother, Luxifer stayed around their classic styled home playing the role of the son who held on to the threads of his bravery. Upon the return of his Father, Luxifer was told that his Father's days in the line of combat were finally over, and that he was going to groom Luxifer to follow in his footsteps. Luxifer hated this idea from the start, and he made a promise to his Mother prior to her death that he would never become like his Father. He never wanted to rule anything and he always hated how his Father talked down to him for no proper reasoning at all. It was mind boggling and Luxifer hoped to one day change that.

His Father began to force his teachings on to him, but Luxifer began to develop a rebellious sense about the things that his Father tried to make him do an say. He would sneak out during the nights to flirt with his secret lover who went by the name of Ariana, and he would often arrange vacations an then covering them up as business trips to sway his Father's thoughts. However, growing increasingly suspicious over time, Luxifer's Father decided to send a spy to trail after Luxifer to see where he was going. The spy unearthed all of Luxifer's actions an his Father immediately put an end to all of his antics. Or... At least attempted to.

The days and nights that followed this discovery were a horrid sight to behold as Luxifer fought for his freedom as a Teen, and his Father denied his pleas without a single thought about the situation. However, in a violent way, the fighting between the two would reach a climax in a very gruesome manner. The clock had just hit 1:00am on the spot. Luxifers Father entered the kitchen to the sight of Luxifer making himself something to suffice his ever growling tummy. Unfortunately Luxifer neglected to remove the lipstick from his neck that he received after sneaking out to see the very same girl that his Father forbid him from seeing again. This caused his Father to outrage at Luxifer for going against his wishes. His voice was so loud that anyone who lived near the Graelyn area would have surely heard every word that was spoken.

"You defy me boy?! You are nothing but a disgrace to the Graelyn name! You were nothing more than a mistake. If I had the ability to go back in time then your days upon this earth would have never existed!"

Luxifers Father roared out in an angry tone an grasped Luxifer's arm violently. This only caused Luxifer to become increasingly angry as well as he clenced tightly on to the knife he was holding within the grasp of his hand. His mind raced over a million thoughts at once. He was curious about how his next action would inflict upon his life as a human being. He was a bit hesitant at first, but then Luxifer twirled around with the knife and jabbed it straight into his Fathers appendix. Blood splatter blanketed the walls as it squirted out from the slit that the knife had buried itself deep inside of. Luxifer gazed into his dying Father's eyes as his pupils began to dialate. Luxifers lips, although slightly curved, spread apart as a soft voice fell from his lips.

"No Father... I am now and forever. You are the disgrace. You acted so lowly to myself and my Mother... No matter... You are not worth the gift of life. You miserable old fool! You should thank me for doing this because now you don't have to live with your pathetic self anymore."

The body of his Father fell lifelessly to the floor with what Luxifer had told him being the last words he would ever hear again. Luxifer smiled looking over him. He had finally done it after so many years of torture. Luxifer had freed himself of his Fathers Tyranny. After this, Luxifer planned to make it seem like a kidnapping and murder. He staged the scene inside of the house, and then packed his stuff as quickly as he could because in approximately 4 hours the Graelyn maid was set to arrive so that she could tend to her daily duties. Once all of this was done, Luxifer kicked open the back door of the Graelyn mansion and disappeared into the spine chilling air of the night. This was only the beginning of what would come of Luxifer's journey into the world alone.

The Reunion;

At the wake of his Father's death, Luxifer caught a boat to a new country that was proudly named, Zekenia. When the boat finally arrived at this new country Luxifer determined as soon as he stepped on solid ground that his loose ends had been tightened an that he was free from the law that his Father had created. Despite not knowing who any of the people in this new City was it appeared that all of the locals knew that Luxifer was the descendant of the well known Graelyn family. Luxifer however was unmoved by the looks that people threw his way. He simply went to the nearest apartment building and rented it for 1 year exactly. Luxifer never planned to stay very long as he still wasn't as far away from his home as he would have liked to be. Especially with the death of his Father making the rounds in the news after his body was discovered by the Maid. The Detectives that were on the scene, at that exact time immediately placed Luxifer as the murderer due to the squalling neighbors. Because of this Luxifer's plan ultimately backfired. It was only a matter of time before somebody recognized him and then turned him in.

