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About me:

Name: Kakashi Hatake- ☪Original Anbu Kakashi

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Occupation: Ninja

Height: 5-11

Eye Color: Red eyes

Hair Color: Silvery white

Appearance: Fashionable late

Personality: Laid back

Hobbies: A pervi ninja

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: Unknown

"I'm Hatake Kakashi. Things I like and things I hate? I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future? Never really thought about that. As for my hobbies... I have lots of hobbies."I'm"
Who I'd like to meet:
When Everyone Saw a monster in me, She saw beyond everything. To her I am perfect. I love you Baby. I am your wolf Now and forever.

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Nov 20th 2019 15:31

A small red headed woman would fall from nowhere and land on her face. Cut and bruised from the impact. She groaned and lifted her head. Her vision was blurred. She had no idea what happened and why she was here. Her blurred vision caused her to not see what she was actually looking at but she attempted to look to the stranger any way and speak with a soft Irish accent
"H-Hello? I don't know what happened but I fell here. My name is Farah-Louise but you can call me Farah".

Nov 7th 2019 11:38


Hey magical person on my friend list that I have yet to check out. 

I'm gonna start - and tell you a bit about myself. Then you can decide if you want to go after. 
But I will say; if you are just going to reply with one line then just 
It's better that you don't speak. ♥
This is a mass text, since I ever only get 10% replies of what I sent out the first time, but that also means I won't get mad if you don't reply, since after all, this is just a feeler to check if some of these faces would click with me. Now that we have this out of the way: 

I am here to get stories going ^^
and I do have a limited amount of slots, that I want to be filled up with interesting and layered stories. 
I enjoy RP's that range from one paragraph and to novella. 
though the more fanciful, beautiful, wonderful words you can give me, the more I'd treasure you. 
Bou is flexible to fit into most verses. 
slice of life, comedy, romance, family, crime, mafia, sci-fi, psychological, WONDERLAND! you name it!
 I am here for RP'ing and therefore I'm mostly always in character. 
But if you're not up for a serious story, I also do love stream banter ^^ 
we can still stalk each other's beautiful faces in a chill way. 


or see ya  ♥ 

Sep 9th 2019 09:02

OOC// Boop.. I'm not the best at these greeting things. I know they get on some peoples nerves while others love them so I will keep this short and sweet. I'm here to chit chat or discuss a SL. If you prefer to wing it in terms of writing, that's not my preference but I can roll with it. 

- Cora

Aug 17th 2019 19:50

Hello there and thanks for the add!
I'm Villanelle and I hope we can be great friends~
I know intro comments are boring, so I'll keep this short-ish.

I am currently looking for people to edit (Or art trade since I do more art than edit nowadays) with and just general chatting.  I've been gone for a while but really want to work on being social now that I'm all settled.

I also RP, but only really do it if someone or myself has a good idea since I get a little busy.
Usually multi-para or novella.

I also have Discord if you would rather chat there, you can message me anytime, I really don't mind. I usually get to people faster then anyways.
Discord: Darling~❥#2527

Feel free to send me a comment or keep me around just because!
I hope to talk soon~


Aug 4th 2019 00:42

Thank you for adding/accepting me as a friend
My name is Koishikawa Saya 
It is a pleasure to be your acquaintance

I'm open to discussing a story line 
but if you are open to chatting, I'm down with it as well! 

ps. So sorry that I have to send you a copy&paste greeting.. ;w; 

"Don't be a stranger and Let's have fun!"

Discord: ʟᴇᴍᴍɪᴇᴄᴀᴛ#9932


May 15th 2019 13:48

Hello there and thanks for the add!
I'm Villanelle and I hope we can be great friends~

I know into comments are boring, so I'll keep this short.
I am currently looking for storylines, people to edit with and just general chatting. I'm really not that picky.
I have both-
Line: lost_in_thot
Discord: Darling~❥#2527
Feel free to add me on either since my replies here are kind of slow, but I always get to my comments eventually.
I hope to talk soon~
⚔ Erika Auditore ⚔

Mar 30th 2019 16:53


Good Morning/Evening/Night 
Thank you for adding/ accepting 
I do hope we can get something started soon.
Can't wait to hear from you. 

Image result for Assassins Creed logo gif
⚔ Erika Auditore ⚔

Mar 20th 2019 21:55

Thank you for adding me. My name is Allive La’fay. I hope, we can get along and become good friends later on. I don’t like numbers so, I figured I’d let you know. However I do understand when one is busy. If you’d like to chat and roleplay, let me know and we can start a friendship!

Oct 28th 2018 17:47


Do I look like, I am playing a game.

Oct 28th 2018 17:42

You wouldn't get none of that.
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