When Luxifer settled into his apartment the woman he loved and had left back in Mira was the only thing that ran rampant inside of his mind. He spent hours behind a desk writing a letter to her with his only source of light being a lit candle that was contained inside of a classic glass casing. The letter he wrote described how much he had missed her and that he wanted her to meet him in Zekenia after a month’s worth of waiting. The letters they sent back and forth to each other held fake names to confuse the mail guards’ way of thinking when something suspicious would end up being mentioned in one of the letters. The dawn of a new era in his life was drawing near... The clock was ticking and he knew that he would only escape the wrath of murdering somebody for only so long.

The following day the remaining authorities of Mira were dispatched to find and bring Luxifer back to his birth place for punishment, including the possibiliy of an execution. They were given permission by every known country to cross territories in order to retrieve him. This greatly unsettled Luxifer because within only 5 hours the entire Mira military was on Zekenia grounds. They searched high and low before finally entering the apartment that Luxifer was held up inside of. Being as careful as he was he packed everything that he had carried with him an escaped through the window and moved down along the side of the building in a very fashionable retreat. When the Mira General bashed through the apartment room door he knew almost instantly that Luxifer was not anywhere to be found in the room. His attention was drawn to the opened window right off the bat and he commanded his men to climb out the window and trail after the fleeing Luxifer.

However, unfortunately for them, Luxifers feet had already made contact with the concrete ground below before they could even slip their bulky bodies through the frame of the window. Luxifer then decided to use their sticky situation to his advantage as he walked away an out of sight from the Military Generals underlings. By the time they reached the ground Luxifer was already un-locatable. Since Luxifer had no weapons on him he thought it would have been best to walk down a path of no violence for the time being. He only knew that he had to get away to a place that was left uneffected by the ruling of the Mira authorities.

Growing up Luxifer's Mother told him of stories about her childhood an how her home along with the neighbors homes had limited electricity. The people of that time were forced to garden for their meals as well as hunt to provide their families with a suitable living. It is even said that Luxifer's Grandfather still lived there. This would have been the perfect place for Luxifer to hide so that he could prepare for the inevitable battle that awaited him; the battle for his life. It was a very long trip that was agonizing on his joints. He consistently thought of peaceful things as a way of motivation to guide him through his troubles.

2 hours had flown by since Luxifer slipped through the hands of the Mira Military. The place he had been told about in the form of bed time stories was only within the distance in a foggy blur. However it would not be long before the place was reached. The concrete he walked upon began to deteriorate just as he drew closer to the place. This proved that this place was behind on the advancements that the main part of the city had received. Once Luxifer had arrived people were hanging off the side of porches and watching on at the young Luxifer as he made his way through the town like a lost puppy. This brought a strong hint of curiosity to the stare Luxifer had maintained as he motioned down the road.

Luxifer looked around for the house that his Mother had described to him in the story. It was a good minute or so before Luxifer found it an just as he began to ascend the steps he was welcomed by a very old man who had greeted him with a hug. The old man brushed his chin against Luxifers shoulder as his weakened an tired old voice slithered out with an alarming message. As the word passed through the old mans lips Luxifer's eyes were as big as two full moons. It even sent shivers down his spine in sheer realization that all the stories his mother had told him were true. "I am your GrandFather... I knew I would be seeing you soon after a messenger told us about what had happened in Mira. I forgive you for your actions, Luxifer. Inside of my home a sword and a gun await you...” The old man’s words played out and from there a sense of warmth took over Luxifer. It was just another brick in the wall as Luxifer viewed it. It could only get better from here. For now...

The Awakening;

Resting within the hands of comfort Luxifer began his preparations for the inevitable approaching battle. Unknown to Luxifer the Mira Military were given last second orders to trail after Luxifer during the night while he was sleeping. Until' then everything seemed rather peaceful and Luxifer was able to do everyday normal things for once... But like everything in this cruel world... It only lasted for a short while. When the night time had finally rolled around Luxifer unintentionally defied the Mira Military's plans and stayed awake instead of embracing the slumber that was supposed to occur, thus sending their plan into a state of failure. As time would have it, 3 hours had passed before a series of heavy knocks echoed the house's front door. During those 3 hours Luxifer had slipped out of the house to train in the open field so that he could strengthen his skills even further which left his Grandfather alone in the house.

Feeling obligated to open the door after the obnoxious knocks continued to rein the walls of the house, Luxifer's Grandfather then reached for the door knob and gave it a light twist before opening the door to the sight of something horrible. It was 5 men sent by the Mira Military, and without even asking if they could come in they shoved Luxifer's Grandfather aside and entered the house wielding large heavy guns. One of the Military men, who appeared to be the Leader of the group, searched all over the house before losing his temper and ultimately attacking Luxifer's Grandfather by picking him up by his collars and slamming him against a wall. The Mira Military Leader was determined to get some answers; because he had an undying feeling that Luxifer's Grandfather knew exactly where Luxifer had went.

"Tell me... Where is your Grandson? Do not play stupid with me either. I have been in this game for decades. He was last seen coming to this area. If you do not cooperate with me then I will have no choice but to end your life for obstruction of justice."

Luxifer's Grandfather, with tears forming in his eyes, spat in the man’s face. Luxifer's Grandfather had nothing to lose since he had already lived a very long and fulfilling life. He was not going to blurt out that Luxifer was simply training in the field outside. That just goes to show how uneducated the Mira Military really was. The Mira Military Leader threw Luxifer's Grandfather to the floor in retaliation for having had spat in his face. It was the ultimate form of disrespect, and he planned on making the Old Man pay for his actions. Slowly, and very gradually, the Military Leader reached for his gun and aimed it at the back of the Old Mans head while he was down on his knees. The other Mira Military men simply stood around and chuckled. Such corrupted men..

"Your time on this earth has come to an end. I hope that you have had fun with your life, Old Man. You are so stupid... You should have just told us where your Grandson was. We would have willingly spared your life... But no more... Rest in peace...”

With those whispered words a loud BANG sounded off inside of the house. Screams and tears filled the streets as people rushed out of their houses to see what had happened. Luxifer was standing off in the field in shock as he heard the gun shot as well. Fearing for his GrandFather's life, Luxifer ran back toward the house preparing to fight and as soon as he opened the door he was met face to face with the Military Leader. A dark figure he was, standing over his GrandFather's lifeless body. This was unreal to Luxifer and it had finally set in that everyone he seeks help from will just end up dying by the hands of the now obviously corrupted Military of Mira.

"You have two choices, Luxifer... Come with us now or face the same fate as your Grandfather...”

By this point Luxifer was already emotionally scarred and had nothing to lose, just like his Grandfather, but was not going to go down without a fight. Swiftly, Luxifer's leg rose up and kicked the gun out of the Military Leader's hand. At that exact moment Luxifer quickly reached for his own gun and pointed it at the Military Leader's head. The Leader was not even fazed and he even pressed his forehead against the barrel of the gun, speaking with a slight hint of laughter consuming his voice in that exact moment. This deeply confused Luxifer as he did not expect the Mira Military Leader to be this ballsy.

"Come now! Shoot me... I know you do not have the courage to shoot me between the eyes. I am not your Father... Your Father was weak. You obviously tremble when confronted by a man such as myself... Full of merits, and a whole history of successful missions under my belt. If you don't kill me then I will just kill you instead. Despite them wanting me to take you in alive; I really don't have to. I could just say that you lost your mind and snapped.. And that taking you down was the sole option available...”

Without a single sign of hesitation, Luxifer pulled the trigger and blood splattered everywhere. He couldn't risk being taken in or killed. Before the lifeless body of the Leader could even hit the floor Luxifer had already turned his gun on to the other men, killing the other 3 while sparing 1. However, before he let the sole survivor leave he made sure that he told the rest of the Military about what would happen to all of them if they continued to pursue him. Luxifer already knew that it would not end that easily. More bloodshed and suffering was on the way for Luxifer and it will only be a matter of time before he becomes a victim of his new lifestyle which was bestowed upon him by force. The war was only just beginning.

The Fate of Mira;

After such chaotic actions had transpired... Luxifer had rightfully earned himself a spot on the World's Most Wanted list. There was a large enough bounty that anyone would be willing to capture him and then turn him in by this point. He could trust nobody but himself. With no word or warning Luxifer departed from the corpse filled house before the bounty could even reach the small place he stayed in. Although his visions were blurred it was still clear to him that his road was coming to an end; Dead or alive... He was going to make the suffering cease to exist even if it forced him to use the innocent souls around him. But why should he even bother saving such a cruel place? Did he perhaps believe that everything would change under a nicer and more relaxed ruling?

He walked a lonely road for hours and by the time the new sun rise came to be.. Luxifer was in a newer City called Korte'. It was notorious for wielding thieves and other anti-hero/villainous characters behind its walls. He planned to build an army there so that he could invade Mira in order to take it back from the corrupted system that watches over it. Luxifer was only half of the way into the City before a sudden wave of calmness consumed him. A majority of the people there also had bounties on their heads from Mira, so they were not determined even in the slightest to collect his bounty. The beautiful thing however regarding Korte is that they withdrew from helping Mira just the other day after an undisclosed amount of money was never provided.

It did not take Luxifer long however as he quickly found a place to live. However, unlike before, he did not sign a bill for a year long stay. Instead he chose to sign it daily in the concern of being tracked to Korte and abruptly being forced to move once again. After Luxifer settled down he began to butt heads with the locals by persuading them to join him in the fight against Mira's Military so that its corrupted roots could be thoroughly cleansed once and for all. In only a matter of days Luxifer garnered a member base of at least 1,000 rebel soldiers. It was still not enough to take on Mira's Military but Luxifer believed that despite the odds being against them they could still win with the proper tactical skills when it came down to a fight.

Upon organizing the ranks and squads Luxifer was ready for war as soon as possible. He was anxious to get revenge on Mira for everything they have done to him already. With his hand gripping the taped handle of his Sword tightly he could only think of the ways that he could butcher the head leader of the Mira Military. But as always he knew that he would have to be patient or else his attempt to over-throw the corrupt city of Mira would ultimately become risked as an unfortunate result. He wanted this to work. He could not fail... Failure was not even an option. Everything, including Luxifer's future, lies in the balance of this plan suceeding beyond all else. When the time comes for Luxifer to throw down the sword then he undoubtedly would in a split second. Luxifer's pride was possibly one of the most predictable things about him as a whole.

When it was announced the following day that everything was in proper order, Luxifer arranged a meeting to take place later that day, so that the Head Captains could further discuss their plans to make sure that they are worthy enough to be followed through with. If they were viewed as unsuitable then the seemingly unsuccessful plans would be scraped from the battle formula that they were constructing together. The men in arms that lay stretched out around the portion of the City that they were held up inside of were only thinking about how their futures would be impacted by going through with something as crazy as this. Some of them became ill over the thought while others got excited due to their inner-murderous self. They knew it was not something to be proud of, but they knew they were destined to be a part of something great.

This is War;

The night rolled around and the meeting that was talked about was getting ready to commence. The Head Captains, including Luxifer, were dressed nicely for the ocassion. When it finally went under way they discussed everything, and it dragged on for what felt like hours. By the end of the meeting they were ready to strike Mira before dawn. All of them, with swords in hand, left the building that they had the meeting inside of and ordered their men to march off toward Mira, and that their defiance should be noticed once and for all. Nobody was going to stop them; or so they thought inside of their heads. It was better late than never according to Luxifer as he was simply thrilled over the fact that they were finally advancing.

Miles were marched before they finally met the soil of Mira. The corrupted Military was already there to greet them with open arms. The Head Honcho of the whole ordeal stepped forward to welcome the group of Rebels who had chosen to mobilise together for what they believed would be their defining moment. Smiling from ear to ear the captain looked at all of them carefully before finally speaking out to them all. It was risky of the Head Honcho to pull himself into harm’s way. He was clearly a brave man and Luxifer embraced this fact along with the rest of his men. The Head Honcho's words were swift and to the point as he spoke out to them all.

"How brave of you all to come here, I promise that all of your deaths will come quickly. I honor this bravery so this is the best reward that I could come up with in such a short time."

Luxifer simply chuckled as he as well walked out into harm’s way. He allowed the Head Honcho's words to sink in as he stared at him face to face. In all of Luxifers life he has never laid his sight on a more arrogant Military than what Mira has provided. Lost within thought Luxifer imagined that the Military had betrayed the own laws of its City. Wanting to call them out on it Luxifer thought of the best thing that he could have possibly said in a situation like this. He was going to get to the bottom of the problem and put it to rest immediately. It was only just a matter of whether or not it would work out accordingly to the plan Luxifer had set into motion.

"So you believe you could just act without a King? I killed him, and all of you want to turn into modern day villains?This is nonsense! I do not respect what any of you have done. You are all a bunch of bastards that should be put down."

Luxifer was literally almost foaming from the mouth while the Head Honcho could only burst out into what appeared to be an uncontrollable state of laughter. Before Luxifer could even continue speaking the deep voice of another male was unearthed behind the large mass of the Mira Military. "Lux! You have come home!" This voice sent Luxifer into shock as he had believed that this person was long gone and dead. It was no other than his outcasted Uncle, Nikola Graelyn. It had become apparent that his Uncle came out of hiding to assume control following the death of his Brother.

"Now, now! This is not how you treat a fellow Graelyn boys! You should show him more respect. Come now, Luxifer... You are welcome back into your home. Your friends are welcomed to come along with you!"

Nikola grasped Luxifer's arm in an attempt to get him to follow, but Luxifer pulled away. At that moment Nikola knew that his plan to kill them all with poisoning had ultimately failed so he reached for a dagger and stabbed Luxifer in the stomach. When that happened one of Luxifer's men pulled out his hand gun and shot Nikola in the shoulder. Nikola quickly got away, and the wounded Luxifer tailed after him as the Rebels and the Military began firing their weapons away at each other. It was a very hellacious sight to behold, but it was also a beautiful one at the same time. Luxifer chased Nikola into a Graelyn mansion, and killed the guards he encountered along the way as if they were nothing.

Screams were heard and bodies fell to the ground in light of the fireworks between both sides. As the number began to dwindle on the Mira Military's side they began to retreat, but they did all of it slowly in hopes that they could out do the Rebels before it is too late. The Military were far more advanced, and the Rebels dropped like flies, but their biggest problem was that there was just way too many of them to handle all in one place at the same time. It was definitely a great tactic on the Rebels side of things, and they all had a feeling that they would pull through this battle victoriously. Because of this none of them chose to give up on the battle.

The Final Battle;

With the war still under way, a game of chase was going on between Luxifer and Nikola who were both wounded after a brief scuffle. After fighting his way through numerous people who tried to protect Nikola, Luxifer finally blockaded his Uncle in the Ruler's Throne room. Nikola simply drew his sword as he knew that this was the end of the road and that he would have to battle Luxifer to assure his survival and future as a Ruler of Mira. In response Luxifer drew his sword as well and they immediately began to swing and clash their swords together with neither of the two getting the better of the other in this fight. While they fought things were beginning to calm down on the outside.

The Rebels were over-throwing the steadily decreasing Military and only 300 men, and their Head Honcho remains. At this point they became more tactical and hid inside of buildings. The Rebels entered these buildings and had a battle to the death with the Military before the numbers on both sides were decreased to an unbelievable amount. At the end only 1 man remained in the Military along with the Head Honcho while the Rebels were still going strong with 10 men. These 10 men trailed after the Head Honcho but before the Head Honcho left he persuaded his last man left to sacrifice himself so that he could get away.

No time was wasted. The Rebels killed the man that was tossed their way with ease as they resumed chasing after the Head Honcho before he was finally caught trying to slip through the doors of one of the surrounding buildings. Without even giving it a second thought one of the men stepped forward and put a bullet in the back of the Honcho's head. Before his body even hit the ground the remaining men began to celebrate with open and unguarded arms. However, one person wasn't celebrating yet and that was their Leader, Luxifer. He was fighting viciously against his Uncle to what was obviously a fight to the death. Swords continued to clash, and neither man seemed to be backing down despite their injuries.

After about an hour or so Nikola finally lost his footing and Luxifer managed to trip him up. Luxifer then swatted the sword out of Nikola's hand while Nikola laid motionless on the ground. Luxifer intended on ending his Uncle's life right there as he held his sword high above his head preparing what would have been his death shot, but before he did so he felt the urge to ask him something. His gaze was cold as he towered over his Uncle with rather curious eyes. Normally this kind of stuff would be beneath him. His mind proved him wrong. He needed to know, and he had the only man who answered him at his disposal.

Luxifer: "Why did you send the Military after me? We were family. You should have known better than to do something like this! Now you are only moments from being cremated and hung on my mantel to remind me that I killed you each and every morning when I wake up."

Nikola: "Heh! I wanted power... Nothing else in the world mattered to me anymore. I planned on dethroning my own Brother, but you did the job for me. With the belief that everything was secured for my future reign I had to make sure that you were out of the picture first."

Luxifer: "It's funny how your destiny changes...”

Luxifer slammed the sword down over Nikola only to.... MISS! Nikola slid away to safety and then stabbed Luxifer in the side with a Dagger. Blood then began to gush out insanely fast and within the range of large quantities. While Nikola tried to escape Luxifer reached for his gun and shot Nikola 25 times in the back. Whilst holding his side tightly, Luxifer walked over to Nikola who was breathing heavily. Without even blinking Luxifer finished Nikola off with a shot to the back of his head. Afterwards Luxifer dipped down on to his knees and one of his men happened to spot the declining Luxifer. They simply carried him away to get treated by the Hospitals in the area.

A New Day;

The Sun was rising and the Birds were chirping their melodic tune as the day started to unravel. Fresh dew blanketed the million blades of grass as the inhabitants of the land were greeted by a slight breeze that would make any human who was not bundled up enough to shiver. The Civilians were still haunted by the gruesome war that had taken place not too long ago. Blood splatter is still painted upon the walls on most of the houses. It was a day that nobody could forget and it was all one man's doing in an effort to thwart off the Tyranny that had previously ruled the land for so long. Awarding this City with a sense of peace was a man who went by the name of Luxifer Graelyn. Hoping to right the wrongs he ascended the throne and took over as Mira's new ruler.

Within the confines of the Castle that over-looks the City from a hill top Luxifer was awakening from his slumber. A penetratingly loud yawn echoed throughout the halls due to him leaving his bedroom door ajar. Long arms stretched high above his head and he kept on stretching until' his ears were filled with a very satisfying bone popping sound. Luxifer then lifted his torso up and the blanket that covered him began to slide down his muscular chest and bunched up within the comfort of his lap, leaving his bandaged stab wound exposed. He then pulled the remainder of the blanket off of his legs and then twirled on the edge of his bed until' he felt the cold wooden surface of his floor beneath his own two feet. He simply sat there for a few moments and rubbed the sleep dust out of his eyes.

Once everything was situated he pressed his hands against his thighs and stood up straight before approaching his dresser to grab a stack of neatly folded clothes. His attire today consisted of a pair of black pants and a gray long sleeved shirt along with a pair of steel toed combat boots. When he was finally dressed he left his room and slowly went down stairs. His hand was firmly adding force to the wound in an effort to make it hurt less, and before he could even leave the Castle he was approached by one of his live-in Doctors. The Doctor insisted that he stay for a moment so he could check him out before he left into the City completely unguarded. He simply sighed and lifted up his shirt while the Doctor changed his bandages.

Doctor: "He got you pretty good.. You are still nowhere close to 100 percent."

Luxifer: "My Tyrant of an Uncle almost killed me. I know this wound is going to scar and I will keep it as a reminder for the day that I obliterated some of the most evil people this world has seen."

His eyes stared off outside of the see-through front door and out at the Sun which was now further up in the sky completely surrounded by hundreds of fluffy clouds. The only thoughts racing through his mind at this very moment was how proud his Mother would have been if she were alive to witness everything he had done and sacrificed for the City of Mira. Just as the Doctor finished he thanked the Doctor then left through the unique castle door. With the bandage change and the injection of some fresh medicine the stab wound did not hurt as much so he was able to walk as if there was nothing wrong with him. Things were starting to look up for him... or so it seemed.

As he entered the main portion of the City he attracted many eyes from people as it was very rare for a King to journey out into the City alone, especially somebody who is a Graelyn. He simply shrugged off the eyes that were burning little tiny holes into his flesh and walked up to one of the food stands in the area. He paid a handsome amount for a single Apple which he immediately brushed off and took a hefty bite out of. While chewing the portion of Apple that was enslaved within the warm and wet cave known as his mouth he looked around and saw some of the remnants from the War. A warming smile curled the very corner of his lips as his thick accented voice slithered out from the very depths of his throat. "It's finally over...”

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